“You Are My Glory” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

You Are My Glory” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about the actress Qiao Jingjing who needs to improve her game skills after people knew that she’s a terrible player. She encounters her first love Yu Tu in the game.

You Are My Glory is adapted from Gu Man’s novel “You Are My Glory“.

You Are My Glory (2021 Chinese Drama)

You Are My Glory


The chief praises Yu Tu for his plan in the meeting. But he points out that the plan needs high impact engine to support. Guan Zi walks Yu Tu. He notes that he’s not happy. He thinks Yu Tu is upset because of the meeting. Yu Tu denies. He walks out of the aerospace building, and looks at the stars in the sky.

The assistant Xiao Zhu walks into the room. She reminds Qiao Jingjing to wear the coat because it’s cold outside. Qiao Jingjing turns around. She wears a beautiful white dress. She tells the fans that she’s going to set out after she posted it on Weibo.

Qiao Jingjing is happy to get into the car. The manager Ling Jie asks Qiao Jingjing to take a look at the news. She adds that her classmate in high school reported that Qiao Jingjing got rejected after she pursued the man. She thinks she has hater in high school.

Ling Jie asks Qiao Jingjing is the rumor is true. Qiao Jingjing reveals the person was polite to reject her. She says that the boy was handsome and smart. Ling Jie asks Qiao Jingjing if the guy rejected her because she was stupid. Qiao Jingjing scolds Ling Jie and claims that she graduated from top school.

Qiao Jingjing texts Pei Pei and asks her for taking a look at the news. Pei Pei is furious to complain that Qiao Jingjing has been beautiful. She adds that Qiao Jingjing is just old fashioned. She tells her that Yu Tu and Xia Qing has broken up for many years.

Pei Pei tells Qiao Jingjing that Yu Tu is in Shanghai. She thinks the guy will feel regret when he thinks of her. Qiao Jingjing tells Pei Pei not to be naive.

It flashes back. Qiao Jingjing goes to see Yu Tu. She asks him if he has a girlfriend. She wants to be his girlfriend if he doesn’t have it. But he tells her that he wants to look for a girl who can strive with him.

Qiao Jingjing sighs that Yu Tu didn’t find the one who can strive with him until the end. She falls asleep and travels to the high school time. She walks into the classroom and takes the exam. She finds out that the question is too difficult. She spots Yu Tu handing over the test paper to the teacher. He leaves the classroom.

Ling Jie wakes Qiao Jingjing up, and asks her if she played Honor of Kings. Qiao Jingjing finds out that her role got killed in the game. Ling Jie praises Qiao Jingjing for being mentioned on Weibo. Qiao Jingjing is surprised because she has just played Honor of Kings several times. Ling Jie points out that the game allows people to record the player’s video.

Ling Jie blames Qiao Jingjing for playing the game. Qiao Jingjing claims that she thought she should practice it because they praised her. Ling Jie tells Qiao Jingjing that the movie Director Li invited her to star named “Truth”. Qiao Jingjing realizes that someone posted it for the movie.

Alex calls Ling Jie and asks her if Qiao Jingjing is playing their game. He invites Qiao Jingjing to play Honor of Kings. Qiao Jingjing agrees to it. The fans are excited after they heard the news. Ling Jie scolds Qiao Jingjing for promising it. Qiao Jingjing asks Ling Jie for getting someone to train her.

Qiao Jingjing shows the comments to Ling Jie. She says that she wants to protect the fans who support her. She thinks she will be successful. Ling Jie tells Qiao Jingjing that they need to make people not see that she’s a newbie since she decided to take part in the game. She tells her that she got a coach for her. Qiao Jingjing smiles.

Qiao Jingjing gets off the car. She asks Ling Jie if the coach is a professional player. She’s excited. But her smile is frozen after she saw Ling Jie’s husband A Guo. Qiao Jingjing doesn’t believe A Guo can train her well. Ling Jie brags that her husband is the king in Honor of Kings. She says that she had to plan to get Qiao Jingjing to endorse the game when she spots A Guo playing it.

Ling Jie thinks A Guo is enough to train Qiao Jingjing because he’s an old player. She tells Qiao Jingjing that she doesn’t dare to get an outsider to train her. A Guo takes Qiao Jingjing to get into the game. He comforts her that the core positions will be taken by professional players. He thinks she doesn’t need to worry about it.

But Qiao Jingjing wants to take the core position. A Guo tells her to be the support if she wants to win. Ling Jie returns home. She asks A Guo about the training. He says that Qiao Jingjing did a great job. So she asks him if Qiao Jingjing mastered any role. He says that the girl tried all of the role. But she didn’t master any role.

