Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 19-20

These are recaps of Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 19-20, Li Yan wears clothes for crown prince and thinks they will fail if they walks one step by mistake. He is on knees and offers to take the duty himself. Crown Prince smirks that he cannot get rid of his sin since they’re close, but he can get the throne.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 19

Good Bye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 19-20.

The follower tells Chai Mu the place of Li Yan’s chopper factory. But he doesn’t know how to contact emperor. Chai Mu thinks it’s very easy to inform emperor. The minister reports to emperor that people found choppers at the place of Prince of Zhong’s camp. Emperor tells the minister not to speak out. Xiao Feng visits the jail. But the general tells her that even Empress Zhan failed to see 5th Prince. She remembers Gu Jian told her to shoot with Ming Di when she needs him. She does it and Gu Jian shows up. She asks him to take her to jail. But he reminds her that 5th Prince tried to kill her. She trusts 5th Prince and wants to see him. Gu Jian tells Xiao Feng to follow him.

Gu Jian stuns the guards and tells Xiao Feng to return fast. She visits Cheng Yin and brings some snacks to him. She says that she trusts him and wants to ask mercy to emperor for him. He rejects it and feels sorry for involving her. But she thinks it wasn’t his fault. He confesses that he used her to look into crown prince. She admits she was too reckless. He tells her to protect herself and worries that crown prince will hurt her again. She smirks and asks him if he is willing to get wronged. He says that it’s royal family and tells her to leave. She takes off her shawl and asks him to keep it. Because she thinks he will catch a cold. Goodbye My Princess episode 19 is so good.

Emperor asks crown prince to talk about 9th princess got poisoned. Crown prince says that he trusts 5th prince, and he won’t blame him even if his brother does it. He asks emperor to punish 5th prince lightly. Emperor is relieved that crown prince is so tolerant, and mentions Li Yan talked about Cheng Ji’s case. He asks him if he thinks 5th prince killed Cheng Ji. Crown Prince claims Cheng Ji doesn’t want to see his brothers killing each other if he is alive. The eunuch walks emperor in the jail and reports that Chan Er’s family changed their name and moved in a big house. He thinks Chan Er must got money from someone, and reveals the person concealed well.

Emperor tells Chan Er that her families were killed and abandoned at wilderness, and crown prince didn’t keep his promise. She is scared and says that crown prince promised her to keep their family’s lives. Emperor grabs Chan Er’s neck and kills her. He walks out and says that Chan Er confessed that 5th Prince murdered crown prince. He announces to exile 5th prince. But we sees the blood on emperor’s palm. Chen Yin is on his knees and thinks Empress Zhang tried her best. She cries and gets her son up. She hugs him with tears and feels guilty for didn’t protect him. She knows he is wronged and swears to save him. But he says that emperor is on crown prince’s side, and feels desperation. She tells him not to give up until the last moment. Goodbye My Princess episode 19 is amazing.

Empress Zhang visits her uncle Prime Minister Gao and reminds him that they will be in danger if 5th prince fails. He wants to help 5th prince but isn’t convenient to visit him. So he wants 5th prince to visit him. Empress Zhang says that she will arrange it. After Empress Zhang leaves, Gao Kun asks his father Prime Minister Gao why he promised to help Empress Zhang, and thinks they are against crown prince. But Prime Minister Gao thinks 5th prince will obey them if they help him. He mentions Li Yan talked about Cheng Ji’s death at court, and he wronged 5th prince. He guesses crown prince will ruin the murderer Batur’s portrait. So Gao Kun goes to take Batur’s document. Li Yan informs crown prince that Gao Kun took away Batur’s document. Crown prince asks to watch Gao family.

Cheng Yin is on knees and swears to obey Prime Minister Gao if he has chance. Prime Minister Gao asks Cheng Yin to get up and gives Batur’s document to him. Cheng Yin recognizes the portrait and mentions emperor suspected that he killed Cheng Ji. Gao Kun thinks Batur is suspicious since Li Yan escorted him. Cheng Yin remembers Gao Xian has the document of Batur because he arrested him first. Prime Minister Gao asks Gao Xian to hand over all of the document to him in person. Gao Xian rides with his followers and reminds them to protect the document with their lives. Li Yan reports to crown prince that Gao Xian and his followers rode nine different paths and wore black mask. Crown prince is furious to smash the cup. Prince of Zhao comforts crown prince that he will send his men to guard the nine gates, and swears to kill Gao Xian with the sin of betraying. Goodbye My Princess episode 19 is the best episode.

After Prince of Zhong leaves, Li Yan thinks Crown Prince doesn’t have to fear Gao Xian. Crown Prince says that he has only one way if they cannot stop Gao Xian, and they prepare for the day since they have raised men of sacrifice with copper. Pei Zhao asks A Do a favor for 5th Prince. But she rejects it and returns her room. Pei Zhao runs into Gu Jian. Gu Jian thinks it’s hard for A Do with the thing. Pei Zhao thinks emperor won’t believe the evidence since 5th Prince and Gao family are relatives, so they need A Do’s help. Pei Zhao asks Gu Jian to persuade A Do. Gu Jian meets with A Do at the rooftop and praises her clothes. But she says that she doesn’t like it. He tells her to take down her shackles, but she thinks he doesn’t understand her. He tells her that Xiao Feng will marry Crown Prince if she doesn’t save 5th Prince, and Crown Prince will kill her.

