The Glory K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 7. Yeo-Jeong wears the clothes for Dong-Eun. She asks him if her scars are hard to look at. He tells her to call him when she’s in trouble. He takes off the button from his sleeve. He sews her sleeve with the button. He asks her about the person she wants to defeat.

What Dong-Eun Wants from Yeon-Jin?

The Glory K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 7.

Do-Yeong tries to call Myeong-O. But Myeong-O doesn’t pick up Do-Yeong’s phone. Do-Yeong drops his phone. He sees the wedding photo of Yeon-Jin and Jae-Jun. Yeon-Jin walks into the study. She’s surprised to see the wedding photo. He mentions the people in the photos are her friends. He points out that Myeong-O isn’t in the photo.

Yeon-Jin wonders how did Do-Yeong know Myeong-O. She admits that she often sees Jae-Jun and Myeong-O. But she didn’t talk with Myeong-O. She wonders if Myeong-O told something to Do-Yeong. Do-Yeong thinks his wife acted weird. He mentions she thought Myeong-O threatened him when he talked about the guy.

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Yeon-Jin checks the records of Do-Yeong’s car. She finds out that he met with Jae-Jun. Dong-Eun tells Yeo-Jeong that she was close to Do-Yeong because she wishes Yeon-Jin to have nobody. She tells him that she defeated Do-Yeong because of him. He smiles to ask her to play Go with him.

Hyeon-Nam goes to the shaman’s place. She asks the girl is the shaman is good. The girl reveals the shaman can resolve any problem for her clients. Dong-Eun goes to the laundry. The guy wants to sew on a new button for her. But she rejects it.

The secretary walks into Sang-Im’s office. She reports to her that she sent a plant to Yeo-Jeong. She places the mail on the table. Sang-Im’s smiling is frozen when she sees the letter of Yeong-Cheon. She reads the letter and finds out that Yeong-Cheon told Yeo-Jeong that he killed his father.

Yeo-Jeong runs on the street. He returns home and chooses a knife. He intends to kill Yeong-Cheon with the knife. Dong-Eun waits for Sa-Ra in the church. Sa-Ra carries the bag to show up. She throws the bag to Dong-Eun. She blames her for choosing the holy place.

Dong-Eun tells Sa-Ra that she likes the place. She opens the bag and takes a look at the cash. She tries to leave. Sa-Ra stops Dong-Eun. She thinks Dong-Eun won’t go to heaven. Sa-Ra believes that she can go to heaven because she asked for forgiveness.

But Dong-Eun tells Sa-Ra that she will go to hell. Sa-Ra asks Dong-Eun to tell her about her plan. Dong-Eun threatens to report it to Sa-Ra’s father. She shakes off her hand and walks away. Sa-Ra is furious to yell at Dong-Eun.

Dong-Eun takes Seon-A to the place. She tells her that she needs to take an assessment test. She reveals she’s going to send her to the United States to study. Seon-A laughs. Because she thinks Dong-Eun lied to her. She doesn’t believe that she has the money. Dong-Eun tells Seon-A that she’s very rich. She gets the message from someone who asks her if she got the money.

Do-Yeong praises Ye-Sol and hands over the water to her after she played soccer. She invites him to come to the open class. But she worries that he will be busy. He promises to come to the open class. He asks her about the homeroom teacher who Yeon-Jin dislikes. But she tells him that the homeroom teacher is Yeon-Jin’s friend.

Jae-Jun asks Hye-Jeong about Do-Yeong when he drinks. She reveals Do-Yeong is the one who looks down on flight attendants. She walks to him and shows the wedding dress to him. She believes that he will know Do-Yeong if he’s close to him.

Jae-Jun mentions Do-Yeong’s eyes. Hye-Jeong is surprised that Jae-Jun met with Do-Yeong. Jae-Jun touches Hye-Jeong’s chest. He tells her to get married. He reminds her that Tae-Uk got married many times. She’s furious to throw a fit to the sellers. She tells them that the wedding dress is very tight.

Hye-Jeong takes a look at the group photos of her and Jae-Jun. She throws the group photos into the trash can. She takes a look at the ring Tae-Uk gave her. She thinks it’s fine that her stone is bigger than Yeon-Jin. Yeon-Jin is furious to break into Jae-Jun’s house. She doesn’t find him from his house. She texts him and asks him if he met with her husband. He tells her to go to look for his watch.

Yeon-Jin picks up Jae-Jun’s phone. She blames him for not answering her phone. He points out that she ignored his phone first. She tells him that she wants to see him right now. But he hangs up and calls Ye-Sol when he sees her. She doesn’t cross the road because she cannot see the green light.

Jae-Jun notes it. He runs to Ye-Sol and hugs her. He tells her that he felt happy to see her. She comforts him that she knows how to cross the road. She asks him if he came for her mother. But he tells her that he came to see her. He yells at the driver after the driver honked the horn. He tells Ye-Sol that he will protect her.

Hye-Jeong walks into Myeong-O’s house. She finds out that he’s not in the house. She opens the suitcase and sees the stuff he stole from Jae-Jun. Sa-Ra shows up. She startles Hye-Jeong. Hye-Jeong thinks Sa-Ra should be in church.

