Eve K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Eve K-Drama: Episode 7. Pan-Ro gets a call from Eun-Pyeong. He hands over his phone to Jung-Chul. He smiles. Jung-Chul pretends to be surprised to pick up Eun-Pyeong’s phone. He gives the phone back to Pan-Ro.

Will La-El Make So-Ra Kill herself?


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eve K-Drama: Episode 7.

Eun-Pyeong tells Pan-Ro that he got his book. He asks for visiting him. Pan-Ro agrees to it. Moon-Hee yells at La-El after she found out that she was close to Yoon-Kyum. She reminds her that they’re going to have a fight with Yoon-Kyum. La-El talks back that it’s her business.

So-Ra asks La-El to explain it after knowing Yoon-Kyum is seeing someone. La-El mentions the night Yoon-Kyum was missing. Yoon-Kyum sees the guests off. He asks Secretary Cha if he can be trusted. Secretary Cha promises to only obey Yoon-Kyum. Yoon-Kyum tells Secretary Cha to send the stuff to Bon-Geun and Pan-Ro.

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La-El follows So-Ra to get in the restroom. She hands over her handkerchief to her when she washes her hands. She remembers she let the hot water burn her hands, making them bleed. She reminds So-Ra that she will hurt herself if she continues to do it.

So-Ra stops washing her hands. She takes over the handkerchief from La-El. She throws it away. She walks to her. La-El has to step back to the wall. So-Ra tells La-El that she will punish her if what she said wasn’t true. She asks for the evidence. She leaves the restroom.

So-Ra walks to Yoon-Kyum. The bodyguards block her way. He lets the bodyguards walk aside. She takes his arm and leans her head on his shoulder when he stares at La-El. Moon-Hee shows up. She tells La-El to leave with her. La-El bows to Yoon-Kyum. She walks to Bo-Ram. She tells her that she cannot go home with her because she has a business.

Moon-Hee is against it. She grabs La-El’s arm to pull her. She’s stopped by Jin-Wook. La-El walks away. So-Ra tells Yoon-Kyum to go home with her. But he walks away. She stares at him and lets Secretary Kim tail him. La-El hands over the papers to Yoon-Kyum. She sees that he has been lonely since childhood.

Yoon-Kyum remembers he cried to get on knees. He grabbed his fists tightly. Bon-Geun beat him with a stick. La-El takes off Yoon-Kyum’s clothes. She sees the scars on her back. She kisses the scars and leans on his back when she hugs him.

So-Ra calls Yoon-Kyum. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. She’s nervous, remembering La-El told her that her husband is seeing a lady. She feels cold when she sits on the couch. La-El tells Jin-Wook that she cannot go home. Moon-Hee takes over the phone. She asks La-El to come home. But La-El hangs up.

Yoon-Kyum wakes up in the morning. He touches La-El’s hair when she falls asleep. He goes to work. She brings the breakfast to him. He hands over the papers to her. So-Ra tries to apply the lipstick on her lips. But she applies it to her face by mistake. She throws a fit to the maids.

Jin-Wook walks Bo-Ram out of the house. He tells her that La-El will come home. La-El arrives. She gets off her car. Bo-Ram sees La-El. She runs to her and hugs her. La-El feels happy. She tells Bo-Ram that she wants to take her to the kindergarten. But Bo-Ram tells La-El that Jin-Wook will take her to the kindergarten.

La-El shows the dress she bought Bo-Ram. Bo-Ram is excited. Jin-Wook is cold to La-El. He takes Bo-Ram to get in the car. La-El walks to Moon-Hee. Moon-Hee scolds La-El for staying with Yoon-Kyum because she worries that she will ruin her plan. La-El explains to Moon-Hee that So-Ra killed her mom.

Moon-Hee tells La-El that the law will punish So-Ra after she heard La-El’s story. But La-El thinks the law is on So-Ra’s side. She walks to So-Ra’s photo. She crumples the photo, swearing to make So-Ra repay it. So-Ra visits La-El. She blames her for not come to the kindergarten after she brought a trouble.

La-El apologizes to So-Ra. So-Ra leaks that Yoon-Kyum didn’t come home last night. She adds that she feels sad. La-El gets on knees to So-Ra. She tells her that she will help her. So-Ra complains that the bodyguards didn’t let her be close to Yoon-Kyum.

La-El drives So-Ra to the company. The bodyguard reports to Yoon-Kyum about So-Ra’s coming. So-Ra gets into the building. Moon-Hee calls La-El. She asks her how she will make So-Ra take her life. La-El tells Moon-Hee that So-Ra has no other way but to kill herself if she becomes Yoon-Kyum’s wife. So-Ra turns around. She takes a look at La-El. She walks away.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 7 Ending

So-Ra lets Do-Wan hit the car. She walks to the car. She lets the woman in the car open the door. She finds out that the woman is the driver Yeon-Wook. The police car comes. Yeon-Wook catches the chance to drive her car away. So-Ra runs away.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 7 stars Seo Yea-Ji, Park Byung-Eun, Yoo-Sun and Lee Sang-Yeob.

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