Once We Get Married: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Once We Get Married: Episode 4. Yin Sichen asks Gu Xixi to get married with him. She thinks he’s insane, trying to leave. But he keeps her, and tells her that they will get a divorce after three months.

Once We Get Married: Episode 4 Recap

Once We Get Married

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Once We Get Married: Episode 4.

Gu Xixi thinks nobody can save Yin Sichen. She’s furious to walk away. The secretary tells President Shang that Mark will take part in the gathering of the company. It makes him get angry. Gu Xixi receives the package. The girl calls Gu Xixi, telling her that she needs to compensate if she cannot pay the bill within three days.

Gu Xixi learns that she needs to pay 100,000 yuan in three days. Lin Xiaoya suggest Gu Xixi to tell Alex the truth. But Gu Xixi rejects it and begins to borrow money from her friend. But she gets rejected. She doesn’t dare to pick up the phone because she worries that it’s from Alex.

Lin Xiaoya mentions the senior Mo Zixin. Gu Xixi remembers he bought her grandma the present. So she calls him. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. Mo Zixin goes to the mountain to see Mr. Hu, asking him for making the pigment. President Shang waits for Mu Ruona. He tries to make an excuse.

Mu Ruona spots President Shang. She walks to him, asking him why he’s there. He explains that he came to drink the milk. She asks him if he didn’t get along well with his junior. She tries to leave. But he keeps her and tells her that he wants to give her a ride. She tells him that she wants to take a walk. So he walks her.

President Shang tells Mu Ruona to leave him because he thinks he’s not a good boss. She rejects it and mentions he’s trying to work hard. He’s moved to hug her. Ran Xiwei visits Gu Xixi. She tells her to stay away from Yin Sichen. She adds that Yin Sichen is her life.

Yin Sichen tells Gu Xixi to sign the three contracts with him. He tells her that she will lose all of her properties if she doesn’t do so. She agrees to sign the contracts. But she asks him not to have feelings for her. He promises it so that she signs the contracts. But she’s told that she didn’t have to compensate. She realizes that she got fooled.

Gu Xixi tells her families about her marriage. They are against it until Fei Ang brings the expensive presents to them. Mom stares at Gu Xixi. She worries about her daughter. Yin Sichen tells his father about his marriage. President Yin is against it because he worries that his wife won’t agree to it. Yin Sichen tells President Yin to accompany his mom to take a holiday.

Mo Zixin gets the pigment from Mr. Hu. He thinks Gu Xixi will be happy if she sees the pigment. Gu Xixi takes a look at the wedding dress. She praises Alex for his skill. Yin Sichen shows up. He tells Gu Xixi that the wedding dress was paid by her. She learns that he tricked her. She wants to ask Alex about it. But Yin Sichen reminds Gu Xixi that she needs to pay the wedding dress because it will be worn by her.

Gu Xixi is furious to leave the room with the wedding dress. Lin Xiaoya introduces herself to Fei Ang. She tries to shake hands with him.

Once We Get Married stars Wang Ziqi, Wang Yuwen and Zhong Lili.

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