Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 21-22

In the 21-22th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Imperial Concubine Gao tells Wei Yingluo that Fu Heng killed her sister Ying Ning, and offers her the poison to take her revenge. Fu Heng is sad after knowing she wanted to kill him.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 21

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 21-22.

Zhen Zhu thinks nobody will target emperor’s birthday gifts since there are many bodyguards, and goes to watch fireworks. But the relics of Buddha was stolen. Ming Yu is afraid of being punished, and asks Zhen Zhu the details. Zhen Zhu thinks the thief is Nalan Chunxue, so Ming Yu wants to blame Nalan Chunxue. But Wei Yingluo thinks they don’t have evidence, and offers to find the relics of Buddha.

Nalan Chunxue gives Imperial Concubine Gao a gesture to hint her that she got it. Ming Yu tells empress that the relics of Buddha was stolen, and asks her to get the change to perform at the end of the party. Empress doesn’t what she means, but follows Wei Yingluo’s indicating.

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Wei Yingluo claims she will perform getting stuff through remote. People finds out the relics of Buddha disappears when she takes out the tower of Buddha. She goes to take it from Nalan Chuxue. People thinks it’s just a performing, only Nalan Chuxue knows her plan fails.

She goes to blame Wei Yingluo after party, and thinks she is a dog of empress. Ming Yu asks empress why she didn’t give out the goddess of the Luo River painting, empress thinks it’s too flighty. Ming Yu thinks she will stun if she acts goddess of the Luo River, and Wei Yingluo takes out the clothes she prepared.

Emperor thrills after watching empress’s dancing, and stays at her palace all night. Nalan Chunxue knows empress kept emperor through her acting, and goes to blame Imperial Concubine Gao. But Imperial Concubine Gao ignores her, and goes to sing. Nalan Chunxue knows she offended her, and promises to get rid of Wei Yingluo by using Queen.

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Queen wants to see Nalan Chunxue since she found the relics of Buddha for her, and Nalan Chunxue takes Queen to enjoy peony. Just then a maid jumps off from tall building, and kills herself. Queen asks another maid who knows the detail, the maid replies that she committed suicide because of acting goddess of the Luo River. But Wei Yingluo interrupts her, and says she acted Imperial Concubine Yang.

She points out that Imperial Concubine Gao likes to act Imperial Concubine Yang in her palace, but Imperial Concubine Gao denies. So she takes off the handkerchief on the dead maid, it’s really Imperial Concubine Yang. Queen gets angry, and returns her palace.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 22

Empress gets angry that Imperial Concubine Gao framed her with a life, but Wei Yingluo thinks she is luck to avoid it. Queen sends Madam Liu to burn Imperial Concubine Gao’s costumes, and dismantles stage. Imperial Concubine Gao begs her to keep the costume she likes, but Madam Liu is cruel to ignore her request. Nalan Chunxue asks for Imperial Concubine Gao’s forgiving, and kneels at her palace.

Empress thinks she broke the law to dance, and feels wronged as empress. She misses the time when she was a free girl, and could do everything she wanted. Nalan Chunxue tells Imperial Concubine Gao to find Wei Yingluo’s weakness, so Imperial Concubine Gao catches Madam Zhang to interrogate her. Madam Zhang tells Imperial Concubine Gao that Wei Yingluo’s secret when Nalan Chunxue threatens her with her nephew’s life.

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Wei Yingluo is curious why Madam Zhang didn’t go to workshop recently, and runs into her. Madam Zhang doesn’t want to talk to her, and Zhi Lan asks Wei Yingluo to go to Imperial Concubine Gao with Ying Ning’s death. Imperial Concubine Gao calls out the servant who witnessed Fu Heng raped her sister at the garden. Wei Yingluo mocks at Imperial Concubine Gao by making up a story to frame Fu Heng. But she is moved when the servant takes out the belt as evidence.

Nalan Chunxue claims empress killed her sister for covering truth, and Imperial Concubine Gao offers Wei Yingluo to poison empress to take her revenge. Wei Yingluo accepts it.

Fu Heng goes to give amulet to empress next day, she mentions his marriage. He rejects it, but peeks at Wei Yingluo. Meanwhile Wei Yingluo drops the poison into tea.

Imperial Concubine Chun smells Imperial Concubine Gao’s fragrance from Wei Yingluo, and stops Fu Heng to drink the tea. She says Wei Yingluo made the deal with Imperial Concubine Gao, and found the bag of poison. He is sad, and asks Wei Yingluo if she wanted him to die.

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