“Ugly Beauty” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Ugly Beauty” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a man Chen Mo who suspects the actress Yao Menggui killing another actress Li Daixuan. He wants to find the real looks under her face. So he becomes her assistant. But he doesn’t expect that he falls for her.

“Ugly Beauty” is adapted from Bayue Changan’s novel “The looks Under the Face”.

Zhenghe Huizi and Huang Shengchi are the lead actors.

Zhenghe Huizi starred Chinese romance drama “Love is Fate” in 2019. She played the role Ma Keai. She also starred “Bedtime Hero” in 2018. She played the role Ai Mei.

Huang Shengchi starred Chinese romance dramaMountains and Ocean” in 2019. He played a man Ye Lin who falls for his older brother’s girlfriend. He also starred “Summer’s Desire” in 2018.

Ugly Beauty (2021)

Ugly Beauty


Title: Ugly Beauty

Director: Shen Qingyuan

Writer: Bayue Changan

Network: Youku

Runtime: From May. 11

Episodes: 24

Language: Chinese


Li Daixuan hands over the flowers to Song Ci. He thanks her. But she points out that he prefers to star the drama “First Snow in the Summer” with Yao Menggui. Yao Menggui shows up. Li Daixuan throws the flowers to Yao Menggui’s face. She begs her to forgive her. Chen Mo spots it and takes a photo of the two.

The curtain hits Song Ci when he acts the drama with Yao Menggui. He’s sent to the hospital. She catches the chance to flee. Chen Mo spots Yao Menggui and tries to tail her. But she bumps him and makes his camera fall into the sewer. He visits Xiang Jiao and tells him that he lost his camera. Xiang Jiao punishes Chen Mo from sitting on Chen Mo when he does plank.

Chen Mo learns that Li Daixuan took her life last night. He thinks Yao Menggui murdered Li Daixuan. He wants to become her assistant to find her secret. But the manager Chang Ming doesn’t want to hire male assistant. Yao Mengguo appears and tells Chen Mo to be her assistant. She doesn’t want to hire a female because she worries the woman will find out that she’s not the real Yao Menggui.


Zhenghe Huizi as Xiao Mu (Yao Menggui)

She’s a girl who hands over the foods to the customers. She is surprised to meet with her sister Yao Mengguo who has been a popular actress. She agrees to pretend to be her sister because they have parted for many years. But Chen Mo finds her secret.

Huang Shengchi as Chen Mo

He’s a paparazzi who spots Yao Mengguo and Li Daixuan’s fight. He wants to find the truth after knowing Li Daixuan takes her life after she jumped off the building.

Hu Wenzhe as Song Ci

He’s a top actor. He likes Yao Mengguo because she doesn’t cover herself.

Li Dianzui as Xiang Jiao

He’s Chen Mo’s boss. He earns money from getting Chen Mo to take photos of actresses. But he’s a kindness man. He has a sister Tang Tang who always brings troubles to him.

Zheng Miao as Tang Tang

She’s the president of Song Ci’s fan group. She loves him deeply.

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