Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 55-56

In the 55-56th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Consort Lin finds out Yuan Chunwang betrayed her after she killed Er Qing. She is sad, but doesn’t regret as she took the revenge. But Nanan Chunxue doesn’t want to forgive her, and hurts Ming Yu. Consort Lin has to fight it back for her best friend Ming Yu.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 55

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 55-56.

Empress tells her follower that Consort Lin just lost emperor’s favor temporarily, because he falls her deeply. Emperor doesn’t go to Yanxi Palace, and feels guilty for hurting Previous Empress. He tells Hai Lancha that he hurt someone.

Hai Lancha knows what Emperor means is Previous Empress, and thinks he shouldn’t be sad too much as he has duty of the country. Emperor tells Hai Lancha that Previous Empress is a good wife, but she is too weak to her position, and she is free after she died. Emperor realizes that he is too cruel to Previous Empress.

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Emperor finds out eunuchs are selling medicinal materials secretly, and Hai Lancha finds the intact Cordyceps sinensis in it. Emperor is furious, and interrogates the eunuch. The eunuch says that Ye Tianshi asked him to do it. Mr. Wu flatters Empress, and she mentions Ye Tianshi. Ye Tianshi is arrested, and he explains that he sold it because the medicinal materials are damaged by worms. Hai Lan thinks Ye Tianshi is framed, and wants to help him investigate it.

Emperor doesn’t visit Yanxi Palace. Consort Lin pretends to be ok, but draws emperor’s photo unconsciously. Mr. Li suggests Emperor to visit Consort Lin with the excuse of the chef who was given by Emperor, Emperor decides to do what Mr. Li said. Empress takes Mr. Wu to report about the medicinal material case, and Mr. Wu says that Consort Lin is taking birth control medicine. Emperor is shocked, and doesn’t expect Consort Lin doesn’t want to give birth for him. He is furious to visit her, and Empress is pleased.

Emperor asks Consort Lin why she takes birth control medicine, and she is silent. He says that she just treats him as the tool of her revenge, and she doesn’t need him anymore. She admits that she utilized him, and doesn’t need his favor since she got her revenge. She says that she never loves her, and just feels guilty, so she made hat for him.

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Emperor is sad, and Consort Lin asks him if he feels guilty about the death of Previous Empress, if he didn’t sleep with Er Qing, Previous Empress wouldn’t commit suicide. He claims he doesn’t feel guilty. She thinks he still utilized Previous Empress after she died, and reveals he punished ministers because he thought they didn’t respect Previous Empress.

Emperor claims the ministers are too lazy, so he punished them with the name of Previous Empress. He says that Fucha Rongyin must take the value for him, even if she is dead. Emperor tells Consort Lin that she doesn’t need to take birth control medicine because he won’t sleep with her anymore.

Ming Mi doesn’t know what happened, and tells Consort Lin that Ye Tianshi is arrested. She thinks Emperor is nonsense. Consort Lin tells Ming Yu that she took birth control medicine, and told Emperor about her revenge plan. She thinks Yanxi Palace will be a cold palace from now on. Emperor is lost in the evening, and Empress drapes the coat on his shoulders. He asks her if she ever blamed him. She admits she blamed him, but didn’t hate him because they’re not ordinary wife and husband.

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Emperor thinks Previous Empress will hate him if she lives. Empress tells Emperor that Previous Empress and Consort Lin hate him, but she cannot as she is different. He is moved by her, and sighs that nobody said such words to him, except Epress.

Consort Lin asks the servants and maids to leave, as Yanxi Palace is cold palace now. But Zhen Zhu and Xiao Quanzi stay. Yuan Chunwang worries Consort Lin, and she asks him to take her to see Empress. Empress is pleased, and claims she didn’t do anything. Consort Lin points to Yuan Chunwang, and says she knows their plan.

Consort Lin says the persons who know she took birth control medicine are Yuan Chunwang and Ye Tianshi. But Ye Tianshi won’t betray her. She doesn’t expect the one she trusted most betrayed her.

Empress tells Zhen Er that Emperor’s enthusiasm won’t be extinguished so easy, and thinks he will think of her after he calms down. Zhen Er is surprised and thinks they wasted time. Empress thinks Zhen Er is very silly. She adds that they cannot reach the goal with just one hit.

Hai Lancha asks the servant if Emperor hasn’t lived in Yangxin Palace. The servant admits it and reveals Emperor threw a fit after he got back from Changchun Palace. He adds that he hasn’t gone to Yanxi Palace since then, and thinks he’s still in anger.

Emperor rides the horse and remembers Consort Lin told him that Er Qing told Empress she slept with Emperor before she passed away. She said that Empress was sad and took her life. He drives to the river bank. Hai Lancha follows Emperor and tells him that he doesn’t know what he’s thinking about because he’s not smarter than Fu Heng.

Emperor tells Hai Lancha that he made a mistake and hurt someone. Hai Lancha comforts Emperor that each person makes mistake in the world, and tells him not to criticize himself. But Emperor points out that he cannot make up the mistake all his life. Hai Lancha tells Emperor to forget it if it cannot be made up.

