“Crush” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Crush” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about the girl Sang Wuyan who likes the mysterious composer Yi Jin. But she doesn’t have the chance to know him. She encounters the blind teacher Su Nianqin, and finds out that he’s Yi Jin.

Crush (2021 Chinese Drama)



Sang Wuyan plays the song for the audience. Xiao Lu finds out that the woman’s voice doesn’t come from Xi Jie. She tells Su Nianqin that people prefer his song even if Xu Guanchun changed his song. She worries that Xu Guanchun’s song won’t be on the list after Lin Yang’s song appears.

Xiao Lu tells Su Nianqin that Xi Jie wants to invite him to get interviewed. She comforts him that Xi Jie won’t let people know his identity. Nie Xi shows up. Sang Wuyan explains to the listeners that she wants to test their listening skills.

Xiao Lu gets a call from the manager of Xu Guanchun who wants her to explain why she didn’t give the song to him. Su Nianqin tells Xiao Lu to tell the manager that Xu Guanchun’s voice isn’t suitable for the song. But she worries that the guy cannot accept it. She decides to drive Su Nianqin home. He tells her to drop him at the park.

Nie Xi tells Sang Wuyan that she still cannot be qualified for the position of anchor. She reminds her that the man wants to see her. But Sang Wuyan tells Nie Xi that she doesn’t know the man at all. Wei Hao stops Sang Wuyan and asks her why she didn’t pick up his phone. She tells him that she didn’t want to pick it up. She asks him how he found the place.

Wei Hao tells Sang Wuyan that Cheng Yin leaked the place to him. He tries to explain to her about him and Xu Qian’s relationship. But she stops him and tells him that it’s not her business. She runs to the park and sits on the bench where Su Nianqin is enjoying the music of violin.

Sang Wuyan remembers Wei Hao kissed Xu Qian. She takes out her phone and enjoys Xu Guanchun’s song. She sings aloud and spots Su Qianqin after the violinist left. The two have an eye contact. Sang Wuyan flees because she thought she was out of tune again.

Sang Wuyan goes to the classroom. She tells Cheng Yin that she encountered a handsome man in the park. Cheng Yin doesn’t believe it because Sang Wuyan didn’t take any photo of the guy. Xu Qiao plays the song of Lin Yan. Sang Wuyan is lost when she listens to the voice of Xu Qian. But Cheng Yin points out that Sang Wuyan is just in jealousy. Sang Wuyan thinks the song is very beautiful. She wants to know the details of the song.


Wan Peng as Sang Wuyan

She’s a reporter who works for a broadcasting station.

Lin Yanjun as Su Nianqin

He’s a gifted composer.

Episode 1

Cheng Yin tells Sang Wuyan to text Xu Qiao and ask her about it. Sang Wuyan rejects it because she has treated Xu Qian as enemy. She finds out that the song “Dream Under The Night Sky” was written by Yi Jin. She wonders what kind of person he is.

Su Nianqin returns home with Xiao Lu. She opens the curtain. The sunshine gets into the house. She puts the foods into the fridge, and tells him the locations of the milk and the water. He thanks her for helping him. But she asks him for writing a song for Xu Guanchun. She thinks the singer won’t be happy.

But Sun Nianqin thinks it’s not his business. He sits on the couch. Xiao Lu tells Su Nianqin that Xu Guanchun didn’t listen to what she said. She reveals Xu Guanchun thought Su Nianqin hates him. But Su Nianqin thinks it’s not his problem. Xiao Lu complains that she would be mad if she didn’t know his temper. He goes to play piano after she left.

Xu Qian runs into Sang Wuyan. She asks her for having dinner with her and Wei Hao. But Sang Wuyan rejects. Xu Qian asks Sang Wuyan for a talk. Sang Wuyan runs away because she thinks Xu Qian and Wei Hao betrayed her.

Cheng Yin drinks with Sang Wuyan and asks her if Wei Hao confessed his feelings to her. Sang Wuyan thinks she doesn’t need the confessing because she has grown up with Wei Hao since childhood. She thinks Wei Hao cared for her proving that he likes her.

Cheng Yin asks Sang Wuyan if she likes Wei Hao. She thinks their relationship ended because they didn’t confess their feelings. Sang Wuyan feels happy because she can get married with Yi Jin. But Chen Yin tells Sang Wuyan to cry if she feels painful. Sang Wuyan gets a message from the broadcasting station. She learns that Yi Jin is a girl. She’s shocked.

