“One and Only” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

One and Only” is a new Chinese historical drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a girl Cui Shiyi and the Little South Prince Zhou Shengchen’s love.

One and Only is adapted from Mobao Feibao’s Chinese novelChangan Is Always There“.

One and Only (2021 Chinese Drama)

One and Only


Cui Shiyi walks at the prince palace when the maid holds the umbrella for her. The maid Cheng Xi tells Cui Shiyi to smile when she sees the eunuch. The eunuch bows to Cui Shiyi and wishes her to get married. She wonders why there’s no good news when she walks.

Cui Shiyi cannot sleep. She climbs to the rooftop with the ladder. She sits on the rooftop to enjoy the night scene. Zhou Shengchen shows up and recites the poem to her. He asks her if it’s the West State in her eyes. She smiles to pay her respect to him.

Zhou Shengchen tells Cui Shiyi that he came to give the good news to her. He says that he heard she hasn’t slept for ten years for it. She smiles to accept the report, and congratulates him on his victory.

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The old maid combs Cui Shiyi’s hair. She tells her to give some money to the person who comes from palace. Cui Shiyi promises it. She goes to see her father but he doesn’t come back. Madam Cui reminds Cui Shiyi that it’s time to attend the banquet.

Cui Guang tells Madam Cui to let Qi Lang leave Cui family. She rejects it because her husband is sick. Cui Guang points out that Madam Cui and Cui Shiyi have gotten involved if Emperor didn’t care for him. Madam Cui thinks Qi Lang didn’t do anything wrong.

Cui Guang throws a fit to Cui Sanniang. He reminds her that the one she should protect is Cui clan. Qi Lang puts his hand on Cui Shiyi’s hand. He feels sorry to her. She wakes up and grabs his hand. She asks him to help her sleep if he actually feels sorry.

Qi Lang reminds Cui Shiyi that he’s sick. He begins to coughs. She slaps his back and apologizes to him. She tells him to go to sleep, and mentions her uncle promised to take her to hunt.


Ren Jialun as Zhou Shengchen

He’s the Little South Prince. He owns a large army and protects the nation. But emperor and queen worries that he will rebel. So he swears not to get married and give birth. But he changes his mind after he falls for Cui Shiyi.

Bai Lu as Cui Shiyi

She’s the daughter prime minister. She’s destined to marry crown prince. She conceals her feelings after she found out that she likes Zhou Shengchen.

Wang Xingyue as Liu Zixing

He’s the crown prince. But he’s just a tool of queen and emperor. He thinks Cui Shiyi will get married with him after he gets the throne. But he finds out that she has feelings for Zhou Shengchen.

Episode 1

Cui Shiyi asks Qi Lang to go to hunt with them. But he tells her to sleep and walks out of the house. Cui Sanniang waits for him and tells him to hide in the place she found for him. But he rejects it and tells her that he doesn’t feel regret because she was his wife.

Cui Sanniang is moved to grab Qi Lang’s hands. He tells her to protect herself, and tries to leave. She stops him. He tells her that he doesn’t want to see her again. He walks away with the bodyguards. She sheds tears when she sees him off.

Cui Shiyi is excited to walk out of her room, and wants to go to see her father. But she finds out that Qi Lang is missing. She asks Cui Sanniang about her dad. Cui Guang tells Cui Shiyi that Qi Lang gave up her. He comforts her that she’s still the daughter of Cui family. He asks her not to mention her father. Cui Shiyi passes out.

The doctor treats Cui Shiyi with the silver needle. Cui Sanniang wonders why her daughter cannot speak since she has accepted the treatment for half a year. The doctor feels sorry. Zhao Teng visits Cui Guang and gives the letter of Consort Qi to him.

Cui Guang goes to the palace to see Consort Qi. She cries to tell him that emperor passed away. He thinks the crown prince should become emperor. But Qian Bin is against it because he thinks he doesn’t tell it to Empress. Liu Yuan agrees to what Cui Guang said. He puts his sword on Qian Bin’s neck.

Empress tries to get into the palace. But she’s stopped by the bodyguards. Empress blames Qi Zhenzhen for getting his son to be emperor.

Qi Zhenzhen meets with Cui Guang. She worries that Cui Shengchen will be back. Cui Guang tells Qi Zhenzhen to face the matter. Cui Shengchen returns to the barrack with his troops. Xie Chong congratulates Zhou Shengchen on his victory.

