The Glory K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 5. Hyeon-Nam takes photos of Yeon-Jin’s mother and Yeong-Jun when they walk out of the house. She sees the beautiful sunset. Do-Yeong arrives at the convenience store. He sees Dong-Eun eating in the store.

Does Dong-Eun Beat Sa-Ra?

The Glory K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 5.

Do-Yeong joins Dong-Eun if she bought the food with the money he paid her. She denies it and shares the food with him. She tells him that she plans to bet her life on something. He asks her why she likes to play Go. She confesses that she wants to ruin someone else’s house.

Do-Yeong tells Dong-Eun that he wishes to play Go with her next time. He hands over his business card to her. She takes a look at his business card. She tells him to prepare some money. She takes away the food after knowing he doesn’t want to eat it.

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The landlord shows up when Dong-Eun is eating in her house. She tells her that she has known that she works in Semyeong Elementary School. Dong-Eun wonders why the landlord asked her to pay less rent than others. The landlord explains to Dong-Eun that she knew teacher doesn’t have a good salary.

Dong-Eun wonders how did the landlord know she’s a teacher. She believes that she did it because of the haunted house. It makes the landlord laugh. Dong-Eun receives the bills from Hyeon-Nam. Hyeon-Nam feels sorry for letting Dong-Eun pay them. She thinks revenge is very expensive.

Dong-Eun tells Hyeon-Nam not to worry about the money. Hyeon-Nam leaves a note to Dong-Eun. She tells her that she wants to steal Hye-Jeong’s phone. Dong-Eun asks Hyeon-Nam for a meeting up. Hyeon-Nam smiles. She leaks that Yeon-Jin’s mother met with Yeong-Jun. Dong-Eun tells Hyeon-Nam not to tail Yeong-Jun because he’s a cop.

Dong-Eun mentions Yeong-Jun was a chief when she saw him. But Hyeon-Nam points out that Yeong-Jun has fallen behind his classmates. Dong-Eun wonders how Hyeon-Nam knew it. Hyeon-Nam reveals she waited for Yeong-Jun from the restaurants.

Dong-Eun tells Hyeon-Nam that she thought she’s a scary woman when she threatened her. It makes Hyeon-Nam laugh. Dong-Eun tells Hyeon-Nam not to risk her life. Hyeon-Nam promises it and takes a photo of Dong-Eun. Dong-Eun feels uncomfortable because she remembers the school nurse took photos of her. Hyeon-Nam explains to Dong-Eun that her hands shake when she takes photos of people. Dong-Eun tells Hyeon-Nam that she’s fine. She asks her to continue to take photos of her. Yeon-Jin finds the baby clothes from the drawer.

It flashes back. Do-Yeong’s mother wears the clothes for Ye-Sol. She tells Yeon-Jin to fire the nanny. The nanny is furious to leave. Do-Yeong’s mother explains to Yeon-Jin that she did it for Do-Yeong.

Yeon-Jin throws the baby clothes into the trash can because she doesn’t wish Ye-Sol to take the hardest. She calls the principal and asks for a meeting up. He tells her that Dong-Eun was recommended by the chairman. She asks him for taking a look at the resume of Dong-Eun.

Yeon-Jin goes to the classroom. She finds out that Dong-Eun puts the scissors on her daughter’s shoulder. Ye-Sol sees Yeon-Jin. She waves at her. Yeon-Jin places the paper on the desk. She tells Dong-Eun to write down the amount of the money she wishes to get. She doesn’t believe that she wishes to get her apology because it’s not a fairy tale.

Dong-Eun tells Yeon-Jin that she wishes her to be punished. She asks her if she knows God’s rage. Yeon-Jin laughs to mention Dong-Eun kidnaps her daughter. She doesn’t believe that God will help Dong-Eun. Dong-Eun points out that she did nothing to Ye-Sol. She shows Ye-Sol’s drawing to Yeon-Jin. She mentions Ye-Sol doesn’t know the colors of rainbow.