Xiao Lu is surprised that Su Nianqin doesn’t worry about it after someone pretended to be him. He tells her to close her eyes and get into his world. He says that it’s not important who is Yi Jin. But she doubts what he said.

Sang Wuyan listens to what the girl explains why she is Yi Jin. She’s furious to stand up. She thinks the girl is not the real Yi Jin. The colleague reminds Sang Wuyan that she still doesn’t complete her report. Xiao Lu gets a call from Nie Xi. Nie Xi tells Xiao Lu that the director decided to invite the girl to the broadcasting station.

Xiao Lu asks Su Nianqin to visit the broadcasting station for Nie Xi. Sang Wuyan runs into Su Nianqin at the elevator. She recognizes him. She’s surprised that he’s a blind person. She takes a look at his eyes after he got into the elevator. She thinks his eyes are very beautiful. She asks him if he needs her help.

He rejects it. Sang Wuyan gets a message from Cheng Yin who tells her that her score will disappear if she doesn’t come back. Sang Wuyan has to leave. Su Nianqin gets off the elevator. Nie Xi tries to help him. But he rejects it and wants to follow Xiao Lu.

Sang Wuyan sneaks into the classroom. Lao Zhao asks her which place she wants to practice. She chooses the special education school. He asks her to visit him after the class. Sang Wuyan tells Lao Zhao that she wants to work at the radio station. But he asks her to think about her parents. But she says that she wants to achieve her dream.

Sang Wuyan listens to the radio. She’s shocked that the guest who came to radio station was Yi Jin. She hugs Cheng Yin and cries for missing Yi Jin. Cheng Yin comforts Sang Wuyan.

Sang Wuyan arrives at the school. She spots Su Nianqin taking class. She follows him after the class, and calls him Teacher Su. He ignores her because he doesn’t know her. She asks him if he needs her help when he arrives at the stairs. He remembers that he ran into her at the radio station. He decides to take her to the office after knowing she’s an intern teacher. Sang Wuyan protects Su Nianqin when the kids run through him. She has an eye contact with him after she turned around.

Episode 2

Sang Wuyan grabs Su Nianqin’s arm when she’s going to trip. She explains that she wants to support him. He rejects it and lets her hand go. The director takes Sang Wuyan to see Teacher Li. He asks her to follow Teacher Li. Teacher Li thinks he will be easy because the intern teacher came. The director asks Sang Wuyan to sit with Su Nianqin because he thinks she can help the blind teacher.

Sang Wuyan tells Cheng Yin that she ran into Su Nianqin again. Cheng Yin tells Sang Wuyan to wipe off her saliva when she recites his name. Sang Wuyan tells Cheng Yin that Su Nianqin remembered her voice. She thinks her voice is very special. But she says that he was cold to her. She thinks he mistook her as a stalker. She wants to explain it to him. Cheng Yin tells Sang Wuyan to tell Su Nianqin that he cannot run away from her.

Sang Wuyan follows the music and spots Su Nianqin playing the piano. He tries to write something on the blind notebook. But he fails. She’s rapid to avoid him. The wind comes. She’s subconscious to grab the door when it’s going to close. He hears it and asks her who she is.

Sang Wuyan walks into the room. She tells Su Nianqin that she wanted to listen to the music because she thought it’s beautiful. He tells her to leave because he ended the performing. She leaves the room and closes the door. Sang Wuyan returns to her office. She thinks Su Nianqin was too arrogant. She’s furious to kick the chair.

Nie Xi tells Sang Wuyan that she needs to go to news department. Sang Wuyan is shocked. Director Jiang takes Sang Wuyan to the office. He tells her about the tasks she needs to do. He adds that she can work with the new intern. Xu Qian shows up. Sang Wuyan learns that Xu Qian is the intern. The two are embarrassed when they work together.

Wu Yan arrives at the restaurant and joins the gathering. She’s surprised to see Wei Hao. Wei Hao tells the waitress to add a portion of beef because he thinks Wu Yan likes to eat the dish. He sings the love song in the karaoke room. Sang Wuyan remembers she praised Wei Hao’s singing skills when he sang. She sighs and leaves the room.

Wei Hao stops Sang Wuyan when he grabs her arm. She lets his hand go. He asks her why she kept avoiding him. She tells him that she didn’t want to block his way because he’s a big star in the school. He tells her that the kiss was an accident. She tells him that the one who likes to eat beef is Xu Qian. She thinks she’s an irresponsible man to say that it was an accident.

