Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 19-20

In the 19-20th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Wei Yingluo takes care of emperor because her sickness, but she colds him after he pushes over empress. She pretends to pass out after he spat blood as she was afraid of his punishment.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 19

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 19-20.

Imperial Concubine Gao is drunk, and asks emperor to stay at her palace. He accepts it, but empress is frustrated after emperor didn’t come. Wei Yingluo hits grass to release her temper for empress, and thinks Imperial Concubine Gao will get her power back soon.

Fu Heng tells her that emperor isn’t lechery, but he has to forgive Imperial Concubine Gao because of her father Gao Bing. Wei Yingluo changes her mind, and asks him about her sister Ying Ning’s case. But he didn’t get any result.

Emperor gets urticaria, empress risks her heath to take care of him. Ming Yue doesn’t want to take care of emperor, so she asks Wei Yingluo to do it for her. Wei Yingluo wants to investigate her sister’s death from emperor, so she accepts it. Er Qing thinks Ming Yu will lose empress’s trust, since she gave all of her tasks to Wei Yingluo.

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The imperial concubines want to see emperor, but they’re block by empress because of contagion. Wei Yingluo wants to apply medicine for emperor, but he feels embarrassed. Empress asks emperor why he dislikes Wei Yingluo. He doesn’t know, and remembers the scene they met first time, having some feelings to her. The next day, he is furious when she isn’t there, and thinks she abandoned him.

But she shows up with the aloe ointment which she made. He is moved to grasp her hand. She tells him that empress didn’t get urticaria, but she lied to him because she didn’t want to be refused. Emperor gets angry, and thinks she interfered his business too much.

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Wei Yingluo sees empress’s hand shaking, and asks her to get tea for emperor, so he will see her hardworking. But empress claims she just wants to see his recovering. But emperor pushes over her because of his sickness. Wei Yingluo lost her temper, and scolds him that he is afraid of Imperial Concubine Gao’s father.

He is furious because of her words, and spits blood. She is afraid of punishment, and pretends to pass out. He hears her sickness, and sends goldthread medicine to her.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 20

Ye Tianshi asks emperor why he gave goldthread to Wei Yingluo. Emperor says that he cannot punish her because of her achievements, but he was bullied by her, so he took revenge for her with bitter medicine.

Fu Heng takes care of Wei Yingluo all night, and kisses her when she is in coma. But he is off when she wakes up. Ye Tianshi asks her why she ate peanut since she is allergy to it. Wei Yingluo says that emperor won’t forgive her if she isn’t sick. Emperor hears that Wei Yingluo recovers fast than him, and goes to blame her. But the maids think he won’t forget her kindness. He cannot punish Wei Yingluo to keep his reputation.

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Wei Yingluo thanks Fu Heng for his taking care, but he denies, and thinks she had delusion because of missing him. Han Lancha exposes his lie, and she is furious. Fu Heng explains that he didn’t admit because he couldn’t stay in a female’s room. She is happy since he worries about her.

Empress asks Imperial Concubine Chun to pick up the painting for her to send to emperor. Ming Yu interrupts them, and thinks the landscape painting is the best. But empress scolds her for her interrupting. Wei Yingluo likes the the goddess of the Luo River painting as the goddess looks like empress. Imperial Concubine Chun agrees it, and tells empress to give it to emperor.

Nalan Chunxue takes gift to flatter empress, but Ming Yu drives her away because of empress’s scolding. Nalan Chunxue misunderstands that empress dislikes her, and turns to Imperial Concubine Chun. Imperial Concubine Gao is cold to her since she is the person empress abandoned. But she keeps her when Nalan Chunxue is going to leave, and asks her to get rid of Wei Yingluo to show her faith.

Madam Zhan persuades Wei Yingluo to give up the investigation of Ying Ning, but Wei Yingluo asks for lake thread to help empress instead. Emperor is satisfied with Imperial Concubine Gao’s gift – the western band. This is Nalan Chunxue’s idea, but she takes out the lotus of Buddha, which emperor wanted.

Empress orders Wei Yingluo to watch on the gifts, but Ming Yu asks for the task. Wei Yingluo doesn’t want to dispute with her, and gives the task to her. She leans to Fu Heng’s chest when it sets off fireworks. But Imperial Concubine Xian is sad when seeing the fireworks because of her family’s death.

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