Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 14 Recap

This is the recap for Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 14. Ji Yunchen tells Zhou Fei to rest in the tunnel. He wants to go out after Blue Dragon Master leaves. But Yin Pei tells Ji Yunchen not to dream to flee because they offended Blue Dragon Master. Zhou Fei wonders why Blue Dragon Master doesn’t save him since he is his master.

Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 14 Recap

Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 14

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 14.

Yin Pei laughs and thinks Blue Dragon Master will kill him first. Xie Yun points out that someone called Yin Pei Younger Master because he’s Blue Dragon Master’s foster son. Yin Pei tells Xie Yun that Blue Dragon Master just treats him as a dog, and reveals he needs to climb to talk with him when he sees him.

Yin Pei says that Blue Dragon Master labelled each person. He adds that he likes to take him because he flatters him. He says that Jiulong Sou couldn’t lick the master’s toes so that he could only flatter him. Yin Pei says that he got Jiulong Sou to deal with Ji Yunchen. He praises Ji Yunchen for getting his friends to kill Jiulong Sou.

Yin Pei thinks he won’t just get whipped. Zhou Fei reveals North Blade can cut off water and wrap wire. Wu Chuchu thinks North Blade is sharp. But Yin Pei says that North Blade is very mean. Ji Yunchen reveals he wanted to go downhill when he just got his blade art. He says that his master told him that the blade is like hoe after he failed to stop him.

It flashes back. Ji Yunchen kills many sword masters, and wants to set up his sect. But he hears the guy says that his master Guan Feng was defeated by Yin Wenlan. Ji Yunchen is furious to visit Yin Wenlan, and wants to challenge him. But Yin Wenlan gets the follower to tell Ji Yunchen to leave. Ji Yunchen thinks Yin Wenlan fears to fight with him, and threatens to tell people that Mountains and Rivers Sword isn’t better than North Blade. Yin Wenlan ignores Ji Yunchen.

Yin Pei casts the stone to Ji Yunchen and tells him that he’s the son of Yin Wenlan. Ji Yunchen tells Yin Pei to call his father out. But Yin Pei rejects it because he doesn’t want to go to study. So Ji Yunchen takes Yin Pei to have fun.

The storyteller tells people that North Blade was defeated by Yin Wenlan. Yin Pei wants to go to see North Blade. Ji Yunchen is furious to kidnap Yin Pei, and tells Yin Wenlan to come to the mountaintop.

Yin Wenlan arrives and blames Ji Yunchen for kidnapped his son. Ji Yunchen says that he needs to take revenge his master, and attacks Yin Wenlan. Yin Wenlan defeats Ji Yunchen and breaks off his sword. Ji Yunchen thinks Yin Wenlan shamed him.

Yin Wenlan tells Ji Yunchen that he just didn’t want him to be killed by him. Because he knew he has many blade mountains and fire seas to break through.

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