“Unforgettable Love” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Unforgettable Love” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about the president He Qiaoyan who makes a proposal to the psychologist Qin Yiyue after he knew that his son He Weifei wants the girl to be his mom.

Unforgettable Love is adapted from Chinese romance novelPresident He’s Wife“.

Unforgettable Love (2021 Chinese Drama)

Unforgettable Love


He Qiaoyan gives a speech. The reporter asks him if he has a son. He admits it. Qin Ziyue meets with her ex-boyfriend Zhou Ziyang and his new girl. She thanks the girl for helping her keep the trash. He Weifei throws He Qiaoyan’s laptop away in his office. The secretary has to contact the president.

He Qiaoyan shows up. He tells his son to get off from the desk. But He Weifei rejects it because his father broke the rules. He Qiaoyan asks the follower to go to invite the doctor Ke Yizha. But the follower tells him that the doctor resigned. He Qiaoyan tells the follower to go to find a way himself.

The secretary reminds He Qiaoyan that he has to leave. He Qiaoyan walks to his son. He tells him that his time isn’t for him. The follower tells He Qianyan that he cannot handle He Weifei. He Qiaoyan carries his son.

Qin Yiyue has the hot pot with Yang Ruowei. She is drunk to lean on her shoulder. Yang Ruowei tells Qin Yiyue that Zhou Ziyang will get a award. Qin Yiyue reveals the thesis was written by her. Yang Ruowei thinks Zhou Ziyang did it too much. Qin Yiyue is furious to take the cab.

He Weifei leaves the room when He Qiaoyan is studying the live streaming. He goes to the hall but he’s chased by the girls. He runs away and almost gets hit by the cart. Qin Yiyue saves He Weifei. She asks him if he was hurt. He stares at the girls. He screams.

Qin Yiyue hugs He Weifei and comforts him. She gives the handkerchief and the pumpkin doll to him. She asks him to return the poster to the bodyguard. He agrees to it. The follower shows up. He tells Qin Yiyue that he’s the follower of He Qiaoyan. She’s furious to tell him to tell He Qiaoyan to take care of his son.

Qin Yiyue mistakes He Qiaoyan as the jerk Zhou Ziyang when he’s looking for Xiao Bao. She rushes to push him into the room. She takes the bag to beat him. She blames him for doing it to her, and mentions she’s waited for him for three years. She asks him if she’s a dishcloth to him. She tells him that he will report to President He that the author isn’t him. She thinks the boss will make the right choice if she’s smart enough.

He Qiaoyan turns on the light. She spots his face. The two hug each other because Qin Yiyue’s hair tangles He Qiaoyan’s hair. The girl spots the scene when she watches the show. She learns the reason He Qiaoyan asked them to leave. But Secretary Dong asks her to turn off the live streaming.

Qin Yiyue cuts off her hair with the scissors so that she and He Qiaoyan part. She tells him that she will take the duty if he was hurt. But he rejects it. She thinks it’s a good thing to her. She takes her bag and leaves the room. She goes to the hall and runs into Zhou Ziyang. She ignores him when he walks to her with his new girlfriend. He Qiaoyan doesn’t give the award to Zhou Ziyang because he knows he’s not the author of the thesis.

He Qiaoyan takes off Qin Yiyue’s hair from his tie. He spots her resume and learns that she is a child psychologist. He throws her resume into the trash can. He Qiaoyan walks into He Weifei’s room and gets him to go to sleep. But He Weifei gets up from the bed after He Qiaoyan left. He smells the handkerchief Qin Yiyue gave him. He remembers his mom wiped his face with the handkerchief. He Qiaoyan has a nightmare that he cannot move after he got involved in the car accident. But the woman takes his son away.

He Qiaoyan wakes up. He makes a cup of coffee for himself, and goes to work. But Wen Gu shows up and drinks up the coffee. He asks He Qiaoyan about the girl he hugged. He shows the footage to him. He Qiaoyan asks Wen Gu if people saw the woman. He worries that he will get involved.

He Qiaoyan tells Wen Gu that the woman’s document is in the trash can. Wen Gu takes a look at Qin Yiyue’s resume. He gives the resume to He Qiaoyan before he leaves. Yang Ruowei notes that Qin Yiyue woke up. She tells her to take a break. But Qin Yiyue rejects it because she has an important patient.