Zhou Shengchen wonders why the room is so dark. Xie Chong hands over the letter to Zhou Shengchen. Hong Xiaoyu and Zhou Tianxing intend to go to see Zhou Shengchen after they prepared the banquet. But they’re stopped by Xie Chong.

Zhou Shengchen cries when he takes the letter. He wears the white cloth around his forehead. He walks out of his tent. He tells the bad news to his followers, and gets on knees to the previous emperor.

Xie Chong learns that Zhou Shengchen wants to go to see his brother. He reminds him that he promised not to get into palace all his life. She tells him that people will think he wants to rebel. But Zhou Shengchen has made the decision. He hands over the badge to Xie Chong, and tells him to protect the people for him.

Zhou Shengchen walks out of the tent. He tells Hong Xiaoyu to arrange 3,000 cavalries and go to Central State with him. But she asks him for thinking about it. Xie Chong shows up. He tells people that he agreed to what Zhou Shengchen said that 3,000 cavalries are enough.

Xie Chong tells Zhou Shengchen that he wants to go with him. Because he promised to die with him. He returns the badge to him.

Zhou Shengchen arrives at the city gate with his followers. The bodyguard scolds Zhou Shengchen for not getting off the horse. He pays his respect to him after knowing he’s Little South Prince. Zhou Shengchen gets the bodyguard to hand over his badge to Qi Zhenzhen.

Qi Zhenzhen doesn’t know what to do after she knew that Zhou Shengchen is waiting for her outside the city. Cui Guang tells her to force Zhou Shengchen to get into the city. He adds that Zhou Shengchen will be a rebel if he refuses to get into the city.

Zhao Teng gets on knees to Zhou Shengchen, and begs him to break the promise for Emperor. But Hong Xiaoyu worries that Zhou Shengchen will get attack after he gets into the palace. But Zhou Shengchen takes over the sword and follows Zhao Teng. He remembers he promised not to step in Central State.

Zhou Shengchen gives his sword to Zhao Teng after he arrived at Tai Chi Palace. He pays his respect to Emperor. He tells Qi Zhenzhen that he knows she heard the rumor that he wants to rebel. She walks to him and tries to pay her respect to him. But he stops her because she’s the queen now.

Qi Zhenzhen asks Zhou Shengchen for staying in Central State to help Emperor. But he rejects it and promises not to have sons. He thinks everyone will be happy. The ministers praise Zhou Shengchen. Cui Guang asks Zhou Shengchen for accepting Cui Shiyi as his disciple. Zhou Shengchen agrees to it.

Episode 2

Zhou Shengchen walks out of the palace. Emperor stops Zhou Shengchen and thanks him for defending the frontier for his father. He sighs after knowing he doesn’t want to stay in the palace.

Emperor spots Zhou Shengchen. He asks him for holding the funeral. Zhou Shengchen rejects it because he thinks he’s an outsider. Emperor gets Zhao Teng to give the imperial weapons to Zhou Shengchen. But Zhou Shengchen refuses the weapons and walks away.

Qi Zhenzhen brings the imperial edict of crown princess to Cui Guang. The ministers tell Cui Guang to accept the edict. But Cui Guang thinks the edict is wrong because the crown prince became emperor. He points out that Emperor doesn’t have any crown prince because he’s just six years old.

The crown prince Liu Zixing shows up. The minister introduces Liu Zixing to Cui Guang. He asks him if he’s satisfied with the new crown prince. Cui Guang accepts the imperial edict.

Cui Feng gets into the carriage to see Cui Shiyi. He tells her that he knows she doesn’t want to leave family so that he decides to join the army to accompany her. She smiles. Zhou Tianxing picks Cui Feng up. He tells him to go to the prince palace. But Cui Feng is against it because Cui Guang asked them to go the the hotel.

Zhou Tianxing tells Cui Feng that Zhou Shengchen will review prince troops in the morning. Cui Feng tells Zhou Tianxing that he wants to take a look at Zhou Shengchen from the gate tower with his younger sister. Zhou Tianxing gives his badge to Cui Feng.

Cui Feng tells Cui Shiyi not to fall asleep because he’s going to take her to see her master. She wakes up after hearing the whistle. She walks out of the room and joins Cui Feng. The guard takes Cui Feng and Cui Shiyi to the gate tower after Cui Feng showed the badge to him. Zhou Shengchen walks to the stage. He begins to play the drum. Cui Shiyi is shocked by the scene.

