Goodbye My Princess: Episode 33 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess: Episode 33. Ming Yue tells Emperor that she cooked some dishes for him after knowing he would come. She adds that the dishes were cooked by her mom before she passed away. She doesn’t know if he will like it or not.

Goodbye My Princess: Episode 33 Recap

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess: Episode 33.

Gu Jian gives the living details of Consort Gu to Ming Yue, and reminds her that she cannot get back once she steps in. She says that there wasn’t any path to go back since she encountered him again.

Ming Yue pours wine for Emperor and tells him that the Pipa shrimp will be good if he drinks the Sangluo wine. He’s in tears because he thinks of Consort Gu. Ming Yue asks Emperor if she touched his sad past. He denies and reveals she made him remember the happy things. Emperor admits his identity and thinks Ming Yue is the present heaven gave to him.

Crown Prince walks Pei Zhao and asks him if he looked into Xu Niang. Pei Zhao reveals Xu Niang is close to Zhang Can who is Empress’s cousin. Shi En brings the clothes to Crown Prince, and he asks him to go to Qingluan Palace with him.

Crown Prince shows the blue skirt to Se Se. She says that she likes it very much, and gets changed. He tells her that the wolf tooth he gave to her belongs to Xiao Feng. She reveals Xuai Feng asked her where the wold tooth came from. He mentions Xiao Feng’s grandpa gave it to her after he killed wolf king.

Crown Prince tells Se Se to return the wolf tooth to Xiao Feng as it’s ominous. Se Se tells Jin Er to give the wolf tooth to Crown Prince. He gives the jade pendant to her.

Gao Gei thinks Gao Yuming cannot drink the soup which cooked by Ru Yi, and asks him why he sent her to the palace. Gao Yuming says that he worried that Crown Prince will leave Gao family once his wing is plump. He adds that he won’t be anxious if Ru Yi can give birth to a prince.

Gao Yuming asks Gao Gui if Empress arranged Ru Yi to sleep with Emperor. Gao Gui mentions what Empress said that Ru Yi will sleep with Emperor soon.

Emperor asks Empress how long Gao Yuming’s daughter has gotten into the palace. She says that it has been one month. So he asks her if he should go to see her. She says that Ru Yi is sick, and intends to get her to serve him after she cures her. But he visits Ru Yu when she’s taking bath.

The maid reports to Empress that Emperor went to Huaxi Palace. Empress gets angry and thinks Emperor intended to do it for her. The maid worries that they cannot deal with Gao Yuming if Emperor likes Ru Yi. Empress thinks Ru Yi doesn’t dare to bully her, and throws away the brush.

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