She threatens that she won’t allow him to see Xiao Feng if he keeps helping 5th Prince. He says that he won’t persuade her if 5th Prince poisoned Xiao Feng. The man in black is killed at the bamboo grove. The bodyguard hands over the document to Crown Prince. Crown Prince finds out the document is blank and tears it up. He asks the bodyguard to get lost. The second man in black is poisoned, and waiter takes away his package. The third man in black is shot when he is riding. The bodyguard keeps handing over documents to Crown Prince. But Crown Prince tears them all. I almost tear up while watching Goodbye My Princess episode 19.

Cheng Yin waits for the man in black at the bamboo grove. The man in black takes off his mask, he is Gao Xian. Gao Xian tells Cheng Yin that he sent the document to him with penalty of death. Cheng Yin says that he won’t forget the kindness of Gao family. Gao Xian tells Chen Yin to remember his words when he becomes crown prince, and throws the package to him. After Gao Xian leaves, assassins begin to attack Cheng Yin. Gu Jian and Pei Zhao join Cheng Yin.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 20

Gu Jian tells Cheng Yin and Pei Zhao to leave after he killed some assassins. Cheng Yin runs through the city and hands over the document to Emperor. Emperor takes a look at the document and finds out the portrait is different to the looks of Batur he saw. He glares at Cheng Yin. Li Yan walks to Crown Prince and asks him if he endures it. Crown Prince says that they have to walk the last step if they cannot endure it. He thinks they need to wait for a chance and looks around, and regrets for the flowers of the garden. Pei Zhao asks A Do to recognize Batur from the ten portraits. She picks the portrait of scarred man.

Li Yan wears clothes for crown prince and thinks they will fail if they walks one step by mistake. He is on knees and offers to take the duty himself. Crown Prince smirks that he cannot get rid of his sin since they’re close. He says that he cannot keep the position of crown prince, but he thinks he can get the throne. He arrives at the gate of court with blade and wants to see emperor. The bodyguards open the door when crown prince insists. Li Yan takes his men to kill the bodyguards, and steps the stairs with crown prince. Emperor waits for them and writes out poem, and the gate is closed. The bodyguards surround crown prince and his men, and the archers are ready to shoot them. The chief of bodyguards announces to arrest crown prince and kill rest of people. Crown prince thinks they’re not his rivals, and pulls out his swords to fight with the bodyguards. Goodbye My Princess episode 20 is so good.

But some of his men are stabbed by spears, and his crown drops off. Li Yan is shot by archers for protecting crown prince. Crown prince looks around and finds out his men are dead. He says that he never fails in his life and is intention to kill himself. But Li Yan takes crown’s blade and stabs himself. He vomits blood and tells crown prince that he doesn’t want to be killed by someone else when crown prince holds the blade. He wishes not to be his brother in royal family, and dies. Crown prince yells and attacks the bodyguards with spear. He calls his father, “You teaches me winner is king. You teaches me to kill enemy no matter what methods. You gave me ambition but why you ruined me. I’m just the tool you control royalty. Did you treat me as your son?” He asks emperor to go out and look around, “Your world is still your world. But you son becomes your enemy.”

Emperor sits on the throne and smirks. The bodyguards make crown prince fall and point him with spears. Crown prince climbs to 5th prince and grabs his clothes to get up. 5th prince persuades crown prince to give up and thinks it’s rebelling. Crown prince touches 5th prince’s face with his bloody palm, “Our existing are rebelling.” The chief reports to emperor that crown prince is sent to jail. Emperor walks off his throne and visits crown prince. He asks him who he doesn’t dare to kill since he rebelled. Crown prince says that he will kill everybody when he gets his position, and thinks brothers cannot become friends in royal family. Emperor mentions crown prince’s sins. Crown prince accuses emperor for giving the title of crown prince to Cheng Ji, and send 5th prince and his fiance to look into him. He thinks he has never accepted him in his mind. Goodbye My Princess episode 20 is wonderful.

Emperor says that he knew that Cheng Ji’s death is related to crown prince, but he gave the title of crown prince to him. He says that 5th prince is his son and doesn’t want to see his death. Crown prince thinks 5th prince is dirty than him, and reminds emperor that Gao family supports 5th prince. He thinks the world will be named Gao instead of Li. Emperor says that he was intention to give his throne to crown prince.

Prince of Zhong is on his knees outside and asks empress dowager to save his family. He cries out and offers to keep his family with his life. The minister hands over the paper to emperor, and discloses crown prince and Li Yan’s sins. Empress dowager arrives with prince of Zhong who wears handcuffs. Empress dowager asks emperor a favor, but he thinks it’s hard for him. So she punishes prince of Zhong in person. Emperor agrees empress dowager’s request, but he takes crown prince’s life with poisonous wine.

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