Goodbye My Princess: Episode 37 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess: Episode 37. Se Se thinks Crown Princess’s boot is very beautiful and the nation doesn’t have the delicate leather. Crown Princess admits it and says that the boot can only be made by West State.

Goodbye My Princess: Episode 37 Recap

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess: Episode 37.

Crown Princess tells Se Se that she will ask her dad to bring some this kind of boots to her if she likes it in episode 36. Se Se agrees to it and tells Crown Princess to send a pair of boots to Li Chengyin. Crown Princess rejects it. Se Se mentions Li Chengyin slept over at Chengen Palace.

Crown Princess learns that Se Se came because Li Chengyin slept over at Chengen Palace. Se Se denies and thinks the harmony of Crown Princess and Li Chengyin is the blessing of East Palace. Crown Princess thinks East Palace belongs to Li Chengyin, and the people inside East Palace belong to him as well. She tells Se Se to get long well because they’re not easy.

Se Se asks Crown Princess when she will pick up Xu Niang to the palace. She thinks she should take care of Xu Niang because Xu Niang is in pregnancy. Crown Princess thinks Se Se should ask it to Li Chengyin about it, and claims that she doesn’t know about it. Yong Niang explains that Crown Princess is inconvenience to pick up Xu Niang because the woman is at Empress’s palace.

The follower meets with Gu Jian in the bamboo forest and asks him why he didn’t appoint at Mi Luo’s bar. Gu Jian explains that he suspected there is spies at the bar because Chai Mu was hunted there. He asks the follower if he arranged Tao Jing well. The follower says that he did it according to his order.

Crown Princess asks Yong Niang where she’s not happy since she won so many gold melon seeds. Yong Niang tells Crown Princess to be careful of Se Se as she thinks she will hurt her. Crown Princess thinks it was weird that Se Se wanted to pick up Xu Niang since she hated her most.

Yong Niang agrees to what Crown Princess said, and reveals Se Se had a fight with Li Chengyin because of Xu Niang. She thinks she didn’t like Xu Niang. Crown Princess wonders why Se Se mentioned it and pretended to be nice. Yong Niang doesn’t know about it.

Crown Princess remembers what Li Chengyin said that the tricks of East Palace is complicated. She realizes that there’re guns and arrows.

Shi En reports to Li Chengyin that Se Se visited Crown Princess and asked her when she will pick up Xu Niang to East palace. Pei Zhao tells Li Chengyin that there was a maid Ying Er bugged them outside the palace, and the maid visits Qingning Palace frequently. He adds that she accepted the money of Qingning palace to do thing.

Pei Zhao reveals Ying Er was found out by his follower after she only bugged two times. Li Chengyin tells Pei Zhao to keep it since she’s the follower of Empress. He worries about startling the snake.

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