Goodbye My Princess: Episode 32 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess: Episode 32. The servant Shi En informs Crown Prince that Empress invites him to have dinner at Qingning Palace. Crown Prince asks Shi En what thing women like. He realizes that he asked the wrong person, and tells him to leave.

Goodbye My Princess: Episode 32 Recap

Good Bye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess: Episode 32.

Shi En tells Crown Prince that he asked the right person, and claims that he knows what thing women like. He says that the maids are close to him and they share their secrets with him. Crown Prince asks Shi En about how to make women happy.

Shi En tells Crown Prince that beautiful clothes and cosmetics can make women happy as they want to be pretty. He adds that there’re many fancy clothes and jewelry at Weipin Pavilion.

Xiao Feng notes that Crown Prince is tailing her. She tells A Du to wait for her at Mi Luo’s bar. Xiao Feng asks Crown Prince why he follows her. He says that he heard that she liked to bring troubles to the street. He adds that he wants to see how she brings trouble.

Xiao Feng explains that she just got rid of evil men, and reveals she and A Du caught liars three times. Crown Prince asks her why she didn’t tell them her identity and made them bully her. She explains that she did it for keeping his face. She adds that his face would be gone if people knew the crown princess fought at the street.

Crown Prince asks Xiao Feng if he should thank her for keeping face for him. She says yes, and he asks her to accompany him to a place.

Crown Prince stops at the Weipin Pavilion. He asks Xiao Feng where it is. She says that it’s Weipin Pavilion, and reveals many clothes come from there. He’s surprised that she knew so much. She claims that she is 9th princess of West State, so she knows it.

Crown Prince wants to take a look at the Weipin Pavilion. Xiao Feng thinks he wants to buy Se Se clothes, and tells him to summon the seller to the palace so that he doesn’t have to get in. But he holds her arm and gets in the store.

The seller Xiao Wei welcomes the couple. Crown Prince asks Xiao Wei to make a blue skirt. But she doesn’t know the size. He asks her to give the tape measure to him, and tries to measure Xiao Feng’s body size. But Xiao Feng is against it and asks him what he wants to do. He explains that he wants to make a skirt for Se Se with her size because their sizes are similar.

Xiao Feng wants to get the seller to measure it. Crown Prince asks Xiao Feng if she wants the seller know she isn’t a male. He adds that they’re husband and wife.

Mi Luo runs into Xiao Feng and Li Chengyin. She wonders why Xiao Feng pretended not to know her and Gu Jian.

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