Cheng Yin reminds Sang Wuyan that she cannot ignore Wei Hao and Xu Qian because they came from same hometown. Sang Wuyan reveals the one who sits behind her is Xu Qian. Cheng Yin tells Sang Wu Yan to ask Nie Xi to take her back. But Sang Wuyan thinks she’s a coward if she comes back in such a way.

Cheng Yin asks Sang Wuyan how she will get along with Xu Qian. Sang Wuyan sighs. She does the video chat with Dad. Dad tells her to come back after knowing she wants to eat the sweet dumplings he made. But Mom is against it. She tells Sang Wuyan to reject Wei Hao if she doesn’t want to be in love with him. Sang Wuyan tells Mom that she and Wei Hao are just friends.

The kid bumps Su Nianqin. The book drops. Sang Wuyan goes to pick up the book for Su Nianqin. But he wants to do it himself, and touches her face by mistake. She thinks he’s not blind, and hands over the book to him. He tries to leave after he got his book. She stops him and asks him if he has any class. He denies. She remembers Yi Jin’s voice.

Sang Wuyan returns to the office. Teacher Li asks her for taking the class for him because he has a business. She agrees to it. Sang Wuyan talks with someone over the phone. She reveals that she came to the school for the score. Su Nianqin hears what she said. He rejects it when she asks him for playing piano for the students.

Sang Wuyan walks into the classroom. She’s surprised that Su Nianqin is waiting for her. But she tortures him when she sings the song “Little Star”. Because her singing skill is actually bad. Sang Wuyan stops Su Nianqin and thanks him for helping her. He tells her that he just worried that she would train the students in a bad way. Because she doesn’t want to do the intern job.

Su Nianqin tells Sang Wuyan that the students aren’t the tools which help her complete her scores. He adds that the kids are orphans who was given up, and they will cherish the caring. He tells her that the students will treat her untruthful kindness seriously.

Xu Qian tells the band members that she decides to quit the band. The band members are surprised. Xu Qian explains to Wei Hao that she did it because she’s very busy. He apologizes to her for kissing her. She thinks they were just drunk.

Uncle Yu calls Sang Wuyan and tells her to come to see him. She arrives at the restaurant and sees Wei Hao. Uncle Yu gives the sweet dumplings to Sang Wuyan, and asks her to get along well with Wei Hao. Wei Hao wants to walk Sang Wuyan home after he saw Uncle Yu off. But she rejects it. She says that she doesn’t want to get involved in the relationship of him and Xu Qian. Wei Hao laughs. He tells Sang Wuyan that Xu Qian left the band. He thinks he’s a jerk. She’s confused.

It flashes back. Sang Wuyan eats the sweet dumplings with Xu Qian. Sang Wuyan is surprised that someone requested the song she likes. Xu Qian tells Sang Wuyan that she wants to be the anchor of the broadcasting station because she feels warm when someone requests a song she likes. Sang Wuyan wants to be the anchor as well. She thinks she can help the couple get together again after they broke up if she becomes the anchor.

Sang Wuyan brings the sweet dumplings to Su Nianqin. But he rejects it. So she places the sweet dumplings on the desk. She apologizes to him for her dirty mind.

Episode 3

Su Nianqin is cold to leave the office. Sang Wuyan finds out that the kid Xiao Wei isn’t there. She reports it to Teacher Li. Teacher Li tells her to look for Xiao Wei in the classroom. Su Nianqin walks into the classroom. He spots Xiao Wei crying. She calls her name.

Xiao Wei tells Su Nianqin that she worried that they abandoned her. He comforts her that he’s there. He reminds her that they’re going to do the physical examination. Sang Wuyan shows up. She tells Su Nianqin that she’s going to take Xiao Wei to do the physical examination.

Sang Wuyan promises to take care of Xiao Wei well. She tells Su Nianqin to trust her. He hands over the kid to her. Sang Wuyan takes away Xiao Wei. Su Nianqin leaves the school. He takes the sweet dumplings. Sang Wuyan spots it. She sighs.

Xiao Lu picks Su Nianqin up. She’s surprised that he received a gift from his colleague. She thinks the colleague likes him. He hands over the sweet dumplings to her. The two return home. Xiao Lu eats the sweet dumplings, and thinks it’s delicious. She tells Su Nianqin to taste it when he questions it.

