Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 8. Wu Chuchu mentions what her mom said that people can only comfort themselves with the songs. Zhou Fei says that she will kill the one if he dares to hurt people. Wu Chuchu thinks it will turn Zhou Fei into the person who is like Da Sha. Zhou Fei smiles to comfort Wu Chuchu that she won’t be turned into the person like that.

Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap

Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 8

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 8.

Xie Yun wants to go out. Chen Zichen stops Xie Yun and thinks it’s too dangerous. Xie Yun comforts Chen Zichen that he’s good at jump art. He says that he has to go out to take a look because he doesn’t know if his friends are safe. He tells Mr. Bai to follow him.

Zhou Fei learns that there is a person who is alive. She wants to go out to take a look. Wu Chuchu intends to go with Zhou Fei. Zhou Fei rejects it and reminds Wu Chuchu that she needs to take care of Wu Xiaodi. She tells her to wait until she comes back. Wu Chuchu tells Zhou Fei that she cannot be alive if she dies. Zhou Fei promises to come back after she saves the person.

Duan Jiuniang plays the swing and tells Zhou Fei not to walk around. She tells her that there’s a big grey wolf will bite her. Zhou Fei thanks Duan Jiuniang for keeping her. She tries to walk away. But Duan Jiuniang blocks Zhou Fei’s way. Zhou Fei has to attack Duan Jiuniang with Breaking Snow Blade.

Duan Jiuniang seals Zhou Fei’s point to make her not move. She asks her who taught her Breaking Snow Blade. Zhou Fei says that her master is her family. Duan Jiuniang asks Zhou Fei about Li Zheng. Zhou Fei says that the person is her grandfather.

Wu Chuchu goes out and tells Duan Jiuniang not to hurt Zhou Fei because they’re not bad girls. Duan Jiuniang smiles and tells Zhou Fei that she’s her grandmother. Zhou Fei scolds Duan Jiuniang and tells her that she will fight with her even if she cannot defeat her. She adds that Li Zheng passed away when he gave birth to her second uncle. She spits blood and passes out.

Xie Yun learns that Zhang Chenfei is alive. Mr. Bai tells Xie Yun not to take action. He casts the stone to Zhang Chenfei and kills him. Xie Yun asks Mr. Bai why Huo Liantao hired soldiers. Mr. Bai admits that Chen Zichen contacted Huo Liantao for dealing with Yu Wenzhi. He adds that Chen Zichen doesn’t know what Huo Liantao. Xie Yun reminds Mr. Bai that Zhang Chenfei took the sin for them.

Mr. Bai tells Xie Yun that he will bury his friend’s bodies after Di Sha leaves. Xie Yun wishes the bodies not to be stepped on by Di Sha. Mr. Bai sighs that the life is cheaper than rice. He adds that only friendship is expensive. Xie Yun spits blood. Mr. Bai tells Xie Yun to go home.

Duan Jiuniang takes a look at Zhou Fei. She is furious because she thinks Zhou Fei is like her real grandmother. Wu Chuchu stops Duan Jiuniang and tells her that Zhou Fei is like her father. Duan Jiuniang agrees to it and wants to see Zhou Yitang. She asks Wu Chuchu about her parents. She learns that her parents passed away.

Xie Yun returns home. Mr. Bai gets on knees and asks Xie Yun to punish him. Chen Zichen learns that Mr. Bai killed Xie Yun’s friends. He tries to get on knees. But he is stopped by Xie Yun. Xie Yun tells Mr. Bai to stand up, and thinks he helped Zhang Chenfei. Xie Yun worships Zhang Chenfei and pours the wine to the floor. He promises to find Zhou Fei.

Zhou Fei wakes up and tells Wu Chuchu that she heard that Xie Yun called her. Wu Chuchu knows Zhou Fei worries about Xie Yun. She comforts her that she saw him off that day.

The follower reports to Shen Tianshu that Chou Tianjin’s men left. Shen Tianshu asks the follower if Chou Tianjin find something. The follower denies. Shen Tianshu says that Chou Tianjin thought he’s smart but didn’t keep any life. He reminds the follower the goal they came to Hua Rong.

Jia Chen reports to Xie Yun that Blue Wolf takes a portrait to look for a man. Xie Yun tells Chen Zichen what Shen Tianshu looks is him. Mr. Bai offers to dress up to be father and sons. Xie Yun tells Chen Zichen to hide as he thinks his father will scold him if he knows it. Mr. Bai opens the trap. Chen Zichen hides in the secret room.

Madam Song brings the porridge to Wu Chuchu and tells her to heat it up. Madam Song tells Zhou Fei not to put what Duan Jiuniang said into her mind, and reveals Duan Jiuniang has been insane for many years. Zhou Fei remembers what her mom said that Duan Jiuniang has been missing for many years. She wonders why she became the little concubine of Lord Zhu.

Blue Wolf arrives and intends to check the trap. Xie Yun pretends to be sick, and asks for seeing a doctor. Blue Wolf flees. Chen Zichen goes out from the secret room and feels sorry. Xie Yun tells Chen Zichen that the refugees came to Hua Rong because of him. He thinks Huo Liantao told his men not to bring trouble to the place.

Xie Yun thinks Shen Tianshu knew Chen Zichen is in Hua Rong because he took care of the refugees. Chen Zichen says that he could ignore the refugees because they were hungry. Xie Yun tells Chen Zichen that Shen Tianshu wants to lock him up in the city. Chen Zichen thinks Huo Liantao won’t save him even if he knows he is locked up. But Xie Yun points out that Chen Zichen’s army will come to save him.

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