Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 29-30

In the 29-30th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, empress lost her baby after being pushed down stairs. Ming Yu tells Wei Yingluo about it, but she blames empress for sending her to laborious department. Everyone thinks Wei Yingluo is cruel to her master.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 29

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 29-30.

Emperor hears Wei Yingluo didn’t ask for forgiving after being sent to laborious department, and asks servants to give her extra tasks. He wants to see her begging.

Yuan Chunwang is very handsome, so Mr. Zhang wants to get him. He knows his intention, and only has meal in the evening. Mr. Zhang knows Yuan Chunwang eats foods Wei Yingluo brought to him, and add medicine in it. Yuan Chunwang is weakness after eating it, and Mr. Zhang goes to rape him. Just then Wei Yingluo shows up, and stuns Mr. Zhang.

Wei Yingluo wants to take Yuan Chunwang to flee, but he tells her that Mr. Zhang won’t forgive them. So they steal Mr. Zhang’s passport, and throws him into manure bucket to send him out of palace. Yuan Chunwang appreciates her, and leans on her body. She asks him why he didn’t get a female partner himself. He says nobody looks up on a servant, and reminds her not to expect marrying Fu Heng. She is furious after knowing he watched on her.

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Wei Yingluo runs into empress at the garden. They miss each other, but have to pretend to be strangers. Yuan Chunwang takes pain killer to see Wei Yingluo, and asks her to be his girlfriend. But she refuses him as she still loves Fu Heng. So he takes her to look at stars, and asks her to be his sister. She accepts it since she lacks a friend.

Imperial Concubine Gao runs into Imperial Concubine Xian at the garden, and mocks at her by flattering empress. But Imperial Concubine Xian reminds her that she will lose her position once empress gives birth. So Imperial Concubine Gao calls Nalan Chunxue to talk about how to get rid of empress.

Ming Yu and Er Qing argue if empress should attend Queen’s party, empress picks Er Qing’s advise to attend. Wei Yingluo knows the children were burned by iron melt when performing Imperial Concubine Gao’s show “A Riot of Colour”, and thinks it’s too cruel. Yuan Chunwang persuades her not to interfere it as she is in low position.

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Empress suggests Queen to let Imperial Concubine Xian and Imperial Concubine Chun to manage the palace’s affair at Queen’s party. This is what Imperial Concubine Xian wants. Imperial Concubine Gao prepares deer blood to make empress miscarry, Imperial Concubine Chun stops it. The maids are instigated to pour deer blood on the ground.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 30

The bats come because of deer blood, and Imperial Concubine Gao catches the chance to push empress down stairs. She is intention to hurt herself to transfer the suspicion. Emperor takes care of empress all night after knowing she lost her baby, queen wants to see empress as well, but she is blocked by servants. Ming Yu feels guilty for didn’t protect empress, and goes to discuss with Wei Yingluo about it.

Queen was moved by Imperial Concubine Xian’s gut when the bats attacked her, and decides to give power to her. Wei Yingluo is furious after knowing empress lost her baby, and guesses it was Imperial Concubine Gao. But she claims empress won’t wake up even if she goes to see her when Ming Yu takes her to eternal palace. Ming Yu thinks she is too cold. Fu Heng talks to Wei Yingluo, but she blames empress for sending her to laborious department.

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Ye Tianshi tells emperor that there is a blood clot inside empress’s brain, and he doesn’t know when she will wake up. Fu Heng waits outside, and worries about his sister. Imperial Concubine Chun goes to comfort him. He is curious where the bats come from, and Hai Lancha tells him the maid poured the deer blood to draw bats, and she was died at the wall. Fu Heng thinks empress’s injury was someone planned, but he lacks evidence.

Jin Xiu thinks Wei Yingluo is too cruel to empress, and sends her to deliver cheese to Imperial Concubine Gao. Imperial Concubine Gao pours the cheese on her, and wants to disable her hand. Emperor arrives, and saves her. He is sad when Wei Yingluo get bullied, and leaves a umbrella for her when it’s raining, although he pretends not to want to see her. But she disappears and the umbrella is still at there when he returns.

Wei Yingluo faints at the street, and Imperial Concubine Xian hires doctor to see her, and saves her life. She gets fever after returning home, and Yuan Chunwang looks after her. Imperial Concubine Xian offers to pick the lotus root to sell from the river when Imperial Concubine Gao is talking with Queen.

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