Yeon-Jin is surprised that Dong-Eun knows her daughter’s eye disease. Dong-Eun reminds Yeon-Jin that Ye-Sol’s father will attend the parent-teacher conference. She tells her not to provoke her. She tells her that she wishes to die with her. Teacher Chu passes by the classroom. He sees the two women.

Jae-Jun receives Ye-Sol’s toothbrush from someone. He’s surprised. Yeon-Jin waits for Do-Yeong in his office. She walks to him and hugs him. She tells him that he looks very handsome when he wears the work clothes. He believes that she’s wearing Prada. It makes her laugh. She offers to send their daughter abroad. He rejects it and thinks she’s weird to send Ye-Sol abroad.

Yeon-Jin asks Do-Yeong to arrange a meeting for her and Shin-Tae. She tells him that Ye-Sol’s homeroom teacher is terrible. But he wants to know more details before he takes action. She leaves his office and goes to see her mother.

Yeon-Jin gives Dong-Eun’s resume to Yeong-Jun. She tells him to look into the woman. Yeo-Jeong goes to see the psychiatrist. He tells her that he felt calmer when he listens to the sound that the tablets drop into the water. She persuades him to change his environment.

Yeo-Jeong takes a look at his watch. He decides to leave because he needs to go to see the patient. It makes the psychiatrist believe that Yeo-Jeong is a good doctor. She mentions he was late for her treatment. He points out that she wishes him to be late because she gets paid hourly. He leaves her office.

Yeo-Jeong takes a look at the patient’s head. He persuades her to get a surgery. She asks him how long she needs to stay in the hospital for the surgery. She reveals she’s a teacher. He’s happy to tell her that he wants to know what teachers do.

Hyeon-Nam steals Hye-Jeong’s phone from the restroom. Hye-Jeong finds out that someone stole her phone. She’s upset. Hyeon-Nam gives Hye-Jeong’s phone to Dong-Eun. She shares the eggs with her. Sa-Ra notes that Dong-Eun is staring at her when her father is giving a speech.

Dong-Eun follows Sa-Ra. She asks her if she believes in God. She tells her that she has known that she’s on drugs. She throws the bag to her. She tells her to fill the bag with cash. Sa-Ra reminds Dong-Eun that there’re many cops coming to the church. Dong-Eun grabs Sa-Ra’s hair. She pushes her to the wall.

Dong-Eun passes out the park. She reads the messages he sent her. Yeo-Jeong drops the tablet into the water. He falls asleep. The doctor reminds Yeo-Jeong that he has a new message when he hands over the phone to him. Yeo-Jeong takes a look at the message. He finds out that it was from Dong-Eun.

Yeo-Jeong is excited to stand up. He worries that Dong-Eun remarried. But the doctor tells Yeo-Jeong that Dong-Eun wants to know about Cialis. Yeo-Jeong calls Dong-Eun. He asks her for a meeting up. He goes to the cafe to see her. She hands over the coffee to him.

The Glory K-Drama: Episode 5 Ending – Is Myeong-O Dead?

Episode 5 of The Glory K-Drama ends with Yeo-Jeong telling Dong-Eun that he wants to make her happy. She laughs to tell him that she doesn’t need a prince. She adds that she needs a person who can help her. Dong-Eun remembers Myeong-O beat her when Sa-Ra filmed her. She waits for Myeong-O at the restaurant.

Myeong-O tells Dong-Eun that he went to the hospital. He asks her who killed So-Hee. She tells the killer to him. Sa-Ra complains to Yeon-Jin that Dong-Eun took away money from her. Yeon-Jin mentions Dong-Eun rejected when she tried to give some money to her. Sa-Ra wonders if Jae-Jun fired Myeong-O because the guy didn’t pick up her phone. Jae-Jun reveals Myeong-O didn’t pick up his phone as well. Myeong-O calls everyone. He asks for meeting up. But he’s killed by someone.

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