The Glory K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 6. Sang-Im is off duty. The doctors greet her. She laughs to tell them to go to have lunch. Yeo-Jeong is waiting for his food at the cafe. He remembers Dong-Eun told him that she needs a person who can help her take revenge.

Everyone Is Looking for Myeong-O

The Glory K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 6.

Yeo-Jeong holds the food to walk to the table when Sang-Im shows up. She blames him for ordering her. He laughs to point out that he made her walk through the park. He asks her if it’s her lunch when she takes over the food. She tells him that it’s her breakfast.

Yeo-Jeong is furious to tell his mother not to skip meal. But she tells him that she’s on a diet. She adds that she wishes to lose weight and wear a bikini. He tells her that he wants to be a teacher. He hands over the resignation letter to her.

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Yeo-Jeong tells Sang-Im that he intends to go to Semyeong. He adds that the girl he likes lives in Semyeong. She mistakes that the girl is his girlfriend. He denies it and reveals the girl makes him feel like he’s in a storm. She slaps him after knowing he resigned for a girl.

Yeon-Jin visits the shaman. The shaman throws the rice to Yeon-Jin. Yeon-Jin’s mother tells Yeon-Jin to sew the amulet into Ye-Sol’s bag. She asks her if Dong-Eun is Ye-Sol’s homeroom teacher. She intends to deal with Dong-Eun for her when she tries to call someone.

Yeon-Jin stops her mother. She worries that Dong-Eun is going to tell everyone what she did to her if they provoke her. She tells her mother that she doesn’t wish Ye-Sol to know the truth. Yeon-Jin’s mother tells Yeon-Jin to look at her. She tells her not to look back.

Dong-Eun takes a look at Hye-Jeong’s photo. She sees the group photos of her and Jae-Jun. Teacher Chu shows up. He mistakes Jae-Jun as Dong-Eun’s boyfriend. Dong-Eun gets a message from Hyeon-Nam who asks her for calling her. Teacher Chu tells Dong-Eun that he thinks she got old man and young man as her boyfriends. He laughs to tell her that he’s just kidding.

Dong-Eun tells Teacher Chu that she believes that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He tells her that he would beat her if she’s a man. She tells him that she doesn’t think he’s the man who beats women. She smiles to tell him that she’s just kidding.

Hyeon-Nam meets with Dong-Eun in the car. She tells her that the last time she saw Myeong-O was at the the travel agency. She worries that Myeong-O betrayed Dong-Eun. Dong-Eun thinks Myeong-O was killed by someone. Hyeon-Nam asks Dong-Eun if she killed Myeong-O. Dong-Eun thinks Hyeon-Nam doesn’t need to know it. She tells her that she just needs to complete the tasks she asked her to do. She reminds her that they’re too close. She gets off the car and walks away.

The dog barks. Jae-Jun follows the dog to the clothing room. He sees the mess of the room. He asks the dog if he bit Myeong-O. Yeon-Jin hears Su-Mi telling the girl that she cannot write her own scripts. She laughs when she believes that she told the truth.

Yeon-Jin reminds Su-Mi that her husband gave the channel 220 million won. She believes that she cannot stay young. Su-Mi is furious to stand up. But Yeon-Jin forces Su-Mi to sit back. She tells her that she can let the president not renew her contract.

Yeong-Jun eats with Yeon-Jin at the restaurant. He tells her that it’s not easy to find someone’s information. He reminds her that it’s not the same world as 18 years ago. She mentions he owns a motel. He thanks her for caring for his motel. He promises to report it to her once he gets Dong-Eun’s information.

Seong-Hui tells Dong-Eun that Myeong-O didn’t leave Korea. She wonders why she cares for the guy. Dong-Eun believes that she needs to attend Myeong-O’s funeral if he’s missing. Seong-Hui mentions Dong-Eun has many black clothes. Do-Yeong arrives at the Go place. He tells his followers to leave. He plays Go alone. He remembers the scene when he played Go with Dong-Eun.

Sa-Ra texts Myeong-O. But he doesn’t reply her. She remembers he asked her for a meeting up. She ruins her painting. Hye-Jeong sends the ring photo to Yeon-Jin. The seller persuades Hye-Jeong to choose the small stone. But Hye-Jeong rejects it.

