Our Beloved Summer: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 2. Choi Ung tells Yeon-Su that he will accompany her to study if he cannot get into the university. She realizes that he likes her and wants to confirm it. But he doesn’t answer her question and tells her to sweep the floor. She beats him with the broom.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 2 Recap

Our Beloved Summer

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 2.

Choi Ung walks into the classroom and gets a call from Yeon-Su. He’s startled to stand up after knowing she’s going to go on a blind date. He asks her out. She points out that they just had a date. She wants to confirm his feelings again. But he hangs up.

Yeon-Su is sick to lie in the bed. Choi Ung takes care of her. She worries that she won’t get better. He scolds her and puts his hand on her forehead. He leaves after finding out that she’s fine. She lies on her knees when he reads the book on the campus. She gets up and asks him what he will do if she leaves the city for the job.

Choi Ung tells Yeon-Su that he will accompany her no matter what she does. So she asks him if he has feelings for her. But he’s silent. She’s furious to throw the book to his head. She takes her shoes to run away. He chases her. Yeon-Su stays in the cafe with Choi Ung when he’s drawing. It snows outside.

Yeon-Su asks Choi Ung what he will do if she dumps him. He tells her that he won’t see her again. He adds that he will spray water to her. He stares at her. It startles her. Choi Ung walks out of his house and sprays water to her. She wipes off the water and asks about the salt.

Choi Ung meets with Yeon-Su in his house. He thinks she won’t come to see him without a business. She takes out the contract and tells him that she knows that he’s the artist Ko-o she looks for. He denies it. She takes out her phone and shows the evidence to him.

Yeon-Su tells Choi Ung that she come to see Ko-o instead of him. She asks him for promoting their shop. He rejects it no matter what she says. He tells her that he doesn’t to work with her. He blames her for not visiting him in the past five years.

Eun-Ho shows up and recognizes Yeon-Su. He mistakes that it’s a dream until Choi Ung gets him to open the door. He sees NJ. He is startled to return to the house. Choi Ung goes to open the door and finds out that the person is NJ. She greets him and walks into the house.

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NJ sees Yeon-Su and mistakes her as Choi Ung’s employee. He doesn’t explain it. Yeon-Su is furious to walk out of the house. She tries to kick the door. But he walks out of the house and casts the salt to her. NJ takes a look at Choi Ung’s drawing. She asks him for drawing the building she owns for her. He agrees to it after Eun-Ho stepped his foot.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 2 Ending

Do-Yul tries to get off the elevator with Yeon-Su. But Eun-Ho recognizes Yeon-Su when he gets in the elevator with Choi Ung. Choi Ung avoids Yeon-Su’s eyes when she stares at him. Eun-Ho joins Yeon-Su and mentions she wanted Choi Ung to work with her.

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Yeon-Su tells Eun-Ho to leave with Choi Ung. She tells the two that Do-Yul is her boss. Do-Yul is warm to Eun-Ho. Eun-Ho thinks Do-Yul is a good person. He’s taken away by Choi Ung. Yeon-Su is surprised that Do-Yul was nice to her friends. She walks away with him.

Eun-Ho sees Yeon-Su and Do-Yul off. He thinks Do-Yul is match for Yeon-Su. But Choi Ung beats Eun-Ho and blames him for telling his identity to someone else. Mi-Yeon just wore the dress for NJ. But NJ gets Mi-Yeon to unzip her dress after she found out that Choi Ung ignored her text.

Yeon-Su tells Do-Yul that she doesn’t want to invite Ko-o to promote their shop. She wants to get someone to replace the artist. But he tells her that she confessed to him that Ko-o is her ex-boyfriend when she was drunk. He tells her not to let her personal feelings affect her work. He walks away.

Yeon-Su doesn’t know what to do. The elevator opens. She sees Choi Ung. He walks aside and lets her get in the elevator. The elevator stops. He’s startled. She informs the work to repair the elevator. She thinks Choi Ung was so childish to spray water to her. She tells him that she wouldn’t break up with him if he did a good job.

The elevator opens. Choi Ung gets off the elevator and returns home. NJ greets him from her car. She asks him about his phone. He takes out his phone from the pocket. She learns that he didn’t lose his phone. So she asks him why he didn’t reply her. He tells her that he didn’t know how to reply her.

NJ tells Choi Ung that she came to see him because he didn’t reply her. She leaves. Ji-Ung watches the documentary of Choi Ung and Yeon-Su. He tells Dong-Il that he wants to film it. Choi Ung is drawing. He stops the work and takes a look at the plant.

Yeon-Su washes dishes and walks into the room to take a look at someone. She turns off the light. She has a seat and begins to drink beer. Ji-Ung watches the footage that Choi Ung flees when Yeon-Su sprays water to him. Choi Ung is told that he needs to do the documentary with Yeon-Su. He’s against it. But he’s happy to introduce himself when Yeon-Su is upset to sit with him on the couch.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 2 stars Choi Woo-Sik, Kim Da-Mi, Kim Sung-Cheol and Roh Jeong-Eui.

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