Yang Ruowei reminds Qin Yiyue that the kids will call her aunt if they see her dark circle. Qin Yiyue talks back that the people in the hospital call her little sister. Yang Ruowei shows the news to Qin Yiyue. She thinks she did a big thing last night. Qin Yiyue is confused.

He Qiaoyan goes to see He Weifei. He’s surprised that he still doesn’t wake up. He thinks it’s weird. He spots the handkerchief he grabs. He takes it away. He Weifei chases Aunt Liu and screams. He Qiaoyan shows up. He asks He Weifei what happened.

He Weifei points at the handkerchief in the basin. He Qiaoyan hands over the basin to his son. But He Weifei smells the handkerchief and throws it away. Aunt Liu reveals she washed the handkerchief. She doesn’t know where the stuff came from.


Hu Yixuan as Qin Yiyue

She’s a psychologist who got dumped by her boyfriend.

Wei Zheming as He Qiaoyan

He’s a president who is very lonely. The only person who can warm him is his son.

Sun Sicheng as He Weifei

He’s He Qiaoyan’s son who has autism. He likes Qin Yiyue after she gave him the handkerchief.

Sheng Huizi as Yang Ruowei

She’s Qin Yiyue’s best friend.


He Qiaoyan takes He Weifei to the hospital. The dean comforts He Qiaoyan that Doctor Hu will take care of his son. He Weifei screams in the room. The follower is startled. He intends to call He Qiaoyan. Qin Yiyue shows up. She thinks He Weifei doesn’t like the place. So she takes him to another after she let him hold her hand.

The little girl Guo Guo is warm to He Weifei even if he told her not to be close to him. She tells him that she wants to be a friend of him. Qin Yiyue scolds Guo Guo. Guo Guo is happy to hug Qin Yiyue. Qin Yiyue puts the little girl aside.

Guo Guo wants to tangle He Weifei. Qin Yiyue stops Guo Guo and tricks her to go to another room. Qin Yiyue tells He Weifei that he belongs to her. She gives him a lollipop. He Qiaoyan shows up. He spots the two.

He Qiaoyan lets Qin Yiyue walk aside. He calls her aunt. She’s furious to take a look at him. She recognizes him. He thinks she set a trap for him last night. He blames her for getting his company involved. He asks her how much money she wants to get. She asks for 200 yuan. But he thinks she’s mocking him.

Qin Yiyue tells He Qiaoyan that her hairstyle cannot be messed up because she’s a girl. She claims that she wants to invite the best stylist to take care of her hair. He tells He Weifei to be careful because there’re so many weird aunts there. He tries to take him away. But He Weifei hands over the note to Qin Yiyue. He tells her that he wants to be a friend of her. She smiles. But He Qiaoyan takes away the note. He leaves with his son.

Qin Yiyue waves to He Weifei. She calls He Qiaoyan weird uncle. He Qiaoyan blames his son for giving the note to Qin Yiyue because he hasn’t received it from him. He Weifei hands over the note to He Qiaoyan. He tells him that he likes the doctor. He reveals the handkerchief was given by Qin Yiyue.

He Weifei tells He Qiaoyan that he wants Qin Yiyue to be his family doctor. He Qiaoyan hesitates because the data shows that Qin Yiyue isn’t the right doctor for his son. Wen Gu asks He Qiaoyan about Qin Yiyue’s character. He Qiaoyan thinks Qin Yiyue is a weird woman. Wen Gu thinks He Weifei is like his father who’s good at knowing women.

He Qiaoyan takes away the lollipop from He Weifei when he falls asleep. He takes a look at the lollipop, and decides to believe in He Weifei one time. But Secretary Dong reports to him that Qin Yiyue refused to be the personal doctor. Wen Gu is interested in Qin Yiyue.

He Qiaoyan decides to send a e-mail to Qin Yiyue. Wen Gu adds He Qiaoyan’s handsome photos into the e-mail. Qin Yiyue thinks He Qiaoyan is a narcissism person after seeing his photos. He visits her with a suitcase of cashes. She tells him that she cannot be his personal doctor because she’s a employed doctor.

He Qiaoyan tells Qin Yiyue that her salary will be double. She asks him if he thinks everything can be resolved by money. He admits it. She asks him if the childhood trauma of the kid can be resolved by money as well. He tells her that he can satisfy the kid and her.

