Goodbye My Princess: Episode 36 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess: Episode 36. Empress brings many presents to Li Chengyin, and wants to know what gifts Crown Princess and Se Se prepared. Se Se shows the flowers painting she sewed. Li Chengyin says that he likes the painting, and stares at Xiao Feng.

Goodbye My Princess: Episode 36 Recap

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess: Episode 36.

Xiao Feng shows the gold to Li Chengyin and thinks it’s convenient. Empress smiles and thinks Crown Princess’s gift is pretty good. She asks Li Chengyin what he will give. He tells her that he doesn’t know how to repay the gold. He says that he wants to give some pennies to Xiao Feng.

Crown Prince asks the servant to give the gift to Xiao Feng. Yong Niang whispers that it’s the palace customization of Weipin store. Xiao Feng takes a look at the dress and realizes that Li Chengyin intended to buy it for her. Lin Chengyin gives the rest gifts to Se Se. She thanks him.

Empress tells Li Chengyin that she prepared a special present for him. Xu Niang walks into the palace. Empress smiles and says that she didn’t expect that her first grandson came from a maid. Xiao Feng is surprised. Empress reveals she took Xu Xiang there was to talk with Li Chengyin when to pick up Xu Liang to East Palace.

Li Chengyin says that he needs to talk about it with Xiao Feng first. Empress wants to give the title “Bao Ling” to Xu Niang, and asks Xiao Feng what she thinks. But Li Chengyin wants to wait until the baby comes out. He thinks Empress should inform him first if she wants to send Xu Niang to East Palace.

Empress asks Li Chengyin if he’s blaming her for deciding it on her own. He says that he cannot accept it as the gift is too surprised. Empress yells at Se Se and tells her not to cry. Se Se gets on knees. Yong Niang hints Xiao Feng to get on knees.

Xiao Feng tells Empress that they just didn’t prepare for it. Empress thinks Xiao Feng did a great job. She tells Li Chengyin to discipline Se Se, and thinks he will have tons of concubines when he becomes emperor. She tells her to leave.

Xiao Feng wants to leave. But Li Chengyin keeps her, and reminds Empress that it will affect his business if Xu Niang comes. She agrees to it, and tells him that she will take care of Xu Niang for him.

Se Se throws a fit and breaks the painting. She complains to Jin Er that Li Chengyin promised to only love her. But he had a baby with another woman. Li Chengyin shows up and asks Jin Er who said Se Se wanted to take her life. She explains that Se Se was sad and the servants mistook it.

Li Chengyin tells Jing Er to get lost. He explains to Se Se that he was drunk at Empress’s palace and he had no way as Empress planned everything.

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