The Legends Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 5-6

These are recaps of The Legends Chinese Drama Episodes 5-6, Zhao Yao leads Zhi Yan into their room. Zhi Yan is trembling and thinks freedom guest is too scary. Zhao Yao tells Zhi Yan to have plan but ties her up in the bed. She thinks it’s worth to get bullied by her because she is a chief, and tells Zhi Yan to stay there.

The Legends Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 5

The Legends

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Legends Chinese Drama Episodes 5-6.

The disciple reports to Qian Xian that someone saw two Zhi Yan in the confused array. Qian Xian returns to Su mountain and spots an ice with blood. Zhao Yao realizes abyss is like this when she is in the ice cave with Zhi Yan. Zhao Yao tells Zhi Yan her name, and Zhi Yan recognizes she is the female devil. Zhi Yan points out Zhao Yao is dead, and is scared that Zhao Yao looks same to her in the mirror. She flees but runs into Zhao Yao again. Zhi Yan says that she wants to join Wanlu sect and takes revenge because Liu Wei killed her father.

Zhao Yao wants to escort Zhi Yan to Wanlu sect. But Zhi Yan mentions the bad rumors of Zhao Yao. Zhao Yao asks Zhi Yan if she thinks she is evil since she wants to join Wanlu sect. Zhi Yan is convinced and thinks Zhao Yao is pretty when Zhao Yao stares at her. Zhao Yao helps Zhi Yao walk out of confused array and brags that only chief can achieve it. The disciple is shocked by two Zhi Yans. Zhao Yao stuns him and tells Zhi Yan to leave when she apologizes to the disciple.

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Yuan Jie reports to Chen Lan that there is a new sect, New Mountain attacks their sect. He offers to get rid of the sect. But Zi Yu wants to make New Mountain sect give in. Yuan Jie mocks at Zi Yu and asks her to persuade the sect. Chen Lan orders Lu Gang to get rid of New Mountain sect when he is told that sect is at sealed mountain. Zi Yu walks Chen Lan and asks him why he has to ruin the sect. He says that he doesn’t want them to annoy sealed mountain. The people of New Mountain are killed in their camp. Jiang Wu smirks and kills the last person while carrying a huge blade.

His friend informs Jiang Wu that people of Wanlu sect arrive. Lu Gang leads his men to attack Jiang Wu when he refuses to tell him his name. Zhi Yan tells Zhao Yao that Chen Lan is the new chief of Wanlu sect when Zhao Yao reveals she wants to return her sect to be the chief. Zhao Yao remembers Chen Lan pulled out Wanjun sword. Zhi Yan worries that Chen Lan doesn’t agree Zhao Yao to be the chief, and is startled when hitting Zhao Yao from her back. Zhao Yao says that she will kill him, and asks Zhi Yan about Wanlu sect. Zhi Yan reveals Wanlu sect almost rules the martial art world, and the chief of Anluo team Zi Yu is loyal to him.

Zhao Yao is shocked and asks the rest of chiefs. Zhi Yan only hears the chief, Yuan Jie. Yuan Jie returns his palace with temper and wants Chen Lan to pay it back since he keeps bullying him. Jiang Wu place the black blade Lu Gang’s neck and asks him to surrender. Lu Gang glares at Jiang Wu and asks for death. Jiang Wu kills him and places the rest of men in the jail. He asks them to kill each other in the jail, and only one is survival. Jiang Wu asks the man to inform Chen Lan that he wants to be the next chief of Wanlu sect.

Zhao Yao asks Zhi Yan to wear the hat. Zhi Yan realizes they look same in people’s eyes, but wonders why the one wears hat isn’t Zhao Yao. She wears it when Zhao Yao stares at her. Zhao Yao walks Zhi Yan at the town and is surprise by the prosperous. Because it was just a village before. The waiter invites Zhao Yao to visit their white jade hotel, and brags it’s made by white jade. She is furious to grabs his clothes and almost hits him. Zhao Yao tells Zhi Yan that she tried hard to make Chenji mountain be the abyss with all kinds of arrays, but she is told that her white jade becomes foundation of hotel.

She is furious again when the farmer tells her that her wood is build to be pigpen. Zhao Yao rages when she knows that it was Chen Lan’s order. She spots people doing job on the farmland, and remembers it was array before. The farmer passes by and praises Chen Lan for giving land to them. Zhi Yan comforts Zhao Yao that the view is beautiful, and people like it. But Zhao Yao wants Chen Lan to admit his sins at real hell. Zi Yu reports to Chen Lan that Lu Gang doesn’t return, he orders A Da to support them. A Da reports to Chen Lan that Lu Gang is dead at New Mountain sect, and spots the traitor. Zi Yu offers to get rid of Jiang Wu. But Chen Lan wants to look into him first.

Zhi Yan is scared when she knows that they arrived at the place of North Chief. Because Yuan Jie hates immortal sect most. Zhao Yao tells the guard to call Yuan Jie, and claims she is chief. But the guard refuses it and hits her. Zhao Yao is shocked that she lost her martial arts. Cang Ling arrives and takes Zhao Yao away. Zhi Yan is nervous because she is the real Zhi Yan. He rides Zhao Yao to flee into the forbidden place. She tells him that he saved wrong person when he hugs her. But the wind blows them, and Zhao Yao is drawn into a tree.

Chen Lan notices it and arrives at the forbidden place. He blames the guard for didn’t kill the persons, and tells him to get the punishment. Zi Yu kills the traitor because he murdered colleagues, even if Chen Lan didn’t say anything. The man reports that someone burst into the forbidden place. Chen Lan spots Cang Ling passes out on the ground, and asks the guard if it was just one person. The guard is scared to report that there was a woman on the horse. Chen Lan orders to search the woman and take Cang Lin into jail. He cleans Zhao Yao’s tombstone and it rains.