Qiao Jingjing is going to play the game after she took a bath. She spots the player Yu Tu. She’s surprised that Yu Tu invited her to play the game. She accepts it and thinks she will get him involved. But he wins after her role Cai Wenji got killed. She realizes that he’s an expert. She’s excited.


Dilraba Dilmurat as Qiao Jingjing

She’s a popular actress.

Yang Yang as Yu Tu

He’s an aerospace engineer.


Zhai Liang tells Qiao Jingjing to stay in the grass. But she doesn’t know which grass he wants her to hide. He’s surprised that the role Cai Wenji is a female because Yu Tu is an insulator to females. He asks Yu Tu if he knows the girl. Yu Tu denies.

Zhai Liang tells Yu Tu to protect Qiao Jingjing because he invited her. Yu Tu wins. Qiao Jingjing is happy to tell Ling Jie that she killed two roles. But Ling Jie scolds Qiao Jingjing for not sleeping. Qiao Jingjing tells Xiao Zhu to buy her all of the roles and skins.

Xiao Zhu tells Qiao Jingjing that she completed the task. She thinks she will be the most beautiful girl. Qiao Jingjing smiles. She thinks she should wear most beautiful dress even if she dies in King Canyon. She gives the skins to all of her team members except Yu Tu.

Zhai Liang is surprised that Qiao Jingjing gave him two skins. She asks him for helping her. He agrees to it because it was his first time to receive a gift from a girl. Zhai Liang wonders why Yu Tu doesn’t wear the skin Qiao Jingjing gave him. Yu Tu says that he doesn’t have it.

Zhai Liang tells Qiao Jingjing to play the game with them next time. Because they’re doing to challenge the rank. She blames him for abandoning her, and thinks she wasted the skins. Zhai Liang asks Yu Tu for helping Qiao Jingjing. Yu Tu points out that he didn’t get the skins.

Zhai Liang promises to do housework for one day if Yu Tu wins two times. Yu Tu teams up with Qiao Jingjing. He takes her to get the victories. Yu Tu shows the phone to Zhai Liang. Zhai Liang blames Yu Tu for winning to many times. Yu Tu tells Zhai Liang that he needs to complete the housework for one week.

Senior Ren meets with Yu Tu. He tells him to come to his place if he decides to resign. Someone texts Yu Tu and tells him that someone mentioned him and Qiao Jingjing. Pei Pei calls Qiao Jingjing and tells her that Yu Tu clarified the rumor. Qiao Jingjing learns that Yu Tu apologized to her. She complains that he should play game with her if he’s free. She gives the skins to him.

Zhai Liang drinks with Yu Tu. He asks him if he still misses Xia Qing. Yu Tu denies. He texts Qiao Jingjing and thinks she didn’t have to send the skins to him. She tells him that she wants him to be her coach. But he rejects it because he will leave the game at any time. She asks him for teaching her when they play Honor of Kings.

Episode 3

Yu Tu agrees to it. But he tells Qiao Jingjing to use the role Wang Zhaojun to replace Cai Wenji for the game. Zhai Liang is confused. He wants to know the thing he doesn’t know. Qiao Jingjing explains that she asked Yu Tu to train her.

Ling Jie returns to the office after she went on a business trip. She’s told that Qiao Jingjing hasn’t come for a few days. So she visits Qiao Jingjing. She’s surprised that she has guts to fight alone. Qiao Jingjing brags that she’s a genius. Ling Jie finds out that the the role Qiao Jingjing uses wasn’t taught by A Guo. She thinks she practiced herself.

Qiao Jingjing laughs. She tells Ling Jie that she got herself a game expert. She thinks the person is better than A Guo. Ling Jie worries that the guy will tell Qiao Jingjing’s secret to others. Qiao Jingjing comforts Ling Jie that Yu Tu doesn’t know who she is.

Ling Jie thinks it will be better if Yu Tu can train Qiao Jingjing face to face. Qiao Jingjing finds out that Yu Tu plays game each day. She wonders what job he has. She texts Pei Pei and asks her about Yu Tu. Pei Pei reveals Yu Tu is doing aerospace job.

Qiao Jingjing remembers that Yu Tu bragged that he will fly out of solar system. She realizes that he hasn’t given up his dream. She tells the team members that the the Jade Hare purifier she just bought is broken. Zhai Liang laughs because the purifier was made by Yu Tu’s company. He tells Yu Tu to go to help Qiao Jingjing. Yu Tu agrees to it. Qiao Jingjing is excited.

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