Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 3-4

In the 3-4th episodes of Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap, Dao Mingsi thinks Shan Cai played him after the girl showed the footage of she and Hua Zelei. She is scared, and avoids him. But is happy when Teng Tangjing is going to go to Paris.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

Meteor Garden 2018

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 3-4.

Teng Tangjing dress up for Shan Cai, and invites her to attend her birthday party. Shan Cai thinks she is a nice person. Teng Tangjing takes Shan Cai walking in when Dao Mingsi is drinking. F4 are shocked when she dresses in white with princess style. But she is only interested in Hua Zelei. Meanwhile a girl pushes over Shan Cai by mistake, and Shan Cai leans on Dao Mingsi’s chest. He steals her first kiss later, and she leaves with temper.

She dreams Dao Mingsi instead of Hua Zilei in her room. The next day, she walks Chen Qin, and runs into F4 who talk about her first kiss. She wants to explain it to Hua Zelei, but he doesn’t care. She leaves beach with temper, and Chen Qin goes to fight with Dao Mingsi. He reveals Shan Cai was against the teacher for classmates, and he swore to protect her. Shan Cai goes to return dress to Teng Tangjing, and hears she and Hua Zelei’s talks. He pushes Teng Tangjing into bed, and kisses her. Shan Cai tears up, and tells herself that they’re best match.

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Dao Mingsi and Chen Qin pass by after fishing, and see her sadness. Dao Mingsi remembers Shan Cai’s first kiss, and Chen Qin beats him up after reading his mind. Hua Zelei shows up when Dao Mingsi is grilling fish. Shan Cai asks Hua Zelei if he dislikes her. He smiles, and says that he won’t save her if he dislikes her. He wents to play piano, and Dao Mingshi gets along with him while giving him gilled fish.

Shan Cai becomes girl’s enemy after knowing she kissed Dao Mingsi. She finds out he is wearing her shoes, and is furious. He is intention to flirt with her, and dumps her. She goes to rooftop where Hua Zelei is drawing, and knows the girl he drew is Teng Tangjing. She wipes the dusts from his head. The girl films it, and shows to Dao Mingsi.

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He thinks Shan Cai played him, and forces her against the wall. She is scared, and trips. He takes her, and wants to kiss her. She tears up, and asks him to stop. He tells her that he won’t hurt her again when hugging her.

The next day, they run into at the bridge nearby a lake. He is sad when she ignores him.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

Shan Cai tells Xiao You what he did to her, and says she was scared. Xiao You is interested in Xi Men at Teng Tangjing’s birthday party. Shan Cai doesn’t want to see Dao Mingsi, so she avoids him when running into. Hua Zelei wears a white suit to attract Teng Tangjing.

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Li Zhen arrives at the party, but Shan Cai takes her invitation. So she calls Shan Cai, but Shan Cai’s phone is frozen. Xiao You messes a middle aged man’s suit, and the man blames her. Xi Men shows up, and drives him away. Shan Cai fears Xi Men seduces Xiao You, and stands between. She borrows phone from Xiao You, and calls Li Zhen. But she left. Li Zhen lies to Shan Cai that she cannot appear because she is busy while tearing up.

Xi Men tells Shan Cai that Hua Zelei got autism, and Teng Tangjing accompanied him to walk out while they’re dancing. Hua Zelei wants to confess his feelings to Teng Tangjing, but she stops him, and announces that she is going to be a lawyer in Paris. She cuts off her hair, and claims she wants to be herself now. He cannot accepts it, and wants to leave. She chases him, and says sorry. But she cannot accept his love now.

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Shan Cai is drunk to leave the party, and runs into Dao Mingsi. She blames him, and vomits to his suit. The next day, she finds out the he sent her home, and her mother calls him as son-in-law.

She runs into him again at the campus, and he asks her for thank. He grumbles that she vomited on him, and he carried her home. She thanks him. But he takes her hand, and asks her if she was happy because Teng Tangjing’s leaving. She is silent.

She runs into Hua Zelei at the rooftop, and he is frustrated. She goes to persuades Teng Tangjing not to leave because of his sadness, but Teng Tangjing rejects because she wants to seek what she wants. Hua Zelei scolds Shan Cai, and asks her to get lost. She tears up, and doesn’t know why he is so furious.

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