Tae-Uk shows up. He blames Hye-Jeong for wearing flats. He asks her if she dislikes his height. She promises to wear heels next time. He lets her choose the biggest stone. She feels happy because the stone is bigger than Yeon-Jin’s stone. He tells her not to persuade his mother to eat meat. She claims that she doesn’t like to eat meat as well when she laughs.

Dong-Eun is driving. Hyeon-Nam calls Dong-Eun and tells her that someone is tailing her. She intends to find a way to lose them. But Dong-Eun rejects it because she doesn’t want the guys to notice Hyeon-Nam. She slams on her brakes. Her car is crashed by the car.

The guy gets off his car. He blames Dong-Eun for crashing his car. He intends to call police. But she tells him that she wants to pay him cash. She gives her number to him. He drives away. Dong-Eun goes to see Hyeon-Nam. She asks her why she followed her. Hyeon-Nam explains to Dong-Eun that she saw her when she followed Jae-Jun.

Hyeon-Nam asks Dong-Eun to get off the car. She shows the kimchi she made to her. She tells her to eat the food. She cries to tell her that she wishes to have dinner with her daughter. Dong-Eun thinks Hyeon-Nam is a good person. But she refuses to take away the kimchi.

Jae-Jun tries to call someone. Hye-Jeong reminds Jae-Jun that Yeon-Jin is sleeping with Myeong-O. He’s furious to throw his phone to her. She tries to leave his house. He stops her and notes that she wears Yeon-Jin’s heels. She tells him that she bought the heels from London.

Jae-Jun asks Hye-Jeong about Ye-Sol’s birthday. He tells her that he believes that Ye-Sol is his daughter. The landlord takes Yeo-Jeong to see the house. He tells her that he’s a doctor. Do-Yeong receives the business card from Myeong-O. He calls him after he saw the group photo of him and Dong-Eun. But Myeong-O doesn’t pick up his phone.

Do-Yeong visits Jae-Jun. He asks him if he knows the whereabouts of Myeong-O. Jae-Jun denies it. But he believes that he will find Myeong-O before Do-Yeong does. Jae-Jun tries to call Myeong-O. But Myeong-O doesn’t pick up Jae-Jun’s phone. Jae-Jun swears to kill Myeong-O.

Dong-Eun goes to the car repair shop. She gets a message from Yeo-Jeong who wishes to play Go with her. She sees the workers grilling meat. She feels uncomfortable when she remembers her arm was hurt. She goes to see Yeo-Jeong. He lets her sit on his couch.

Yeo-Jeong hands over the water to Dong-Eun. He tells her that he’s going to work at the place. She asks him if he wants to know her story. Yeon-Jin thinks her life is always bright when Gyeong-Ran helps her wear the dress. Ye-Sol shows up. She wonders if her mother is going to attend a party.

Gyeong-Ran reveals Yeon-Jin is going to attend a fashion awards ceremony. Ye-Sol is happy to hug Yeon-Jin. Gyeong-Ran notes that Yeon-Jin wears a pair of black heels. Ye-Sol asks Yeon-Jin to wear the necklace for her. Ye-Sol thinks the necklace is too heavy. Yeon-Jin tells Ye-Sol that the expensive things are heavy. She swears not to sink for her.

The Glory K-Drama: Episode 6 Ending – Does Dong-Eun Show her Scars to Yeo-Jeong?

Episode 6 of The Glory K-Drama ends with Jae-Jun reading the test results. He finds out that Ye-Sol is his daughter. Hye-Jeong receives the group photos from someone. Sa-Ra paints a heel painting. A woman kills Myeong-O and leaves the room. Yeo-Jeong tells Dong-Eun not to take revenge. He believes that she will be ruined if she does so.

Dong-Eun laughs. She believes that Yeo-Jeong’s childhood was sweet. She shows the scars on her arm to him. She asks him if he can heal it. She takes off her clothes and shows all of her scars to him. She tells him that she was ruined. He wipes off his tears and tells her to give orders to him.

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