Use for My Talent: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix Chinese drama Use for My Talent: Episode 2. Gu Renqi asks for his vacuum cleaner, and shows a photo of Shi Shuangjiao to her. He tells her that he won’t ask her for the repair fees, and promises to give her the money reward. He shows the number to her, and blames her for stealing his vacuum cleaner.

Use for My Talent: Episode 2 Recap

Use for My Talent

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Chinese drama Use for My Talent: Episode 2.

Gu Renqi thinks Shi Shuangjiao is a moth because she blackmailed him. She feels wronged because she just picked his vacuum cleaner. He thinks her value is distortion. She holds his hand and sees the number. She learns that Shi Junjie did it. She promises to return the vacuum cleaner to him because she has a good moral standing. She tells him that she will see him in the company.

Shi Shuangjiao takes Shi Junjie down and asks him if he knows about his fault. She asks him who told him to do that. He claims that he just wanted to take the money which belongs to him. She tells him that he almost killed her. Zhu Yan stops Shi Shuangjiao and reminds her that she will damage her skin if she always gets angry.

Zhu Yan tells Shi Shuangjiao that they appointed to go out for dinner because she got herself a new job. Senior texts Shi Shuangjiao and asks her for a favor. Gu Renqi meets with Uncle Jin and asks him if he hired Shi Shuangjiao. He thinks he shouldn’t hire the girl because the department is gong to be dissolved.

Uncle Jin explains that Shi Shuangjiao is very outstanding. But Gu Renqi thinks the company doesn’t need the girl. Uncle Jin tells Gu Renqi that he won’t give up artificial cleaning. He asks him to give him three months, and thinks machine cannot replace human being. But Gu Renqi doesn’t want talk about it.

Uncle Jin tells Gu Renqi that machine cannot do the emotion like human being. Gu Renqi agrees to it, and thinks human being chooses to forget the faults they had. He adds that the machine will always be right if they fix it. Uncle Jin tells Gu Renqi that his grandpa wished him to become a better man so that he did that to him. But Gu Renqi points out that his grandpa was so selfish. Uncle Jin tells Gu Renqi that his grandpa saw what he did.

It flashes back. Grandpa shows the examination paper to Gu Renqi, and scolds him for not getting a full mark. He thinks he’s a dirty stuff who didn’t work hard. He’s furious to throw the examination paper to him. Gu Renqi takes a shower to wash himself.

Grandpa learns that Gu Renqi is going to study abroad. He tells him to study the business management. But Gu Renqi claims that he doesn’t want to study that. Grandpa scolds Gu Renqi and thinks artificial intelligence cannot provide enough foods to him.

Shi Shuangjiao returns the vacuum cleaner to Gu Renqi. She tries to leave but she passes out. He carries her into his car, and tells her that she will bring troubles to other people if she does so. Shi Shuangjiao’s head touches Gu Renqi’s shoulder. It startles him.

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The nurse tells Gu Renqi that Shi Shuangjiao will be fine once she takes a break. She tells him to buy Shi Shuangjiao the porridge because she mistakes him as her boyfriend.

Shi Shuangjiao wakes up and wonders why she’s in the hospital. She spots Lu Xian and asks him about it. He tells her that she got stomach illness because of eating. He gives the banana to him. She tries to eat it. But he puts the banana into his mouth, and tells her that she cannot eat it.

Lu Xian thinks the young people don’t know how to protect themselves. He feeds Shi Shuangjiao the soup. She asks him if he sent her to the hospital. He reveals he went to pick her up. He adds that her brother and her father came last night, and they didn’t wake her up because she fell asleep.

Lu Xian tells Shi Shuangjiao that her father wanted to accompany her. Shi Shuangjiao rejects it and thinks asking for leave isn’t a good thing. He says that he came to pick her because he has many time.

Lu Xian tells Shi Shuangjiao that the elevator doesn’t work when it overloads. He tells her that his families won’t feel happy to accept her paying when she gives herself too many pressure. He thinks she should take care of herself if she wants to protect her families. He tells her to pack her stuff because the doctor said that she can leave. He thinks she will be wronged to take his motorcycle. He adds that he won’t charge her.

The assistant finds a stool on Gu Renqi’s car. He tells him not to come too fast. But Gu Renqi shows up and asks the assistant Dong Xian about the smell after he got into the car. Dong Xian explains that it’s a smell of disinfection water. But Gu Renqi doesn’t believe it, and thinks the seat was sat by Shi Shuangjiao. But he remembers that he washed it.

Dong Xian asks Gu Renqi if he offended someone. Gu Renqi denies. Shi Shuangjiao arrives at the company. She feels happy to get into the building. But the girl tells her that she cannot take the steamed stuffed bun to get into the building. She tells her to come after she eats it.

Shi Shuangjiao tells the girl to keep her breakfast because she’s going to be late. She greets Gu Renqi when she’s cleaning the office. But he thinks she’s not serious to do that. He asks her if she smelled some weird smell. She smells at him, and thinks the smell comes from him. But she doesn’t believe that he would do that. So she tells him that she didn’t smell anything.

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