The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 6 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 6. Rose City Chief thinks Han Shuo used Qian Qian to get dragon bone, and she wants to make him be a disabled person again.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 6 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 6.

The spy Ms. Yang visits Han Shuo and thanks him for playing the fireworks to save her. He denies and asks her to protect Qian Qian.

Zi Zhu treats Chu Chu and thinks Rose City Chief has given her throne to Qian Qian so that Qian Qian knew the location of dragon bone. He blames Qian Qian for playing fireworks.

Qian Qian pretends to lose her martial arts, and tells Han Shuo to join Chu Chu. But Zi Rui points out that Chu Chu’s situation isn’t well because Qian Qian played fireworks and made her injured. Han Shuo tells Qian Qian that he won’t leave her.

Rose City Chief catches Han Shuo and wants to take away his bone because he tempted Qian Qian to steal dragon bone. Qian Qian tries her best to protect Han Shuo.

Han Shuo wakes up and break the chains. He tells people not to hurt Qian Qian. Qian Qian tears up, and Han Shuo tells Chu Chu to take away his bone.

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Qian Qian stops Chu Chu. Rose City Chief reminds Qian Qian the duty as third princess. Qian Qian gives up her position and becomes common people for Han Shuo.

Su Mu tells Bei Heng that Qian Qian’s common people now, and thinks Lin Qi will bully her.

Yuan Yuan complains that Qian Qian didn’t steal dragon bone to cure her legs. Su Mu takes the book for Yuan Yuan. The servant shows up and drives Su Mu away because he’s a musician.

Yuan Yuan scolds the servant and thinks Su Mi was the only one who squatted down to talk with her.

Lin Qi takes the creditors to take away the property from Qian Qian. Han Shuo shows up and tells Lin Qi that he will raise Qian Qian.

Lin Qi wants to beat Qian Qian. Bei Heng shows up with bodyguards, and claims that he’s the fiance of Qian Qian. He thinks Qian Qian is still the most honorable woman in rose city. Lin Qi is furious to push Qian Qian into water.

Pei Heng takes care of Qian Qian and plays zither for her. Han Shuo brings the medicine to Qian Qian, and tells Bai Ji to lock up the room so that Pei Heng cannot be close to Qian Qian.

Han Shuo tells Qian Qian that his dowry is enough to raise her. She asks for his dowry, and he tells her to call him husband.

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