The Penthouse Season 3: Episode 12 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama The Penthouse Season 3: Episode 12. Seo-Jin mistakes Ro-Na as her daughter and tries to take her away. Yoon-Cheol stops Seo-Jin and pushes her away. She takes the lamp to attack him. He’s hurt. Ro-Na wants to take care of Yoon-Cheol. But she’s dragged by Seo-Jin.

The Penthouse Season 3: Episode 12 Recap

The Penthouse Season 3

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama The Penthouse Season 3: Episode 12.

Seo-Jin falls from the stairs after Ro-Na let her hand go. Seo-Jin has to catch the ceiling lamp. She falls to the floor. The ceiling lamp hits her belly. She vomits blood. Ma-Ri shows up and finds out that Yoon-Cheol was hurt. She tries to call the hospital, but sees Seo-Jin.

Su-Ryeon arrives at the police station. She hears Seok-Kyung tells the police that she’s a sinner. Seok-Kyung spots Su-Ryeon and her brother. She scolds the police for informing the two. She tells him that she’s not related to them.

Su-Ryeon tells the Police Officer that Seok-Kyung is her daughter. She wants to know what Seok-Kyung did. He tells her that her daughter helped Dan-Tae go to Japan. He asks Seok-Kyung where she hide Dan-Tae. But she rejects to tell him about it. Su-Ryeon feels sad when she sees her daughter having a fight with Police Officer.

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Su-Ryeon gives the paper to the Police Officer. She tells him that she believes Dan-Tae hides there. Seok-Hoon follows Seok-Kyung and tells her not to act like a kid. She talks back that she will take the duty. Su-Ryeon asks Seok-Kyung why she knew the place.

Seok-Kyung tells Su-Ryeon that she tailed her and went to Japan to see Dan-Tae. She says that she felt happy after seeing Dan-Tae. Su-Ryeon tells Seok-Kyung that she worried about her. She intends to buy her a meal. Seok-Kyung sheds tears after she heard what Su-Ryeon said.

Su-Ryeon hands over the spoon to Seok-Kyung. She tells her to gain power if she wants to take revenge. Seok-Kyung agrees to it. She begins to eat. Su-Ryeon tells Seok-Kyung that she didn’t made any mistake. Seok-Kyung mentions what she did. She thinks she’s qualified to be Su-Ryeon’s kid.

Su-Ryeon tells Seok-Kyung to face the troubles. It makes Seok-Kyung cry. She’s moved to hug Su-Ryeon. Ma-Ri calls Seok-Hoon and tells him what happened on Seo-Jin and Yoon-Cheol. Su-Ryeon arrives at the hospital. Ma-Ri tells her that Seo-Jin hurt Yoon-Cheol.

Eun-Byeol arrives at the hospital. She wants to see her mother. Seok-Kyung stops Eun-Byeol and mentions her mom mistook Ro-Na as her. She thinks something happened in Seo-Jin’s brain. Eun-Byeol is furious to push Seok-Kyung away.

Su-Ryeon thinks Seo-Jin pretends to be in a coma. She tries to wake her up. Eun-Byeol stops Su-Ryeon. Su-Ryeon pours water to Seo-Jin’s face. Seo-Jin wakes up. Su-Ryeon tells Seo-Jin not to act like that to avoid the punishment.

Eun-Byeol yells at Su-Ryeon and tells her that she wants to protect her mom. She gets Secretary Do to take Su-Ryeon away. Su-Ryeon tells Seo-Jin that she will ruin her before she leaves.

Eun-Byeol tries to talk with Seo-Jin. But Seo-Jin doesn’t recognize Eun-Byeol. Eun-Byeol hugs Seo-Jin and cries. The loan sharks show up. Su-Ryeon has an eye contact with the chief of the loan sharks. She smiles after hearing the cry of Eun-Byeol.

Ro-Na cries to tell Su-Ryeon that Yoon-Cheol was hurt when he tried to protect her. She worries that Yoon-Cheol will be dead like her mom. Su-Ryeon comforts Ro-Na that the man will be fine. Eun-Byeol tells the thug that she will get the police to arrest them. He pours the soup to her face.

