Ghost Doctor: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for K-Drama Ghost Doctor: Episode 9. Tae-Hyun hands over the record to Seung-Won. He tells him that the record was written by Young-Min. Seung-Won doesn’t believe what Tae-Hyun said. The doctor scolds Soo-Jung for keeping the patient. But she reminds him that it’s his duty as a doctor.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 9 Recap

Ghost Doctor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Ghost Doctor: Episode 9.

Ms. Kim gives the doctor a lesson after Soo-Jung left. Soo-Jung hands over the drinks to Ms. Kim. Ms. Kim notes that Soo-Jung is happy. Soo-Jung reveals she’s happy because of Seung-Tak. Ms. Kim tells Soo-Jung that Seung-Tak is a good man.

Seung-Won finds Jae-Sik. Jae-Sik scolds Seung-Won after knowing he didn’t get someone to replace Young-Min. Jae-Sik walks out of the hospital. Joo-Myung sees Jae-Sik off. Se-Jin walks out of the ICU. The nurse thinks Se-Jin doesn’t left because of Young-Min. Young-Min hears what the nurse said.

Young-Min finds Se-Jin who’s reading the letter Kwang-Deok left. She tells Young-Min that she didn’t get a chance to confess her feelings to her father. She wishes him not to make her do that. She tries to wake him up but he’s still in a coma.

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Young-Min tries to comfort Se-Jin. But he cannot touch her because he’s just a ghost. He leaves his ward and sits on the bench. He takes a look at his hand. He tears up and sees Seung-Tak. He gets into his body and returns to the ward.

Young-Min sees Se-Jin who lies on the couch. He wears the blanket on her and remembers she leaned her head on his shoulder when they enjoyed the music together. He touches her hair and watches her. He tells her that it’s a dream after she woke up. She’s happy to hug him.

Young-Min wakes Seung-Tak up and tells him the good news about him. Se-Jin hands over the paper to Seung-Tak. She tells him that Young-Min is going to wake up because he’s happy. He laughs because he thinks Young-Min did something to the beauty last night. But Young-Min denies it.

Se-Jin is startled after she remembered the one she hugged was Seung-Tak. Seung-Tak and Young-Min find out that Young-Min is happy after he did the surgery. Seung-Tak meets with Tae-Sik. He tells him that he wants to take over all of patients of Young-Min. Young-Min blames Joo-Myung for not telling it to him. He mentions he persuaded him not to get into Seung-Tak’s body.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 9 Ending

Se-Jin watches Seung-Tak and thinks he’s like Young-Min. Soo-Jung notes it. She’s told that Se-Jin is Young-Min’s girlfriend. Soo-Jung slaps Seung-Tak’s back and takes off the gloves for him. The doctor thinks the two are in love. Se-Jin smiles to walk away.

Seung-Tak goes to look for Young-Min. But he runs into Seung-Won. Seung-Won mentions what Seung-Tak said. But Seung-Tak doesn’t remember it. Seung-Won is furious to blame Tae-Hyun for fooling him. Tae-Hyun tells Seung-Won that he’s going to prove it. Se-Jin tells the doctor that she wants to treat Bo-Mi. He agrees to it after knowing she is Seung-Tak’s friend.

Bo-Mi is happy to hug Guk-Chan after knowing she’s going to wake up. But Hoon-Gil is sad to walk away. Bo-Mi finds Hoon-Gil after she noted that he’s not happy. She comforts him that he will wake up like her. Young-Min and Seung-Tak walk into the operating room. They’re going to do the surgery.

But Seung-Won shows up. He gets Tae-Hyun to be Seung-Tak’s assistant. Se-Jin shows up. Young-Min tells Seung-Won and Se-Jin to get out of the operating room. Seung-Won tells Young-Min that he knows he’s using Seung-Tak’s body. Young-Min admits it.

Ghost Doctor stars Rain, Kim Beom, Uee and Son Na-Eun.

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