Goodbye My Princess: Episode 34 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess: Episode 34. Li Chengyin reminds Gu Jian that Ming Yue will face more danger if she does it on her own. He adds that she will be safe if she talks about everything with him. But Gu Jian thinks it’s just Li Chengyin’s excuse.

Goodbye My Princess: Episode 34 Recap

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess: Episode 34.

Li Chengyin admits that he promised Ming Yue because he wants to pull down Gao Yuming. He thinks they have no other ways, and reminds him that Gao Yuming is suspecting them. He adds that he will find the real identity of Chai Mu, and thinks everyone will be in danger.

Se Se is dizzy. Jin Er thinks Empress was bias to punish her master to be on knees to Buddha. She adds that Li Chengyin believed that Crown Princess framed Se Se. Se Se thinks it’s enough as long as Li Chengyin trusts her. Jin Er says that Li Chengyin only loves Se Se fortunately. She adds that he visits Qingluan Palace each day.

Crown Princess writes a letter to her parents and tells them that she misses them. But A Du keeps the letter in the wood box. Yong Nian reports to Crown Princess that Yong Ning and Luo Xi visit her. She gets the two to have a seat. Yong Ning tells Crown Princess that Empress will throw a gathering in the palace.

Yong Ning reveals Empress wants to get husbands for princesses, and Luo Xi is one of them. Luo Xi points out that Yong Ning is going to get married as well. But Yong Ning says that she doesn’t want to get married because she doesn’t want a distant marriage.

Yong Ning thinks Luo Xi should follow the person because she has someone she loves. Luo Xi talks back that Yong Ning cannot make decision herself as it will be decided by Emperor. Xiao Feng asks Yong Ning if everyone should attend the party. Yong Ning says that Crown Prince and Crown Princess should attend since Emperor and Empress will attend.

Crown Princess thinks she will see Li Chengyin again. Yong Ning asks Xiao Feng if her 5th older brother bullied her again. She laughs. Xiao Feng thinks Yong Ning isn’t her friend because she expected something when she heard Li Chengyin bullied her.

Yong Ning denies and thinks her 5th older brother cares for Crown Princess. Luo Xi agrees to it and thinks Xiao Feng and Li Chengyin are the best match. She adds that he is lively after he got married with Xiao Feng. But Xiao Feng thinks it’s because he married Se Se.

Yong Ning thinks Pei Zhao is a wood because he didn’t take a look at the beauties. But Luo Xi thinks he is a good guy. Yong Ning thinks everything is beautiful in lover’s eyes. Pei Zhao takes a look at Luo Xi.

Xiao Feng wants to drink with Yong Ning. But Li Chengyin stops her and tells her not to move because she’s Crown Princess.

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