Su Nianqin remembers Sang Wuyan told him that the sweet dumplings contain the taste of happiness. So he eats the sweet dumpling. Xiao Lu wonders where Sang Wuyan bought the sweet dumplings. Su Nianqin tells Xiao Lu that the sweet dumplings were made by Sang Wuyan’s father. Xiao Lu thinks the food is delicious when it’s added with love.

Xiao Lu walks Su Nianqin to the school. Sang Wuyan spots it. She runs into the office and pretends to read book. She intends to place the umbrella for Su Nianqin. He agrees to it. She places the umbrella to the place which he can reach. He smiles.

Sang Wuyan tells Cheng Yin that there was a girl who picked Su Nianqin up. She wonders what she’s doing. Cheng Yin thinks Su Nianqin is raised by a rich woman. Xiao Lu is listening to Su Nianqin’s song. He asks her for her opinion. She’s surprised because he never did it before.

Xiao Lu thinks the song is pretty good. She asks him where he got the inspiration. He tells her to give the song to Zheng Ye. Nie Xi plays Zheng Ye’s new song “Rose Finch Bridge”. Sang Wuyan listens to the song. She tells Cheng Yin that she listened to the song before it was released.

Cheng Yin tells Sang Wuyan to listen to Yi Jin’s interview if she thinks Su Nianqin is Yi Jin. Sang Wuyan does it. She goes to run to calm down herself because she’s too excited. Sang Wuyan delivers the papers to orphanage. She runs into Su Nianqin there.

Sang Wuyan pretends to be Aunt Zhang. She asks Su Nianqin if he has a girlfriend. But he recognizes her when she’s close to him. Aunt Zhang tells Sang Wuyan that the kids in the orphanage were given up by their parents. Sang Wuyan is surprised there’re such parents in the world. Aunt Zhang tells Sang Wuyan that there’re parents who raise the defective children all their lives. Sang Wuyan nods and takes a look at Su Nianqin.

Sang Wuyan wants to walk Su Nianqin. But he rejects it and sits on the bench. He calls Xiao Lu and asks her to pick him up. Sang Wuyan asks Su Nianqin if he’s Yi Jin. But he ignores her. She’s furious to blame him for not talking with her. He tells her not to stand in front of him. She talks back that it’s her freedom to stand anywhere.

Wei Hao follows Xu Qian and asks her if she has a trouble. She denies and tells him not to follow her. Xu Qian spots Sang Wuyan sitting with Su Nianqin. She asks her about it. Sang Wuyan tells Xu Qian that Su Nianqin is her boyfriend. She asks Su Nianqin to accompany her to act. But he tells her to respect herself. He walks away.

Sang Wuyan stops Su Nianqin. He grabs her arm when she’s going to trip. She holds his hand tightly, and asks him to explain it to Xu Qian. But he points out that he told Xu Qian the truth. She cries to tell people that Su Nianqin betrayed her when she has a baby. Su Nianqin tells Sang Wuyan that he will obey her. She asks him for wearing the suit.

Episode 4

Sang Wuyan takes Su Nianqin to the restaurant. He notes that she’s crying. He asks her for telling him the truth.

It flashes back. Sang Wuyan and Xu Qian become the best friends after Xu Qian helped Sang Wuyan in the classroom. Wei Hao invites Sang Wuyan to have meal with his families. He spots Xu Qian when she turns around. Sang Wuyan introduces Xu Qian to Wei Hao. She asks him for taking care of the girl. But Sang Wuyan spots Wei Hao kissing Xu Qian.

Su Nianqin thinks Sang Wuyan is too naive after he heard her story. He hands over the handkerchief to her, and tells her to wipe her mouth with it. But she only uses it to wipe off her tears. Xiao Lu picks Su Nianqin up. Sang Wuyan calls Su Nianqin the child’s father. Xiao Lu is confused.

Sang Wu Yan tells Cheng Yin that Su Nianqin would deny it if he’s not Yi Jin. Cheng Yin thinks Sang Wuyan fell for Su Nianqin. Sang Wuyan denies and claims she doesn’t accept the guy. Cheng Yin throws the lion doll to Sang Wuyan. She points out that she told people that Su Nianqin is her boyfriend. Sang Wuyan explains that she just used Su Nianqin to make Xu Qian and Wei Hao get together.

Sang Wuyan mentions the girl who picked up Su Nianqin. She thinks she will fall for her if she’s a male. Cheng Yin thinks it will be a big news if Su Nianqin is Yi Jin.

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