Qin Yiyue closes the suitcase. She tells He Qiaoyan that she doesn’t want to see him because he offended her. He takes the suitcase to leave. He Qiaoyan thinks the project is very troublesome. Wen Gu tells He Qiaoyan to find a way to make Qin Yiyue become his woman. He tells him to walk into her heart.

The two study the romance novels Qin Yiyue likes to read. Wen Gu tells He Qiaoyan to send the presents Qin Yiyue likes to the hospital. But He Qiaoyan points out that Qin Yiyue isn’t a little girl. Qin Yiyue thinks He Qiaoyan is insane after she received the gifts.

He Qiaoyan waits for Qin Yiyue. She rides the scooter away after she saw him. He tails her. He Qiaoyan thinks Wen Gu’s method doesn’t work. He decides to pursue Qin Yiyue on his own. He waits for her at her house. She shows up when she rides the scooter.

Qin Yiyue spots the thugs bullying a girl. She rushes to stop the thugs, and tells the girl to flee. She fights with the thugs alone. He Qiaoyan joins her and defeats the bag guys. She thanks him for saving him but blames him for running away. He tells her that he has his own rules.

Qin Yiyue brings the medical kit to He Qiaoyan. She treats his wound. He asks her for repaying him because he saved her. So she hands over the lollipop to him. He thinks she’s kidding. She ignores him and walks away. He Qiaoyan returns home. He spots the lollipop in He Weifei’s bed. He picks the lollipop up and remembers Qin Yiyue told He Weifei that he belongs to her after she gave him the lollipop. He Qiaoyan sneers and thinks he’s not the man of Qin Yiyue.

Episode 2

He Qiaoyan asks Manager Xu why the person wasn’t interested in the position since he gave her the best offer. Manager Xu tells He Qiaoyan to make the person believe that he wants to grow up with her. He Weifei texts He Qiaoyan and tells him there’s a gathering in the children hospital. He thinks it’s his last chance.

He Qiaoyan makes a cake for Qin Yiyue. He Weifei likes the idea. The two ride the car. But the driver tells them that there’s a traffic jam. He Qiaoyan takes the bus with He Weifei after he agreed to it. They arrive at the hospital. But Qin Yiyue isn’t there.

He Qiaoyan asks Guo Guo for sharing the candies with him. He promises to help her catch the fishes. Qin Yiyue shows up. He Weifei takes her to take a look at the cake He Qiaoyan prepared for her. She smiles after she saw the cake. Guo Guo asks for the rabbit doll who wears pink skirt. Qin Yiyue decides to help Guo Guo get it.

He Qiaoyan tells Qin Yiyue not to reluctant to shoot the target because she has bad vision. She wants to prove it to him. But she fails. Guo Guo reminds Qin Yiyue that it’s her last chance. He Qiaoyan pulls the trigger for Qin Yiyue. The two have an eye contact. He Weifei spots it. He smiles.

Qin Yiyue takes a bath in the bathtub. She remembers what He Qiaoyan helped her. She thinks he’s not a bad guy. Manager Xu recommends the bracelet to He Qiaoyan. He tells him that he can know the lover’s location after she wears it.

Wen Gu shows up. Secretary Dong leaves with Manager Xu. Wen Gu takes a look at Secretary Dong. He thinks she’s very beautiful. He Qiaoyan tells Wen Gu not to hit on Secretary Dong. He asks him for testing the bracelet. Wen Gu agrees to it because he wants to know the moment when he has feelings for the girl. He decides to use it in the evening. He Qiaoyan takes away the bracelet because he thinks Wen Gu isn’t a normal person.

Qin Yiyue asks He Weifei about his birthday wish after he built a house with the building blocks. But he’s furious to ruin the house he just built. He Qiaoyan comforts He Weifei. Qin Yiyue asks He Qiaoyan why his son got angry. He tells her that he and He Weifei lost the person they loved when he took birthday five years ago. He adds that He Weifei refused to talk since then. He wishes him to be happy.

Qin Yiyue offers to take birthday for He Weifei. She thinks it will help the kid trust people. But He Qiaoyan worries that his son won’t agree to it. She tells him that she will take birthday for He Weifei with him. Qin Yiyue feels painful after knowing He Weifei’s past.

