Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 15-16

In the 15-16th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Imperial Concubine Jia is murdered by Imperial Concubine Xian after she was sent to cold palace. Emperor suspects empress loves Imperial Concubine Chun, but he finds out they just prepare birthday gift for him.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 15

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 15-16.

Wei Yingluo reports to emperor that somebody dropped sauce into the meat of sacrifice. He is furious, and fires Hong Xiao as she dropped salt in his meat. He even investigates everybody. To her surprise, Fu Heng didn’t add the salt she gave him. So she takes off her camouflage, and claims she didn’t regret to frame him as her sister was dead because of him.

He takes out a knife, and asks her to kill him proving his innocent. But she didn’t do it, and flees with sadness. She thinks he must be telling empress about what she did, and doesn’t know what should she do. But he didn’t tell his sister, and covered for her.

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Wei Yingluo’s inside is on Fu Heng’s side, and forces him to tell her about her sister. He admits that he didn’t know her sister, and the jade plate is dropped by mistake. She believes his explanation. He confesses that he knew she had evil intention to her, but he cheated himself. He grasps her hand later.

The 4th Prince is sad because of missing his mother. Imperial Concubine Jia misses her son as well, and goes to Imperial Concubine Xian’s palace to see him, and drives people thinking Imperial Concubine Xian abuses her son. So emperor will return 4th Prince to her. But Imperial Concubine Xian likes 4th Prince, and takes care him well. So Imperial Concubine Jia makes her son sick to wrong Imperial Concubine Xian.

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She reports it to emperor tearfully, and Imperial Concubine Chun shows up with the doctor, who says the 4th Prince is sick. Emperor has no reason to stop Imperial Concubine Jia to take back her son, but the child’s nannie admits that Imperial Concubine Jia ordered her to feed him greasy foods when the doctor thinks 4th Prince is sick because of eating too greasy. Emperor doesn’t expect she is so stubborn, and sends Imperial Concubine Jia to cold palace.

Imperial Concubine Gao knows Imperial Concubine Jia doesn’t have any value anymore, and asks to raise the 4th Prince. But emperor thinks Imperial Concubine Xian took care the prince well, and refuses her.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 16

Imperial Concubine Xian goes to cold palace to see Imperial Concubine Jia. But Imperial Concubine doesn’t regret what she did, and says she would rather do as a dog for her son. Imperial Concubine Xian understands her, and asks if her family’s death because of Imperial Concubine Gao. Imperial Concubine Xian admits she did it, and mocks at Imperial Concubine Xian’s dumb. But Imperial Concubine Xian smiles grimly, and strangles her. She knew the 4th Prince’s food looking weird, but didn’t disclose expose it, and let Imperial Concubine Chun to do the job.

The kind-hearted Imperial Concubine Xian doesn’t exist anymore after her mother committed suicide, she is just a revenger now. She plays with the 4th Prince, and becomes his only mother, as if nothing happened.

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Empress checks Wei Yingluo’s handwriting, and finds out the only word she wrote is “bearing”. She persuades her to give up her revenge, and be nice to others. Er Qing fears empress cannot keep her position since she doesn’t have son, and persuades her to get pregnant. But empress scolds her, and calls Imperial Concubine Chun to her house, but asks others to wait outside. Wei Yingluo thinks there some matters between them.

Imperial Concubine Gao thinks empress and Imperial Concubine Chun are in relationship since Imperial Concubine Chun refused to sleep with emperor. She spreads their rumor then. All of maids believes the rumor since Imperial Concubine Chun stays at empress’s palace for two hours each day. Wei Yingluo finds out Er Qing washes empress’s bra secretly. Imperial Concubine Gao hires a theatrical troupe to sing two women marry a men.

Emperor lost his temper, and breaks into empress’s palace. But they’re prepare his birthday gift, and he says he likes it no matter what gift she gives to him.

Empress explains to Wei Yingluo that she has cold body after giving birth to the 3th Prince, so she looks weird.

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