“The Dance of the Storm” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

The Dance of the Storm” is a new Chinese action drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a detective Li Junjie who leaves his girlfriend Zhou Zixuan because the killer Jia Lai threatened to kill the woman he loves. But he comes back after knowing Jia Lai appeared again.

Gulnezer Bextiyar and Chen Weiting are the lead actors.

Gulnezer Bextiyar starred Chinese historical drama “Twelve Legends” in 2021. She played the role Ye Ming. She also starred “Weaving a Tale of Love” in same year. She played the role Kudi Liuli who wants to take revenge after her mom was wronged and got killed.

Wang Hedi starred Chinese action dramaAge of Legends” in 2018. He played the role Liu Ziguang. He also starred “Only Side by Side with You” in same year.

The Dance of the Storm (2021)

The Dance of the Storm


Title: The Dance of the Storm

Director: Liu Xing

Writer: An Zhiyong

Network: Tengxu Video, Youku, Aiqiyi

Runtime: From Apr. 25

Episodes: 43

Language: Chinese


Li Junjie has a nightmare that he’s stabbed by someone when he tries to make a proposal to Zhou Zixuan. He wakes up from the nightmare, and gets a message from someone. He learns that Jia Lai will come to Ba City. He arrives in Ba City. The detective of Moshi spots him. He reports it to Shi Yunhao.

Shi Yunhao doesn’t believe that Li Junjie will work for Jia Lai because Jia Lai killed his master. Zhou Zixuan goes to catch Jia Lai. But she encounters Li Junjie. She gives him a slap when he tries to hold her hand. She tells him that he needs to get Mu Chuan’s permission if he wants to get back to Mo Shi.


Chen Weiting as Li Junjie

He’s the previous detective of Moshi. He worries that his girlfriend Zhou Zixuan will be hurt. So he leaves Ba City. He keeps looking for the killer Jia Lai who killed his master. He wants to take revenge. Someone texts him that Jia Lai is back. He returns to Bai City, and wants to kill Jia Lai.

Gulnezer Bextiyar as Zhou Zixuan

She’s the detective of Moshi. She mistakes Li Junjie abandoned her. She beats him when she encounters him again. She learns that he left her for protecting her. She’s moved and wants to accept his love. She risks her life to dress up to be the killer mandala to join the Heaven Scorpion after knowing the chief of Heaven Scorpion Ruan Taiyuan kidnapped her lover.

Song Yanfei as Chen Jingwen

She’s a girl who is good at playing laptop. Li Junjie asks her to find the agents in Moshi.

Guo Jiahao as Shi Yunhao

He’s the friends of Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan. He likes Zhou Zixuan. It makes him shoot Li Junjie after Li Junjie was wronged to kill Ma Qiming.

Ren Dahuai as Mu Chuan

He’s the chief of Moshi. But he colludes with Yuan Taiyuan. He wants to kill Li Junjie because he worries that he will ruin his plan.

Jiang Wenli as Ruan Taiyuan

She’s a evil woman. She kills Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan’s parents.

Chen Chuhan as Jia Lai

He’s the follow of Ruan Taiyuan. He kills Li Junjie’s master.

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