Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Yu Lao tells Zhou Fei that her grandpa Li Zheng risked himself to save Phoenix Sect. He tells her that this kind of person is the hero in his heart. He adds that Phoenix Sect is willing to protect 48 Villages for Li Zheng.

Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 4

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

Yu Lao says that he wants to defend Ink River and Qianji battle array with his life. He gives the peach candy to Zhou Fei, and thinks Li Zheng is blessed. Zhou Fei walks out of the gate with the disciples. Li Yan stops Zhou Fei and cries to beg her to take her away. Zhou Fei tells Li Yan to ask Li Jinrong about it. She leaves.

Li Sheng asks Zhou Fei if Li Jinrong taught Breaking Snow Blade after she kept her. She admits it and tells him that she can show it to him if he wants to take a look. He rejects it. Madam Wang shows up and tells the two that she didn’t get any message of Zhang Chenfei.

Xie Yun sneaks into the cave and spots Huo Liantao catching the sword master. The follower reports to Shen Tianshu that Huo family set up a black jail and imprisoned many sword masters. He doesn’t know what he wants to do. Shen Tianshu thinks the letters are related to the black jail. He decides to visit the place.

Li Sheng notes that the boy is hungry. He gets off the carriage and tries to give the bread to him. But he is driven away by the boy’s mom. He reports to Madam Wang that the people don’t welcome them. She tells him to get a place to rest.

The people surround Zhou Fei and treat her as a thief. Zhou Fei pulls out of her blade. Madam Wang stops Zhou Fei and asks the villagers if she looks like a thief. She gives some money to the woman and tells her to buy her kid some clothes. She thinks the sword masters robbed the village, and wonders why Huo family didn’t defend the village.

The woman reveals she’s seen anyone of Huo family after Chief Huo is sick. The man shows up and reports that the real thieves arrived at the village. Madam Wang gets Zhou Fei to meet with the thieves. She thinks the thieves will leave after seeing the Xiaoxiang hairpin. But they ask for Zhou Fei because they think she is pretty.

Zhou Fei pulls out her Breaking Snow Blade and kills most of the thieves with just one hit. The rest thief wants to flee. But he is killed by Madam Wang. Li Sheng arrives. Madam Wang gets him to take a look at the legs of the thieves. He finds out that the thieves wear protective stuff on their legs. He adds that only Huo family is good at using leg art.

Madam Wang wonders why the disciples of Huo family became bandits. Li Sheng tells her to get Chief Huo to restrain his disciples since they will pass by Huo family. But she wants to go to Hua Rong instead, and points out that Li Sheng can restrain the disciples if he’s the chief of 48 Villages.

Zhou Fei asks Madam Wang how to deal with the villagers. Madam Wang thinks the place is danger, and tells the villagers to go to their friends for shelter. But they think nobody will care for them. Zhou Fei tells them that her mom will take care of them if they arrive at the place of 48 Villages. Madam Wang gives the villagers some money, and tells them to hand over the token when they arrive in 48 Villages.

Zhou Fei takes away the hairpin from the thief and returns it to Madam Wang. Madam Wang thinks Zhou Fei did a great job, and tells her that the blade in her hand can kill and save people. Li Sheng wants to look for Zhang Chenfei because he worries about him. But Madam Wang rejects it.

Li Sheng rides a horse to leave. Zhou Fei spots it and chases him. But he is missing. Li Sheng swears to make Zhou Fei look up on him after he breaks through a new world. The disciple Hong Yun reports to Madam Wang that Zhou Fei and Li Sheng are missing. Madam Wang regrets for taking the two to go downhill.

Hong Yun thinks the two went to Huo family to ask for a justice. But Madam Wang doesn’t think so. Zhou Fei spots the disciple of Huo family taking the horse of Li Sheng. She tails him and arrives at the Black Jail. She thinks she should get a path to get in. She flees after the guards chase her.

Zhou Fei steps on the ground and falls into the cave. The guard reports to Huo Liantao that they saw a little girl. Huo Liantao tells the guard to look for the little girl. Zhang Chenfei tells the guard to release them. But the guard threatens to let Zhang Chenfei taste his whip. Zhang Chenfei doesn’t expect that Huo family is so shameless.

Xie Yun asks Zhou Fei for some foods through the hole. She gives him a chestnut. He asks her if it’s the food for dog. She realizes that he’s the dog, and asks him if he’s Xie Meimei. He tells her to call him Xie Yun, and asks her why she went there. She reveals her cousin was caught. He thinks she and Li Sheng are in danger when he encounters her each time.

Xie Yun comforts Zhou Fei that Li Sheng is safe because there’re foods and drinks there. The guard gives the bread to Xie Yun and asks him if he saw a female thief. Xie Yun points out that he can only saw female ghost because the cell is so dark. The guard agrees to it. Xie Yun tells Zhou Fei that the guard is looking for her. He asks her if she is hungry. She denies. So he eats the bread alone.

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