Secretary Do stops the thug and tells him not to bully the poor girl. But the thug beats Secretary Do and asks him about Dan-Tae’s whereabouts. The fat thug tries to touch Eun-Byeol. But Seo-Jin bites his ear. Eun-Byeol catches the chance to kick the thugs out.

Dan-Tae is taken to get the treatment. His face is scalded by the hot water when he tries to flee. He falls from the stairs. He gets caught by the doctors. They take him to the room. Dan-Tae kills the two doctor. He wears one of the doctor’s clothes, and leaves the hospital.

Ma-Ri and Je-Ni take care of Ro-Na. Seok-Kyung shows up and tries to give the medicine to Ro-Na. But the two women don’t welcome Seok-Kyung at all. Je-Ni takes off Seok-Kyung’s medicine and tells her that she still doesn’t forgive her. She tells her to leave.

Seok-Kyung tries to leave. Ro-Na stops Seok-Kyung and tells her to apologize to her even if she won’t accept it. Seok-Kyung remembers the bag things she did to Ro-Na. She tears up and gets on knees to Ro-Na when Ma-Ri and Je-Ni tries to take Ro-Na to go to see Yoon-Cheol. But Ma-Ri tells Ro-Na to ignore Seok-Kyung.

The follower reports to Su-Ryeon that Dan-Tae fled from the hospital. Logan Lee gets angry after hearing the bad news. He wonders who will help the bad person. Dan-Tae calls Seok-Hoon and tells him that he didn’t kill Yoon-Hee. He asks him for helping him get back to Korea. Seok-Hoon agrees to it and tells Dan-Tae to go the the dock.

Dan-Tae doesn’t know what he says is heard by Su-Ryeon. Because she’s staying with Seok-Hoon. Su-Ryeon doesn’t want Seok-Hoon to step in the case because Dan-Tae is his father. But Seok-Hoon wants to ruin Dan-Tae on his own.

Seok-Hoon waits for Dan-Tae at the dock. He takes over the box from the sailor. But he doesn’t find Dan-Tae in the box. Seok-Hoon informs it to Su-Ryeon. Logan Lee gets his followers to search Dan-Tae. But they don’t find him. Su-Ryeon realizes that Dan-Tae knew their plan.

Dan-Tae swims to the dock and spots the followers of Logan Lee. He thinks he made a right choice not to trust his son. The follower reports to Logan Lee that Dan-Tae fled. Logan Lee thinks it will be very difficult to find Dan-Tae. Seok-Hoon thinks his father will be back to Hera Place in the end. Su-Ryeon decides to force Dan-Tae to show up.

Dan-Tae is eating noodles in the room. He sees his face in the TV. It makes him nervous. He opens the door when the hotel owner knocks at the door. He pushes her over and runs away after the woman recognized him. The woman reports it to the police.

Dan-Tae walks around the street. He spots the boy who asks for foods. He remembers people took his money away when he needed their help. The police officer recognizes Dan-Tae and tries to catch him. Dan-Tae flees and ruins his face with the glass. Because he doesn’t want to be a beggar.

Ro-Na tries to wake Yoon-Cheol up. But she fails. She calls him father when she grabs his hand. She leans her head on his body. It makes him shed tears. She sheds tears as well. Sang-A and Kyu-Jin feel regret for getting married with each other when they stay in the jail.

Ma-Ri shows up. Kyu-Jin mistakes that she came to save them. She denies and reads the letter Min-Hyeok wrote to his parents. Sang-A has a fight with Kyu-Jin after knowing he sold their house to Su-Ryeon. Ma-Ri catches the chance to leave.

Su-Ryeon gives the ticket to Ro-Na and tells her to study abroad. But Ro-Na worries Yoon-Cheol. She asks Su-Ryeon to take care of the man. Su-Ryeon hugs Ro-Na to comfort her. Seok-Kyung spots it. Su-Ryeon thinks Dan-Tae will come to her wedding. Logan Lee worries that Dan-Tae will hurt Su-Ryeon. Su-Ryeon comforts Logan Lee that she will be fine.

Dan-Tae shows up when Secretary Jo is taking care of his mom. Secretary Jo takes a look at the door of the bathroom.

The Penthouse stars Eugene, Kim So-Yeon and Lee Ji-Ah.

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