Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 13-14

In the 13-14th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Imperial Concubine Jia instigates prince Hong Xiao to frame Wei Yingluo, but she is deprived to raise her son after emperor knew it. Wei Yingluo still feels wronged since Hong Xiao didn’t get punished.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 13

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 13-14.

Wei Yingluo takes the dog fur to complete the task, but Fu Heng finds out she changed the dog accoring the color of the fur. He thinks she is a nice person when takes the dog to play. But he didn’t expect she made him to see her saving. Madam Liu tells her she must savage until the end if she wants to be a savage person.

Imperial Concubine Gao wants to deal with Imperial Concubine Xian after knowing her family bribed to prince. She tells Imperial Concubine Jia to come up with an idea to punish Wei Yingluo. Imperial Concubine Xian tells maids that she can save her brother with the money. But emperor breaks into with temper, and tells her her father take the money he gave her to bribed Prince Yi Qin. But she doesn’t believe it, so he allows her to see her father in the prison.

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Imperial Concubine Xian’s faith is ruined when her father admits his sin, and he begs her to save him. Meanwhile her mother hits wall to commit suicide after knowing her son passed away because of sickness. She takes her mother’s death body, and is sorrowful.

Wei Yingluo practices handwriting in empress’s help, Ming Yu mocks her by thinking her practice is like caterpillar. Imperial Concubine Gao thrills after knowing Imperial Concubine Xian’s family was dead. Imperial Concubine Jia asks her why she chose to tell others about Imperial Concubine Xian’s father’s bribery instead of blackmail her. Imperial Concubine says she wants to give her lesson for joining empress’s camp.

Prince of Yi Qin wants to flatter Imperial Concubine Gao because of his family’s decline, Imperial Concubine Jia persuades Imperial Concubine Gao to use him to find Wei Yingluo’s sin. Imperial Concubine Gao agrees since she hates the sly maid.

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Empress wants to help Imperial Concubine Xian, but Ming Yu thinks it’s not their business. Wei Yingluo has same intention with empress, so empress trusts her more. Emperor accepts empress’s request to release Imperial Concubine Xian’s father, but Imperial Concubine Xian is changed.

Prince of Yi Qin Hong Xiao knows Qin Xi wants to get promoted, and asks him a favor to frame Wei Yingluo.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 14

Wei Yingluo’s hand shakes while handwriting, so she ties up her hand with rope. Maids misunderstand her to commit suicide, and persuade her. They are relief after knowing the truth. Ming Yu thinks she wanted to win empress’s favor, and invites Er Qing to deal with Wei Yingluo. But Er Qing refuses her.

Fu Heng notices Hong Xiao and Qin Xi are closed, and guesses they have evil plan. Qin Xi asks Wei Yingluo to meet up with her sister’s death at garden in the evening. But she asks someone else to beat up him when she catches his intention. But he tells others that she seduced him. Hong Xiao shows up, and arrests her.

She knows she was framed by them, and claims she went to pick up tuberose running into Qin Xi. But Hong Xiao thinks the evidence is obvious since Qin Xi’s face is injured. Just then Fu Heng shows up, and tells them emperor arrives.

Emperor doesn’t expect his good mood is interrupted by those servants, but he has to deal with the case. Hong Xiao takes out the letter that Wei Yingluo wrote for Qin Xi as evidence, emperor believes it since he knew she is a evil maid. But she claims the paper is so expensive who she cannot be affordable, and takes out her handwriting as evidence. Qin Xi flustered, and tells emperor that Hong Xiao asked him to frame Wei Yingluo.

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Emperor doesn’t expect Hong Xiao would do such dirty thing as a prince, and is disappointed with him. Wei Yingluo guesses he is instigated by someone else to frame empress. But emperor just scolds Hong Xiao, but doesn’t punish him. He thinks empress tried her hard to teach Wei Yingluo after seeing her handwriting, and asks her to return to continue her handwriting. But she sees emperor is on Hong Xiao’s side, and is intention to say that he will deal with the case impartially.

Emperor gives Hong Xiao a kick and forgives him, Fu Heng catches the chance to tell emperor that Hong Xiao met up with Imperial Concubine Jia’s maid ever. Emperor is furious that Imperial Concubine Jia framed empress, and deprives her power to raise the 4th prince, giving her son to Imperial Concubine Xian. Wei Yingluo knows emperor did it for empress, but didn’t consider her feelings otherwise he would punish Hong Xiao. Emperor says that Hong Xiao is a prince, so he cannot punish him. She knows it, but still feels wronged.

The sacrifice ceremony is upcoming, emperor usually shares the meats with ministers. The meats are terrible, but nobody dares to reject it. Wei Yingluo gives salt to Fu Heng, and asks him to eat it with the meats as it will taste better. He knows he will be punished for doing it, but accepts it since she cares him.

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