Emperor thinks Hai Lancha doesn’t understand his feelings that he let Ring Yin withered in the palace since she had been his side concubine when she was 15 years old. Hai Lancha reminds Emperor that his shoulders undertook all of the wish of people in Qing Dynasty, and thinks he couldn’t accept the love of concubines.

Hai Lancha thinks the person should comfort herself once she becomes the concubine of emperor. He tells Emperor that it wasn’t his fault. Emperor points out that Rong Yin is his wife. He adds that the wife and husband should accompany each other all their lives. But Rong Yin broke her promise.

Emperor tells Hai Lancha that he had been disappointed with sentimentality of Rong Yin before Consort Lin questioned him. He adds that she was a perfect wife but she wasn’t a competent Empress because her shoulders are too delicate. The phoenix crown of empress made him not breathe, and her death was the best liberation to her. Emperor says that it’s the scandal he has to cover, and thinks he was too heartless.

Emperor sees the servants having a deal, and tells Hai Lancha to check the bag. Hai Lancha tells Emperor that it’s intact Chinese caterpillar fungus. He scolds the servant for mixing the precious Chinese caterpillar fungus inside the herbs. The servant admits his sin. Emperor asks the servant who asked them to carry the herbs. He reveals it was Ye Tianshi. Emperor orders to look into the pharmacy. He wants to see if the termite is human or ghost.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 56

Yuan Chunwang reveals he decided to take revenge since Consort Lin left Old Summer Palace. She is curious what benefit Empress gave him to betray his sister. Empress says that she lets him replace Mr. Wu’s position. Consort Lin thinks Yuan Chunwang doesn’t have enough qualifications and experience as Mr. Wu spent 30 years to get the position. Empress says that Emperor hates Mr. Wu because he disclosed Consort Lin took birth control medicine, so Yuan Chunwang will get the position in Empress’s help. Consort Lin realizes that empress is very evil, and she planned it when Mr. Wu disclosed her.

Consort Lin admits she failed, and leaves with smiles. She doesn’t have any regret as she took the revenge. Yuan Chunwang looks at her back with sadness, but he decides to stay with Empress. Consort Lin lives tough after losing Emperor’s favor. Ming Yu runs into Nalan Chunxue at Household Bureau, and Nalan Chunxue hurts Ming Yu’s face. Hai Lancha shows up, and saves Ming Yu.

Ming Yu avoids Consort Lin after returning to Yanxi Palace, and hopes she won’t notice her injury. Consort Lin teaches Xiao Quanzi to write, and sees the injury on Ming Yu’s face. She asks Xiao Quanzi to investigate it, and knows Nalan Chunxue hurt Ming Yu, deciding to take revenge. Hai Lancha persuades Emperor to see Connsort Lin, but Emperor cuts off Hai Lancha’s salary for one year.

Mr. Wu is furious after Yuan Chunwang replaced him, and drinks wine. The follower suggests him to ask Queen a favor. Mr. Wu thinks it’s a good idea, and yells that he knows Queen’s sin. Yuan Chunwang ties up Mr. Wu, and forces him to hand over the testament of Emperor’s wet nurse.

Nalan Chunxue visits Queen. Consort Lin shows up, and gets Queen’s favor with handwriting Classic Book of blood. Queen asks Consort Lin to accompany her for Buddha blessing. Nalan Chunxue curses Consort Lin, and Consort Lin gives her a slap in public. Nalan Chunxue doesn’t fight it back as she knows Consort Lin has support of Queen. Queen promotes Consort Lin, and wants to balance Empress’s power after Yuan Chunwang replaced Mr. Wu. Yuan Chunwang hands over the testament of wet nurse to Empress, and she decides to let Hong Zhou hand over it to Emperor.

Hong Zhou finds the testament in his mother’s palace, and knows why Queen disliked his mother. He hands it over Emperor, and Emperor knows his mother isn’t Queen, but a Han woman.

Emperor gives the testament to Queen, and asks her about it. Queen admits that his mother is a han woman, but she died after giving birth. Consort heard what they talked, and is shocked.

4 thoughts on “Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 55-56”

    1. a han woman is probably a commoner of han clan/heritage. Like the empress is nalan clan and the previous empress is fucha clan.

      I’ve been reading the recaps since ep 1 even though i’ve just finished the entire show. Thanks for these recaps – episodes 51 – 60 have been the hardest for me to follow because the chinese language used is really deep.

    2. Han were the nationality naturally lived in China. Last dynasty was manzurian, so naturally invadors. Noble manduzian clansmen had not manzurian only low concubines. Main wifes and side wifes were manzurian.

      In case of emperor especially. As far as I remember among more than sixty wifes and concubines of the grandfather of this emperor only one was Han and because of that her son did not participate in the battle for the throne. As the manzurian ruling nobility would not take him seriously.

      It is indeed that this emperor was born from the low concubine but then one of the childless consorts of high rank from noble manzurians clan (now Empress Dowager) has adopted him. Since that he became oficially her son and thus inherited the posiibility to the throne.

      With the time it changed. This emperor has had several consorts of high rank initially from Han. Thus became possible during the reigh of the previous emperor who has had gruges with the most nobilities and thus promoted some Han people which previously was not possible. But anyway for this their family has been transferred under the yellow flag, so they became officially a manzurian clan.

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