Zhao Yao runs into two persons after she got out the tree. The old man reveals they’re going to Qizhi place, which sells recovery pill. Zhao Yao is interested in it since the pill can help her get martial arts back. But the young man thinks she is poor and walks the old man away.

Zhao Yao spots Chen Lan through the tree. He touches her tombstone and asks her if she hates him. She gets angry because the tombstone doesn’t have her name, and blames him for taking her position. He says that he has achieved what she wished, and feels regrets that she cannot spot it. Zhao Yao shows up and picks up the sword, and attacks Chen Lan. But he makes her fly to the hill with his hand. She finds out his blue scar disappears, but he is fearful than before.

Zhao Yao attacks Chen Lan again. But he takes away her sword and makes her fall into mud, and glares at her.

The Legends Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 6

Cang Ling calls Zhi Yan in the jail. The masked man puts the array on Cang Ling and wants to take away his martial arts. When Chen Lan is going to kill Zhao Yao, she is on knees and begs for mercy. He is shocked that the girl does the thing Zhao Yao taught him, and asks her who she is when Zi Yu leads her followers arriving. Zhao Yao explains that she wants to join Wanlu sect because her father is murdered by immortal sect. The guard wants to kill Zhao Yao because she burst into the forbidden place. But Chen Lan hits the guard, and tells Zhao Yao to stay at Xiyue peak.

When the guard vomits blood, Zhao Yao asks him to prepare sedan and reminds him Chen Lan didn’t kill her even if she burst into the forbidden place. Tian Ming scolds his men for didn’t stop Zhi Yan joining Wanlu sect. The men explain that Cang Ling helped Zhi Yan. Tian Ming orders Lu Heng to sneak into Wanlu sect and catch Zhi Yan. The next day, he meets with Su Ruo and thinks the horse Gold Immortal gave is still strong. Su Ruo is pleased. Chen Lan stares at the blue fruit and remembers he fed Zhao Yao with blue fruit. Zi Yu tells Chen Lan that the girl is Qin Yu’s daughter Qin Zhi Yan.

Zhi Yan sneaks into Wanlu sect and steals clothes. But she is catches. Zhao sits on the sedan and her nose is bleeding. She realizes that Zhi Yan is in danger and gets off the sedan. The bodyguards flirt with Zhi Yan but they hits by a wood. Zhi Yan spots Zhao Yao and runs to her. She wonders why Zhao Yao became so tough since she didn’t defeat the guards. Zhao Yao claims she didn’t prepare well, and beats up the bodyguards. She tells them that she will take off the person’s skin if he wants to take off Zhi Yan’s clothes. She tells them that she is chief’s personal disciple.

Zhao Yao leads Zhi Yan into their room. Zhi Yan is trembling and thinks freedom guest is too scary. Zhao Yao tells Zhi Yan to have plan but ties her up in the bed. She thinks it’s worth to get bullied by her because she is a chief, and tells Zhi Yan to stay there. Zhao Yao visits Yuan Jie’s place again but he doesn’t return. She thinks she should promote her martial arts, and decides to visit Xizhi place again. She tells the guard that she is envoy of chief, and gets into the tree.

Zhao Yao runs into a fat man in the street and asks him about recovery pill. But the man’s mom wants Zhao Yao marry her son. Zhao Yao flees away and arrives at the recovery shop. But she needs time to get her martial arts. The guards scan her with the copper and finds out she is broke. They don’t allow her to get in the shop and call her poor. Zhao Yao wants to kill them, but the young man she ran into stops her. He tells her the money is different from outside in Qizhi place, and the person will be wealthy if she is kind. Zhao Yao asks the young man Zi You if she will earn money when she hires people to do charity. He says yes and leaves to do job.

Zhao Yao is intention to ask Zhi Yan to do charity. She spots Zi You selling empty pill, and he promises to give guests $1000 if they eat it. But the guests walks away as they think he uses them to test his pill. Zhao Yao eats the pill and leaves the tree. But Chen Lan grabs her neck because it’s her second time to walk into the forbidden place. She explains that she is forced by Zhao Yao. But Chen Lan is shocked because he thinks Zhao Yao will visit him first. He asks her about Zhao Yao. Zhao Yao says that she hates him because he took away her Wanjun sword and took her life. She tells him that she wants to take revenge for him.

Chen Lan stares at Zhao Yao’s tombstone and wonders why she didn’t come. The guard is scared when he spots Chen Lan, and explains that Zhi Yan claimed to be his disciple. But Chen Lan says that he doesn’t accept it. Zhao Yao flirts with Chen Lan, and he punishes the guard to do farm work. The guard is happy to call sedan for Zhao Yao. The bodyguards spot Zhao Yao riding sedan return and think she is too arrogant. Zhao Yao returns and takes off the cloth in Zhi Yan’s mouth. Zhi Yan gets the chance to speak and accuses Zhao Yao for tying her up. Zhao Yao provokes Zhi Yan to fight with her if she has the power, and blocks her mouth again.

Zhi Yan wakes up and annoys Zhao Yao because Zhao Yao turns into transparency. Zhao Yao walks out and hits the freedom guests, but they don’t see her. She realizes that she can only be seen by Zhi Yan. She steals the knife from the freedom guest, and sneaks into no evil palace to stab Chen Lan. But Wanjun sword attacks her. Zhao Yao has to flee away. Zi Yu takes her men arriving, and the man reveals he was touched by someone, and his knife disappeared. Chen Lan tells them to keep silence. But Zi Yu worries about him.

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