Once We Get Married: Episode 12 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Once We Get Married: Episode 12. Mo Zixin visits the family laundry of Gu Xixi. He learns that the laundry cannot be opened because it’s lack of machines. He promises to give Gu Xixi’s mom some machines so that she can continue to open the laundry. It makes Madam Gu happy.

Once We Get Married: Episode 12 Recap

Once We Get Married

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Once We Get Married: Episode 12.

Fei Ang tells Yin Sichen that Gu Xixi cannot open her store if she becomes the manager. But Yin Sichen doesn’t want to fool Gu Xixi again. He begins to cough. Gu Xixi visits Yin Sichen. She notes that he’s coughing. She intends to go to buy him medicine. But he keeps her from grabbing her hand.

Gu Xixi shows the birthday cake to Yin Sichen. She tells him that she knew it’s his birthday. She reveals the boy gave the cake to her after she sang a song for him. Yin Sichen places the cake on the table. He asks Gu Xixi for singing the birthday song for him.

Yin Sichen makes a wish that he and Gu Xixi stay together forever. But he doesn’t tell the wish to her. He tries to feed her the cake, and catches the chance to kiss her when she has feelings for him. She’s startled to run away. Gu Xixi gives the bag she bought from Milan to Lin Xiaoya. It makes Lin Xiaoya happy.

Lin Xiaoya takes a look at the photos of Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen. She notes that the two have feelings for each other. President Shang brings the noodles and the steaks to Mu Ruona. She thinks he’s good at cooking, asking him who he cooked for. He reveals he only cooked for Yin Sichen.

Mu Ruona wants to talk about ex-girlfriends. It makes President Shang upset. He explains that he made some mistakes when he was young. She tells him not to cover his ex-girlfriends. He confesses that he has 15 ex-girlfriends. She’s furious to stab the knife to the table.

President Shang asks Mu Ruona how many ex-boyfriends she has when she’s cutting the steak. She tells him that she only has one ex-boyfriend. Gu Xixi tells Yin Sichen that she’s going to open a store on her own. She says that she wants to work hard for her dream. He learns that the dream is very important to her.

Gu Xixi visits Madam Gu and brings a gift to her. Madam Gu laughs because she notes that her daughter found her happiness. Gu Xixi notes that the machine is changed. Madam Gu reveals the machine was given by Mo Zixin. She tells Gu Xixi to give the snacks to Mo Zixin.

Gu Xixi waits for Mo Zixin. She gives the snacks to him. He invites her to have meal with him. But Yin Sichen shows up. He takes Gu Xixi home. Yin Sichen asks Gu Xixi to cook the blue rice balls for him after knowing that Mo Zixin got the snacks from Madam Gu.

Gu Xixi brings the blue rice balls to Yin Sichen. But he doesn’t like to eat it after he tasted it. He asks her if she would have meal with Mo Zixin if he didn’t come. She says that she would do that because she likes to eat the blue rice balls.

Alex calls Yin Sichen. He asks him if Gu Xixi agreed to be the manager of his company. Yin Sichen tells Alex that his wife still doesn’t make the decision.

Once We Get Married stars Wang Ziqi, Wang Yuwen and Zhong Lili.

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