Cui Feng and Cui Shiyi try to leave. But Hong Xiaoyu stops them and asks them who they are. Cui Feng smiles at Hong Xiaoyu. She has feelings for him. Zhou Shengchen shows up. He takes away Hong Xiaoyu.

Zhou Shengcheng asks Zhou Tianxing if what he encountered under the gate tower was Cui families. Zhou Tianxing reveals he gave his badge to Cui Feng because he wanted to see Zhou Shengchen reviewing troops. Hong Xiaoyu beats Zhou Tianxing and thinks he almost brought a trouble.

Feng Xiao is preparing the banquet. She tells the servant to smile. She tells him to leave because she thinks his smiling wasn’t good. Xie Yun tells Feng Xiao not to force the servant to do so when she doesn’t want to do that. But she doesn’t understand what he said.

Cui Sanniang tells Cui Shiyi that Cui Shou will stay to protect her. She asks her not to ruin the reputation of Cui family after giving her the jade pendant. Zhou Shengchen lets Cui families get into his palace. Cui Shiyi pays her respect to Zhou Shengchen. He wants to call her “eleven” because she’s his eleventh disciple.

Cui Shiyi is surprised that Zhou Shengchen didn’t call himself prince. He tells her not to care for the rules, and introduces Hong Xiaoyu to her. Zhao Teng shows up and brings the gifts of Emperor to Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen wants to reject the gifts. Zhao Teng tells Zhou Shengchen that it’s Emperor’s order. He adds that the gifts are for Zhou Shengcheng and Cui Shiyi.

Cui Sanniang is going to leave. Cui Shiyi is in tears. She hugs her mom. Cui Sanniang sheds tears as well. She tells Cui Shiyi to get used to it. Cui Feng tells Cui Shiyi that he cannot accompany her because he needs to leave with Hong Xiaoyu. Cui Shiyi claims that she can stay in the room alone. Hong Xiaoyu tells Cui Shiyi to visit the library if she likes reading.

The maid gets on knees to Zhou Shengchen. She tells him that Cui Shiyi is missing. She worries that it will damage Cui Shiyi’s reputation if people know it. Zhou Shengchen comforts the maid that Cui Shiyi will be fine because it’s prince palace. He decides to go to look for Cui Shiyi.

Zhou Shengchen finds Cui Shiyi in the library. He learns that she misses her family. He tells her that the prince palace is her family. He gives her the key of the library to her, and tells her to treat it as a gift of her master.

Zhou Shengchen learns that Cui Sanniang taught many rules to Cui Shiyi. He tells the girl to forget the rules. He doesn’t know how to teach Cui Shiyi because she’s actually the first disciple of him. He asks Xie Chong to teach him because he was the teacher of princes. But Xie Chong tells Zhou Shengchen that he didn’t teach the girls of noble.

The maid mentions what Cui Guang said that everything is fine except martial arts. Xie Yun thinks Cui Shiyi just asks for the title of disciple. Zhou Shengchen tells Hong Xiaoyu to prepare zither in the study. She’s surprised that he’s good at playing zither.

Xie Chong tells Cui Shiyi to choose the zither. She chooses the zither “Long Wind” which Zhou Shengchen used before.

Episode 3

The prince laughs to walk into the room after he heard the music. He thinks Zhou Shengchen conceals a big beauty. He sees Cui Shiyi. Pingqin Prince asks Cui Shiyi who she is. She pays her respect to him. He makes her as the little princess of Zhou Shengchen. She tries to deny it. He tells her that he can understand her feelings because he knows that Zhou Shengchen cannot get married with her.

Episode 4

Zhou Shengchen wakes up and finds out Cui Shiyi sleeps next to him. Xing Hua brings the pastries to Liu Zixing. She gets him to eat one of the pastries. Xie Yun reports to Zhou Shengchen that he got two places for the monks and refugees. He thinks Cui Shiyi is like a beauty after seeing her.

Feng Qiao mentions she didn’t allow Cui Shiyi to come to the military camp. Cui Shiyi drags Zhou Shengchen’s sleeve. He asks her if she wants him to explain it. Xie Yun blames Zhou Shengchen for making Cui Shiyi feel embarrassed. Zhou Shengchen asks Cui Shiyi if she wants to go to Jianan temple with him.