Sa-Ra tells Hye-Jeong that she wanted to know who would come. Hye-Jeong realizes that Sa-Ra made the mess. Sa-Ra tells Hye-Jeong that the door opened when she knocked at it. Hye-Jeong worries that Myeong-O will attend her wedding and show some weird photos.

Sa-Ra wonders why Myeong-O is going to do so to Hye-Jeong. Hye-Jeong mentions the guy has feelings for her. Sa-Ra hands over the paper to Hye-Jeong. Hye-Jeong remembers Myeong-O told her that he wants to go to Russia. Someone rings the bell. It startles the two women.

Yeon-Jin shows up. She asks Sa-Ra and Hye-Jeong what happened. Hye-Jeong tells Yeon-Jin that Myeong-O is missing. Yeon-Jin tells Hye-Jeong to report it to the police. Sa-Ra is against it. Hye-Jeong agrees to what Sa-Ra said. She thinks she shouldn’t appear at police station because she’s going to get married.

Yeon-Jin doesn’t want to report it to the police as well. Hye-Jeong asks her friends if Myeong-O called them. Yeon-Jin denies it. Hye-Jeong reveals she got a call from Myeong-O. Sa-Ra tells Hye-Jeong that Myeong-O wanted to send a present to her when he called her.

Sa-Ra asks Hye-Jeong if Myeong-O wanted to give her a present as well. Hye-Jeong complains to Yeon-Jin that Myeong-O confessed his feelings to her. She wonders why the guy thought he can get her. Yeon-Jin laughs because she thinks Hye-Jeong did something to Myeong-O. She tells Hye-Jeong that it’s a punishment. Her smiling is frozen when she walks away.

Yeo-Jeong returns home. He sees Jeong-Mi’s resume. He interviews her. He goes to see the psychiatrist. He tells her that he felt better after he changed the environment. He tells her that it’s the last time he sees her because he thinks she didn’t resolve his problem.

Yeo-Jeong dives. He remembers Yeong-Cheon killed his father. Jae-Jun calls Lawyer Park. He tells him that he wants to take back his daughter. Lawyer Park persuades Jae-Jun to make Yeon-Jin get a divorce. Hyeon-Nam meets with Dong-Eun. She tells her that she followed the thugs and saw Yeong-Jun.

Hyeon-Nam thinks she’s a good spy. She wishes to apply a red stick on her lips. Dong-Eun believes that Myeong-O was killed by Yeon-Jin’s thugs. She thinks Myeong-O bought a ticket because he met with Yeon-Jin. Hyeon-Nam asks Dong-Eun what she wants to get from Myeong-O.

It flashes back. Dong-Eun tells Myeong-O that Yeon-Jin killed So-Hee. He asks her about the evidence. She shows the tag to him. She tells him that So-Hee held the tag when she fell off the rooftop. He takes a look at the tag. He realizes that she was there. She admits it and tells him to call her when he arranges a meeting with Yeon-Jin. She promises to give the money the him. Because she only wants to get Yeon-Jin’s confession.

Hyeon-Nam wonders how Dong-Eun can get Yeon-Jin’s confession since Myeong-O is killed. Dong-Eun intends to go to look for Myeong-O. Hye-Jeong meets with Tae-Uk’s mother. She hands over her medical result to her. Tae-Uk’s mother is happy to walk to Dong-Eun when she sees her.

Dong-Eun recognizes Hye-Jeong. She tells Tae-Uk’s mother that Hye-Jeong was her classmate. Tae-Uk’s mother reveals Hye-Jeong is going to get married with her son. Dong-Eun congratulates Hye-Jeong and walks away. Tae-Uk’s mother blames Hye-Jeong for not greeting Dong-Eun.

Hye-Jeong follows Dong-Eun and stops her before she gets in the car. She asks her for a talk. Yeon-Jin breaks into Jae-Jun’s room. She yells at him and blames him for not picking up her phones. She asks him if he asked her husband for a meeting up.

The Glory K-Drama: Episode 7 Ending

Episode 7 of The Glory K-Drama ends with Jae-Jun telling Yeon-Jin that Do-Yeong visited him and asked him about Myeong-O. He grabs her neck and pushes her to the mirror. He blames her for letting Do-Yeong be Ye-Sol’s father. He asks her if she loved him. He kisses her. She kisses him back.

Do-Yeong arrives at the school. He walks into the classroom and smiles when Ye-Sol waves at him. But he sees Jae-Jun. Jae-Jun joins Do-Yeong. Do-Yeong wonders why Jae-Jun came to the open class. Jae-Jun tells Do-Yeong that he came to the place for a friend.

Dong-Eun shows up. She introduces herself as the homeroom teacher of the students. Jae-Jun tells Do-Yeong that he went to same high school with Dong-Eun. Do-Yeong mentions Jae-Jun went to same high school with his wife. Jae-Jun admits it. He thinks he and Yeon-Jin can see each other’s true side. He asks Do-Yeong if he was taken something by someone.

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