The Glory K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

These are Recap & Ending for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 4. Dong-Eun is studying in the classroom. Sa-Ra walks into the classroom. She tells Dong-Eun that everyone is waiting for her. She pours the drinks to her book. Dong-Eun lies on the floor when Yeon-Jin sings. She tries to climb out of the gym. But she’s taken to see Yeon-Jin. Sa-Ra holds the hair iron.

Does Soo-Han Kill his Father for his Future?

The Glory K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 4.

Dong-Eun applauds when she smiles at Yeon-Jin. Yeon-Jin throws away her flowers. She’s furious to walk to Dong-Eun. She gives her a slap. Jae-Jun tries to stop Yeon-Jin. But she shakes off his hand. Dong-Eun asks Yeon-Jin if her dream came true.

Do-Yeong brought the birthday cake to Yeon-Jin. Yeon-Jin was happy to laugh. Dong-Eun sang when she watched them. Yeon-Jin realizes that Dong-Eun knows she has gotten married. She asks her what she wants to get from her when she pushes her away.

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Jae-Jun stops Yeon-Jin. He explains to Dong-Eun that Yeon-Jin is just a kid. Dong-Eun tells the two that she’s envy of their friendship. Jae-Jun thinks Dong-Eun is colorful. She tells Yeon-Jin that she will continue to watch her forecast. She wonders Jae-Jun how did he knows what’s colorful. She leaves the gym.

Myeong-O brings the bag to Jae-Jun. Jae-Jun blames Myeong-O for not picking up his phone. Myeong-O explains that he passed out after getting drunk. Jae-Jun tells Myeong-O to look into Dong-Eun. He reminds him that he kissed the girl before.

Myeong-O wonders if Jae-Jun slept with Dong-Eun. Jae-Jun thinks Myeong-O is crazy. The girl shows up. Myeong-O gives the bag to the girl. He leaves Jae-Jun’s house. The girl Ha-Na tells Jae-Jun that she wishes to stay with him all her life when they’re in the bathtub.

Jae-Jun laughs because he knows Ha-Na didn’t tell her real name to him. He touches her hair and asks her if it’s red. She thinks he’s blind. He’s furious to grab her hair. Yeo-Jeong returns home and finds his mother Sang-Im from balcony. She hands over the box to him. She tells him that the box belonged to his father. He opens the box and sees the scalpel.

Hye-Jeong texts Yeon-Jin. She tells her that she worries that someone is going to throw an egg to her. Yeon-Jin gets a call from Ye-Sol who tells her that she spilled milk on her slippers. Ye-Sol adds that she’s barefoot. Yeon-Jin wonders if Ye-Sol told it to her homeroom teacher. Ye-Sol tells her mother that her homeroom teacher is Dong-Eun.

Shin-Tae introduces Dong-Eun to the teachers. The teachers applaud to welcome Dong-Eun. Dong-Eun tells the students not to bully other students. Teacher Chu watches Dong-Eun. He wonders why Shin-Tae introduced Dong-Eun to them. Teacher Kang believes that Dong-Eun is a relative of Shin-Tae. But Teacher Chu disagrees to what Teacher Kang said. He thinks Dong-Eun slept with Shin-Tae.

Yeon-Jin drives to the school and breaks into the classroom. She asks Dong-Eun if she’s Ye-Sol’s homeroom teacher. Dong-Eun tells Yeon-Jin that her daughter’s feet are small and soft. Yeon-Jin asks Dong-Eun if it’s a coincidence. Dong-Eun denies it.

Yeon-Jin laughs to ask Dong-Eun if she walked into her trap. She asks her how long she has planned it. Dong-Eun mentions what she said that Yeon-Jin is her dream. She adds that she told her that she will see her again. She reveals it was fun to reach her.

Yeon-Jin yells at Dong-Eun that she wishes her to be killed in the school. Dong-Eun tells Yeon-Jin to follow her rules. Yeon-Jin tells Dong-Eun to give it a try. She tries to leave the classroom. But she receives a message from Hye-Jeong who tells her that their homeroom teacher is dead. Yeon-Jin takes a look at Dong-Eun.

It flashes back. Dong-Eun tells Jong-Moon that she became a teacher like him. She hands over the flowers to him. But he refuses to accept the flowers. Soo-Han takes over the flowers for his father. He explains to Dong-Eun that his father has asthma. So she congratulates on the passing of his exam.