But Rang Ruowei says that she didn’t hear He Qiaoyan got married. Qin Yiyue thinks He Qiaoyan covered his marriage. She mentions what the Wuxia Novel describes that the hero goes to mountain to train himself after he lost his lover.

Rang Ruowei asks Qin Yiyue if He Qiaoyan intends to rule Novoland. She says that she doesn’t expect that He Qiaoyan is a soulful guy. Qin Yiyue reveals He Qiaoyan cares for his son very much. Rang Ruowei asks Qin Yiyue if she wants to help the father and the son. Qin Yiyue claims that she just wants to help He Weifei because it’s her duty as a doctor. Rang Ruowei thinks Qin Yiyue is a kindness woman.

Qin Yiyue meets with He Qiaoyan. He asks her to take a look at the contract. She signs the contract and shakes hands with him. She tells him not to regret. Qin Yiyue is tired after she talked about He Weifei’s birthday plan with He Qiaoyan. He prepares the hot pot for her and drives her home.

He Qiaoyan wears the bracelet on Qin Yiyue’s wrist when she falls asleep. She wakes up and thinks he wants to flatter her with the present. But he tells her that it’s just a sample. She finds out that it’s couple bracelet. She asks him about another bracelet. She wants to use it after knowing there is a calling push-button on the bracelet. But he stops her and drivers her out of his car. He drives away.

He Qiaoyan returns home. He tells He Weifei that he appointed Qin Yiyue. He intends to cancel the appointment if He Weifei doesn’t want to take part in it. He Weifei stops his father. He Qiaoyan learns that Qin Yiyue is sick after he took a look at the bracelet. He calls her and asks her about it.

He Qiaoyan tells Qin Yiyue that the bracelet told him that she’s sick. He tells her to take medicine, and thinks she shouldn’t get others involved. Zhou Xiaoan hands over the oranges to Qin Yiyue. She tells her that He Qiaoyan gave it to her because he knew she’s sick.

Zhou Xiaoan wants to throw away the oranges because Qin Yiyue doesn’t want to see it. Qin Yiyue stops Zhou Xiaoan. She thinks the oranges didn’t do anything wrong. She shares the orange with her. Zhou Xiaoan tells Qin Yiyue to take the cold medicine. Qin Yiyue rejects it. She thinks she can overcome the illness after she takes some vitamins.

Qin Yiyue returns home. She’s tired to lie on the couch. Yang Ruowei tells Qin Yiyue to take care of herself because she needs to go on the business trip. Qin Yiyue decides to take a bath after Yang Ruowei left. He Qiaoyan goes to see Qin Yiyue with He Weifei. But the girl doesn’t pick up his phone. He Qiaoyan leaves He Weifei in the car. He knocks at the door and calls Qin Yiyue again. But she left her phone on the couch.

Episode 3

He Qiaoyan opens the door and bursts into the bathroom. He finds out that Qin Yiyue’s fine. He tells her that he didn’t do anything to her, and closes the door of the bathroom. She asks him for opening the door, and twists the lock. She thinks he’s a pig.

Qin Yiyue tells He Qiaoyan that she will sue him if he doesn’t open the door. She breaks the lock when she twists it. She opens the door and tells him that she won’t get defeated. She walks to him but she passes out in his arms. He Qiaoyan thinks Qin Yiyue doesn’t know how to take care of herself. So he wears the quilt for her.

But Qin Yiyue holds He Qiaoyan’s cheek, and treats it as the pig’s feet. He gets up from her bed, and thinks the place and the person are too weird. Qin Yiyue wakes up. She touches He Weifei and mistakes him as the husband the heaven gave to her. She finds out that the person who sleeps with her is He Weifei.

He Qiaoyan tells Qin Yiyue not to wake He Weifei up. She asks him why he’s there. He tells her that He Weifei accompanied him to take care of her for one night. She goes to living room, and notes the change of the place. She asks He Qiaoyan what he did to her house, and wants to know what happened last night.

Release Date

Unforgettable Love is an amazing romance drama which tells a story about contract marriage. There’re a lot of people who are interested in the drama. But they don’t know the release date.

The drama’s release date is July 10.

Where to Watch?

Unforgettable Love shows how the kid helps his father pursue the woman he loves. You can watch it on Mangguo TV.

How Many Episodes in Unforgettable Love?

Unforgettable Love contains 24 episodes.

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