Goodbye My Princess: Episode 35 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess: Episode 35. A Du finds Gu Jian in Mi Luo’s help. He vomits the black blood while chopping the wood. She asks him if the injury last time isn’t cured. He denies and tells her that he hurt his stomach after drinking too many wines.

Goodbye My Princess: Episode 35 Recap

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess: Episode 35.

A Du thinks Gu Jian concealed something to her. He denies. So she threatens to tell it to Princess. He says that he was hurt when he fell from the cliff. He adds that he’s not recovery completely. She thinks he was hurt because of the stabbing she did.

Gu Jian says that the stabbing was nothing as he thinks he was the accomplice. He thinks the injury in Princess’s heart is heavier than his injury. He adds that he worries Xiao Feng will remember her past and she will hate herself.

Gu Jian tells A Du that he knows that she is painful like him because they cannot forget it when they want to forget it. She leans her head on his chest.

Crown Princess shows up and asks Mi Luo about A Du. Mi Luo tells Xiao Feng that A Du is at the backyard with Gu Jian. Xiao Feng realizes that Mi Luo got Gu Jian to chop woods for her. Mi Luo explains that he owed her wine money so that she should work to repay debts. Xiao Feng laughs and tells Mi Luo to prepare some wines and dishes for them.

Crown Princess notes that A Du just cried, and asks her if Gu Jian bullied her. A Du shakes her head. Gu Jian tells Xiao Feng that he didn’t bully A Du, and mentions Xiao Feng abandoned A Du to meet with someone else. She thinks her master wouldn’t say so to her.

Gu Jian blames Xiao Feng for pretending not to know him. She explains Crown Prince would catch him because he’s a thief. He learns that she worried he would get involved. Mi Luo shows up and asks the two what they were talking about.

Gu Jian tells Mi Luo that Xiao Feng thought her wine is the best. Mi Luo tells Xiao Feng that she and Gu Jian went to take wine. She thinks the man is Xiao Feng’s husband. Xiao Feng admits it. Mi Luo thinks Xiao Feng and her husband love each other because she saw them holding hand while walking together.

Xiao Feng denies and reveals Li Chengyin asked her to accompany him because he wanted to buy her side wife clothes. She asks Mi Luo why Li Chengyin always saves her first even if he dislikes her.

Empress tells Li Chengyin that she asked the chef to cook the dishes for him. She asks him to taste it. He says that he likes the dishes. So she asks him to accompany her to have meals. He agrees to it. She asks him if he gets along well with the two concubines. He reveals Crown Princess made him have headaches because she’s barbarous.

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