Soo-Han is surprised that Dong-Eun knew he passed the exam. He tells his father that he needs to get interviewed. He worries about the interview. Dong-Eun comforts Soo-Han that his family is full of outstanding educators. She mentions Jong-Moon took off his watch.

Jong-Moon yells at Dong-Eun. He hits her with the flowers. He regrets for not killing her. She mentions he ruined her life. Soo-Han pushes Jong-Moon into the house and he closes the door because he worries that the people will know what his father did.

Soo-Han asks Dong-Eun what his father did to her. She tells him that she’s going to post what his father did to her on the official forum. She mentions she was only seventeen years old when she was hurt. Soo-Han goes to see Jong-Moon. He tells him to do something for his son. He reminds him that he will reach the goal if he passes the interview. Jong-Moon promises to help Soo-Han. He asks her to open the window when he coughs because of the flowers. But Soo-Han rejects it and kicks away his father’s treatment. Jong-Moon passes out.

Dong-Eun tells Yeon-Jin that the one who killed Jong-Moon was her. She believes that Ye-Sol will be her punishment. Yeon-Jin grabs Dong-Eun’s clothes. She tells her that she will take her life if she touches her daughter. Dong-Eun wonders what Yeon-Jin will do to her since she has ruined her body and her soul.

Dong-Eun shakes off Yeon-Jin’s hand. She tells her that she will keep following Ye-Sol. She thinks it’s time to let her suffer. Yeon-Jin parks her car. She’s furious after she ruined her skirt by mistake. Hyeon-Nam tails Hye-Jeong on the bus. Hye-Jeong texts Sa-Ra. She asks her how much she’s going to give her at her wedding. Sa-Ra tells Hye-Jeong that she will only give her 100 won. Hye-Jeong’s smiling is frozen. She takes a look at the window. She sees Hyeon-Nam. But she turns around and finds out that she falls asleep.

The follower takes Do-Yeong home. He asks him to hold the umbrella and he tries to hand over the expensive wine to him. But Do-Yeong tells the follower to enjoy the wine after knowing the wine was given by Shin-Tae. The follower tells Do-Yeong that he doesn’t know how to drink the wine. Do-Yeong tells the follower to buy a bottle of wine from the convenience store. She tells him that he will know how to drink the wine after he drinks it.

Does Myeong-O See So-Hee’s Dead Body?

Do-Yeong puts his watch into the box. He thinks of Dong-Eun. Ye-Sol calls Do-Yeong. He’s happy to hug her. Dong-Eun watches the two. She writes a letter to Yeon-Jin. She meets with the school nurse at the cafe. She thanks her for sending the photos to her. The school nurse asks Dong-Eun if she was close to So-Hee.

Dong-Eun tells the school nurse that she was a bystander when So-Hee got bullied. She tells her that she doesn’t want to be a bystander anymore. The school nurse realizes that Dong-Eun is going to take revenge. She wishes her to win. She tells her that she has taken her side. Dong-Eun promises to win.

Dong-Eun goes to see Myeong-O. He mentions she met with Yeon-Jin. She asks him if he betrayed her. He denies it and asks her if she had meal. He takes her to the restaurant and gives Sa-Ra’s drug account book to her. He mentions the hair he gave her. She tells him that it’s matched.

Myeong-O is surprised that Jae-Jun has a kid. He asks Dong-Eun about the kid. But she refuses to leak it. She tells him to go to the mortuary. She adds that he will be rich after he sees the dead body. Myeong-O goes to the mortuary. He sees So-Hee’s name. He asks the doctor to let him see So-Hee’s dead body. But the doctor rejects it because Myeong-O needs to be accompanied by So-Hee’s family.

The Glory K-Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Episode 4 of The Glory K-Drama ends with Dong-Eun visiting So-Hee’s mother with presents. Myeong-O is happy to leave the hospital. Yeo-Jeong goes to see the patient Jeong-Hwan. But he finds out that Jeong-Hwan is missing. The nurse tells Yeo-Jeong that Jeong-Hwan is dead. Yeo-Jeong shows up at Jeong-Hwan’s funeral. He’s shocked.

Ye-Sol returns home. Yeon-Jin is nervous to ask her daughter if she was beaten by someone when she checks her body. Ye-Sol denies it. Do-Yeong goes to the Go club to look for Dong-Eun. He tries to leave after he found out that she’s not in the club. But he runs into her. Do-Yeong stares at Dong-Eun when she ties her hair. He plays Go with her. She defeats him. He gives some cash to her. She tries to leave. But he stops her and tells her that he will pay her more if she wins again.

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