Episode 5

Hong Xiaoyu wonders why Zhou Shengchen doesn’t take Cui Shiyi to listen to the music. He tells her that he’s punishing Cui Shiyi because she turned over the tea. Hong Xiaoyu leaves. Zhou Shengchen tells Cui Shiyi that he wants her to know the hard time of people.

It flashes back. Feng Qiao takes Cui Shiyi to take the tea. But Cui Shiyi points out what Feng Qiao takes isn’t tea. Feng Qiao laughs and asks Cui Shiyi when she learned Jiduo language. Cui Shiyi reveals she learned it from the monks when she blessed them.

Episode 6

Zhou Shengchen tells Feng Qiao that the monk martial art is better than her. Feng Qiao wants to challenge the monk. He accepts the challenge after Zhou Shengchen told him that he doesn’t have any business. Feng Qiao gets defeated. Xie Yun mocks her. She gets angry.

The monk wants to challenge Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen agrees to it because he thinks they’re not enemies anymore. He defeats the monk. Zhou Tianxing reports to Zhou Shengchen that he found a good place. Zhou Shengchen leaves with Zhou Tianxing. Cui Feng asks Cui Shiyi to go with them.

Episode 7

Feng Qiao arrives at the city gate. The guard stops her and asks her where she came from. She tells him not to ask such a stupid question, and shows off the imperial edict. He lets her in. Liu Zixing visits Zhao Teng. He tells him that the guard didn’t allow him to bring the snack to him.

Zhao Teng promises to punish the guard for Liu Zixing. He tells him that he cannot keep his position because Emperor is going to have his kids. He comforts him that he will try his best to get Cui Shiyi to marry him.

Episode 8

Zhou Shengchen feeds Liu Yuan the wine. He asks him if he has any wish he wants to achieve. Liu Yuan tells Zhou Shengchen that he doesn’t have any regret. He laughs. Liu Yuan worries about his son. Zhou Shengchen promises to help Liu Yuan’s son stay away from the palace.

Zhou Shengchen tells Cui Shiyi that Liu Yuan protected him before. She learns that the reason why the two buried the wine together. She asks him if he buried wines with women before. He’s confused. She calls his name.

Episode 9

Emperor gives the title “Phoenix Prince” to the monk. The monk accepts the imperial edict after Zhou Shengchen persuaded him. Zhou Shengchen tells Emperor that he doesn’t want to see him again. He wishes him to be a good emperor.

Emperor asks Xie Chong to support him like he did to the previous emperor. Cui Shiyi brings the tea to Zhou Shengchen. He tells her that he doesn’t want Xie Chong to leave him. Xie Chong shows up. He tells Zhou Shengchen that he wants to stay in the palace. Because he thinks he can live alone now.

Episode 10

Cui Sanniang misses her husband. Cui Shiyi reminds Cui Sanniang that it snows. She leans her head on her shoulder. Phoenix Prince plays chess with Zhou Shengchen. He wonders why he has the time to play chess with him. Feng Qiao reveals Cui Shiyi is going to come back.

Cui Feng tells Cui Shiyi that he cannot escort her because of the matter of Nanxiao Kingdom. She notes that he has a bad mood when he walks away. The maid reveals the princess forced Cui Feng to get married with her two sisters. Because the princess doesn’t want to give birth.

Episode 11

Yang Shao kidnaps Feng Qiao and tells the bodyguards not to move. Yang Shao asks for Liu Changshan. Cui Shiyi tells Yang Shao that she wouldn’t help him if she knew he’s a bad person. He pushes Feng Qiao away and kidnaps Cui Shiyi. He tells Liu Changshan to drive the carriage after Liu Changshan was released.

Yang Shao tells Zhou Shengchen to follow him. He promises to release Cui Shiyi after he arrived in Nanxiao Kingdom. Zhou Shengchen tells Yang Shao that he will kill him if he hurts Cui Shiyi.

Episode 12

Zhou Shengchen massages Cui Shiyi’s shoulder. She asks him if she said something wrong to Ms. Huang. He takes her to see Ms. Huang. Huang Yu tells the two that his wife Ms. Huang passed away in the desert. He says that his wife told him that she will stay with him forever.

Cui Shiyi thinks the promise Ms. Huang made become the faith of Huang Yu. She says that the promise is very important to family. Zhou Shengchen promises to tell Cui Shiyi the place he dies. The disciple reports to Huang Yu that he has two guests. Huang Yu tells the disciple to put down the curtain because he doesn’t know who they are.

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