My Name: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama My Name: Episode 2. Ji-Woo defeats Gang-Jae. Mu-Jin lifts Ji-Woo’s arm, announcing that she’s the winner. Gang-Jae wakes up. Cheol-Ho shows the footage to Gang-Jae. He mocks him. Ji-Woo cleans the fighting playground.

My Name: Episode 2 Recap

My Name

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama My Name: Episode 2.

Gang-Jae shows up. Ji-Woo feels sorry for what she did to him. He comforts her that it was just a fight. But he tells Cheol-Ho to do something bad to the girl since he has feelings for her. The gangster is against Gang-Jae’s plan. He worries that Mu-Jin will punish them.

Gang-Jae points out that Ji-Woo won’t note it because he added something into the girl’s water. Ji-Woo drinks the water and takes a look at outside. She passes out. Cheol-Ho sneaks into Ji-Woo’s room and tries to kiss her. The ashes pot falls into the floor, and it’s smashed.

Ji-Woo holds the piece tightly. Her hand begins to bleed. Cheol-Ho rushes to Ji-Woo, trying to kick her. She stabs him, running out of room. Gang-Jae laughs to take the hammer from the wall. He follows her. She trips. He lifts the hammer and tries to kill her.

Gang-Jae is summoned to Mu-Jin’s office. Mu-Jin pulls out his sword, asking Gang-Jae which part of his body he wants to give up. Gang-Jae gets on knees to Mu-Jin, asking for his mercy. He explains that he just pushed the girl. Mu-Jin is furious to grab Gang-Jae’s neck. He cuts his face with the sword he holds.

Ji-Woo walks out of her room. Tae-Ju is waiting for her. He tells her to leave. But she says that it’s too late. She meets with Mu-Jin at the restaurant. He gives a new identity to her. He hands over the gun the killer used to her. He tells her that the killer is a police.

Ji-Woo becomes a police and goes to catch the culprits. She tells her colleague to gather their men there. But the colleague gets kidnapped into the van. Ji-Woo walks into the nightclub. She saves the girl who is dying. She sees Pil-Do having a deal with the culprits.

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Ji-Woo breaks the window with the chair. She jumps into the room. Chang-Goo takes the knife from the table. She fights with him and catches him. Pil-Do stops Ji-Woo when she tries to take Chang-Goo. He tells her that he’s a police as well, revealing she ruined his plan.

Pil-Do tells Ji-Woo to leave Chang-Goo to him. She rejects it. The colleague hands over the phone to Ji-Woo. The chief tells Ji-Woo to listen to what Pil-Do said. She has to give Chang-Goo to Pil-Do. But she asks him for returning the culprit to her after his case is done. He rejects it. She gets angry and wants to beat Pil-Do. But she’s stopped by the colleague.

Mu-Jin arrives at the parking lot where a lot of gangsters fight. President Bae gets on knees to Mu-Jin, asking for his mercy. But Mu-Jin rejects it. The follower kills the poor man in the car. Ji-Woo arrives at the police station. She tries to visit Gi-Ho. But he’s not in the office. Gi-Ho shows up behind Ji-Woo. She remembers that he was the one who visited her. He takes her to get into the office. He wonders why she asked for joining them.

Ji-Woo drives the motorcycle to the beach. She meets with Mu-Jin there. She hands over the tea to him which may help him fall asleep. She tells him that she joined Gi-Ho’s team. She reveals she wants to find the truth. He tells her that his father protected her when everyone betrayed him. He hands over the knife to her, telling her to take the killer’s life with the knife.

Ji-Woo takes out the gun from the drawer. She left the house after she touched the ashes pot. Pil-Do interrogates Chang-Goo, asking him for telling him the names of his friends. Chang-Goo rejects it because he doesn’t want to betray his boss. But he shows something to Pil-Do after using the laptop.

Pil-Do walks out of the room. He runs into Ji-Woo. He stops the police from letting her in. But she tells him that she’s his colleague now. Pil-Do follows Gi-Ho walking into the office. Gi-Ho asks Pil-Do for working with Ji-Woo. He tells him that the woman is talented.

Su-Yeon walks to Mu-Jin. She reports something to him. She notes that he’s drinking the tea which he didn’t drink before. Mu-Jin tells Tae-Ju about Ji-Woo’s joining. But Tae-Ju worries that the girl will betrayed them. Pil-Do parks the car at the parking lot. Ji-Woo gets off the car and goes into the building. She has a fight with the guard because he doesn’t let her in.

Ji-Woo defeats the guard. She picks up the stick, fighting with the thugs who attack her. Pil-Do walks into the building. He spots Ji-Woo catching the thug Mango when she hurts his hand.

My Name TV series stars Han So-Hee, Park Hee-Soon and Ahn Bo-Hyun.

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