The Mythical Realm: Chapter 3 Breaking Heaven

Ye Yun cannot believe it that he can see the atmosphere without replying little light spell. Although the dark fog is still in there, it does nothing on him. The Female Ice Crystal Snow Snake lies on the ground and her body was split into two pieces, the male snake also died.

The Mythical Realm: Chapter 3 Breaking Heaven

The Mythical Realm

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Yun can feel the power which comes from his eyes and there isn’t any wound on his body which he is lighter than before so that he can jump 10 miles away without any problem. He even can hear insect’s singing far away from 1,000 miles.

Ye Yun frowns and hits the ancient tree.


The tree gets a big hole because Ye Yun’s one hit.

There is a kind of mysterious power flows inside his body, it’s not his current level can achieve and increased 10 times.

Ye Yun is shocked and jumps to kicks another tree into two pieces. He recalls a black and while light fell from the heaven and casts on his body when he was attacked by snakes, then he fainted.

“Did the black and white light change my body?” Ye Yun takes a deep breath and doesn’t feel anything but power.

Did God give me the present after seeing my unwilling?

Liu Dao Lie stands around a group of boys with sneering at square outside mountain gate.

“Can you hear my words? All of rookie students should pay 70% spirit stone while training each month, you can only pay 50% six months later, then pay 20% one year later. You can go to beast tower if thinking the rule is strict.”

“Yes sir!” The boys tremble with fear after hearing what Liu Dao Lie said.

“That’s good!” Liu Dao Lie nods with satisfied.

A boy shoots a glance at Liu Dao Lie with anger.

“Any question, Shen Mo?” Liu Dao Lie’s face falls with cold expression.

“It’s forbidden to skimp spirit stone” Shen Mo grits his teeth.

“Forbidden? So you can ask other teachers about it.” Liu Dao Lie laughs and waves towards his back, “You didn’t respect your teacher as a rookie student, I sends you to beast tower, thinking about your mistake for several months.”

Two students from his back walk towards Shen Mo with cold expression.

Boys know the beast tower isn’t the place he can go, especial Shen Mo didn’t practice any basic spell.

Shen Mo’s shoulders trembled, but his eyes are full of aggressive and doesn’t beg for forgiving.

“Liu Dao Lie! Do you think you can do anything you want?”

A clear voice which comes from behind.

Liu Dao Lie is stunned and looks for the voice, “How dare you appear here since you fled for three days and didn’t complete your task! I will send you to beast tower with Shen Mo.”

“Three days? Did I lose three days?”

Ye Yun walks step by step. The black and white light not only changed his body, but also giving him confidence. He has a strong feeling that he doesn’t have to fear anything and look down himself. He wants to have his career even if he will die.

Liu Dao Lie’s henchmen ignore Shen Mo and rush towards Ye Yun.

Ye Yun sneers and actives his power.


The henchmen fly and fall on the ground.

The atmosphere is frozen.

Nobody did expect the result. Liu Dao Lie covered the heaven replying his relationship with his senior and nobody could oppose him the past years. The rookie students know Ye Yun’s degree and he wasn’t the henchmen’s opponent before. He can hit them away with just one hit now.

Liu Dao Lie opens his eyes widely and can feel the pressure which comes from Ye Yun.

Ye Yun looks at Liu Dao Lie with cold expression and asks Shen Mo, “Are you ok?”

“I’m Ok, thanks!” Shen Mo shakes his head and looks shy.

Ye Yun says, “Please go away! I am going to settle some old accounts with Liu Dao Lie.”

Shen Mo is excited and says, “Ye Yun, be careful!”

Liu Dao Lie’s face falls deeply because both guys ignored him.

“Ye Yun! One thing I have to remind you that the rule wasn’t set by myself and the spirit stones in here don’t only belong to me.”

Ye Yun knows what Liu Dao Lie means. However he doesn’t have time to think about it since he made the decision. He takes a deep breath and walks one step forwards and sees the palace which hides inside fog behind Liu Dao Lie. There is arrogant intention which comes from his body.

Liu Dao Lie’s hands shake and send the sound of frying beans. He achieved 4th realm of training viscus, his skin and flesh are firm which gives him ability to block any injury, his blood is full of spirit power.

“Ye Yun! You avoided and delayed your task first, then hurt my students. I will kill you!” His voice falls into each rookie student’s ears just like swords.

“Ye Yun! Why are you so impulse?”

“You’re ending is miserable even if you can break your current level and defeat Liu Dao Lie. Because the stone is given to the Candle of Heaven Peak’s seniors.”

“Ye Yun is outstanding in the rookie students, he ends his future by himself now.”

Rookie students talk about Ye Yun privately and think he is going to die.

“Senior Ye, be careful!” Shen Mo takes a deep breath, but he doesn’t draw back.

“You’re weakest among the rookie students, but is a man.” Ye Yun smiles and touches Shen Mo’s head. Shen Mo blushes.

“I give you a change that you can attack first.” Liu Dao Lie stands by himself and his momentum has already hit top.

Ye Yun looks at him with cold eyes, “I will give you the chance if you want to die.”

He moves his fee and turns himself into a fierce tiger.

Liu Dao Lie waves his palm and says, “Opening mountain and cracking table hand.”

Opening mountain and cracking table hand is a kind of martial art which comes from the Sword of Heaven sect, most of rookie students cannot block it although it’s low level of martial art.

“Tiger yells at forest.”

Ye Yun doesn’t learn any low level of martial art, the tiger yells at forest is the basic martial art which each rookie student must learn.


A person’s shadow flies and hits the table falling after one hit.

Ye Yun looks at Liu Dao Lie’s falling with sneer.

Everybody doesn’t expect this result.

Liu Dao Lie’s mouth is bleeding and struggles to get up, but his hands and feet are weak and trips heavily. He cannot believes the scene which happened just now.

“It’s impossible! There is something wrong.”

He gives himself a big slap and is shocked that he was defeated by Ye Yun.

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