Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Zhou Jianqing tells Gu Nanzhou that she had to come to his house because she was tailed. He asks her if she wants to be in jail because she went to his house without his permission. She begs him and thinks he won’t give a hard time to a weak girl like her because he’s a good man.

Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

Hello Mr. Gu

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

Gu Nanzhou points out that it’s not the reason she got into his house. She admits it and asks him if she wants to see a girl sleeping at the street. The police shows up. Gu Nanzhou explains to the police that it’s a misunderstanding. So the police asks Zhou Jianqing about her and Gu Nanzhou’s relationship.

Zhou Jianqing tells the police that she’s the fiancee of Gu Nanzhou. She adds that she didn’t told him after she went home. The police scolds Gu Nanzhou.

Zhou Jianqing wants to leave after she slept in Gu Nanzhou’s house. But he tells her to clean up the house. She complains that she won’t come even if he begs her. Su Youxia asks Zhou Jianqing where she went, and reveals her older brother kept looking for her.

Zhou Zixuan calls Zhou Jianqing and asks her where she went last night. He says that the roommates told him that she moved out. She explains that she found a new job so that she got herself a new dormitory. He asks her where her dormitory is. He adds that he wants to visit her. She rejects it and tells him that she’s living with Su Youxia.

Zhou Zixuan tells Zhou Jianqing to tell it to him when she needs help. Su Youxia gives the fruits to Zhou Jianqing, and tells her that she doesn’t want Zhou Zixuan to visit her house. Zhou Jianqing thinks Su Youxia dislikes Zhou Zixuan. She comforts her that she won’t let the monster bully her. She adds that she will move out once she finds the right place.

Su Youxia denies and tells Zhou Jianqing to live with her. She says that it’s fine even if Zhou Zixuan comes. Zhou Jianqing thinks Su Youxia is a nice girl, and puts a blueberry into her mouth as a reward. Zhou Zixuan gives the cash to the loan shark, and tells him not to hurt his sister. But the loan shark tells Zhou Zixuan that someone repaid the money for him.

Zhou Zixuan takes the business card to visit the lawyer who helped him. He sees Gu Nanzhou thanking the lawyer for solving Zhou Jianqing’s debts. Gu Nanzhou calls Zhou Jianqing and tells her to attend a party with him. The two run into the client of Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Jianqing drinks for Gu Nanzhou in the meal. Zhou Jianqing is drunk in Gu Nanzhou’s car. He takes her home after knowing she drank for money.

Gu Nanzhou carries Zhou Jianqing to the bed. But she hugs him and tells him not to leave because she mistakes him as her mom.

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