Use for My Talent: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix Chinese drama Use for My Talent: Episode 4. Gu Renqi asks Shi Shuangjiao why she came since her leg was hurt. She says that she’s fine, and claims she didn’t do other jobs. She tells him that he will be hurt, and kisses him when he goes downstairs. He passes out.

Use for My Talent: Episode 4 Recap

Use for My Talent

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Chinese drama Use for My Talent: Episode 4.

Shi Shuangjiao sends Gu Renqi to the hospital. He hears her calling him when he loses consciousness. He wakes up. Wang Qianqian tells him not to move because he needs to have a good rest. Dong Xian tells Gu Renqi that the ligament of his hand was hurt. Shi Shuangjiao tears up to apologize to Gu Renqi that she didn’t intend to do so.

Gu Renqi tells Shi Shuangjiao that he doesn’t want to see her. Wang Qianqian scolds Shi Shuangjiao that she shouldn’t disturb Gu Renqi if she feels guilty. She thinks she did it too much since he has a cleanliness disease. Shi Shuangjiao explains that she didn’t know it. Dong Xian carries Wang Qianqian out of the room.

Gu Renqi tells Shi Shuangjiao to leave. But he’s lost when he sees her wiping off her tears. He remembers their kiss. She gets a cup of water for him, and puts it on the table. Dong Xian puts Wang Qianqian down. He explains that Gu Renqi doesn’t want to get disturbed. She wonders why he hugged her with the suit. She asks him if he has cleanliness disease. He tells her that he worried that her beautiful legs got spotted by other people.

Wang Qianqian smiles and thinks Dong Xian was very careful. Shi Shuangjiao thinks she made Gu Renqi in hospital. She hears the woman talking about that bone soup is good for patient. Use for My Talent gets her to go home. She makes the bone soup in Dong Xian’s help. He tastes the soup and thinks it’s pretty good. He mistakes that she cooked it for him. But she tells him that she did it for Gu Renqi. He’s lost.

Shi Shuangjiao goes to the hospital to see Gu Renqi. She hears Gu Renqi’s grandpa telling him to fire her. But Gu Renqi rejects it. Shi Shuangjiao hands over the soup to Gu Renqi, and tells him that she will work hard. He claims that he hired her not for the soup.

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Use for My Talent throws a romance scene in the episode. Shi Shuangjiao tells Gu Renqi that her lip was hurt when she drank the soup. He stares at her lips and wants to kiss it. she puts her hand on his hand when she gives the soup to him. He finds out that he didn’t fear to touch her, and drinks up the soup.

Wang Qianqian drinks alone in the bar. She encounters President Jiang who has pursued her for many years. She complains that Gu Renqi ignored her. Zhu Yan gives the facial mask to Shi Shuangjiao, and thinks her friend is in love with Lu Xian. Shi Shuangjoap denies and tells Zhu Yan that she only thinks about how to take care of Gu Renqi.

Shi Shuangjiao goes to give bone soup to Gu Renqi who is telling the employees to delay the project of BG. She learns that the company will be hurt if they delay the project. She tells the employees and Dong Xian to help Gu Renqi this time.

Shi Shuangjiao takes the group to visit BG’s office. They’re not aware of Use for My Talent preparing a scheme for them. Gu Xian and the employees cannot go to see President Huang because they were stopped by the bodyguards. Shi Shuangjiao goes to see President Huang alone. She doesn’t know what to say when she’s asked about the protect.

Gu Renqi shows up and convinces President Huang. Shi Shuangjiao praises Gu Renqi. She goes to take her bag. President Jiang shows up and thinks Gu Renqi won because he comes from a rich family. But Gu Renqi points out that he didn’t use any money of his family. He tells him not to use the dirty method.

The elevator is broken when Shi Shuangjiao and Gu Renqi is going to leave the building. They choose to take the stairs. Use for My Talent gets someone to pour the dirty water to Gu Renqi. Shi Shuangjiao protects Gu Renqi. But her clothes is wet. He wears his clothes on her, and takes her to get into his car. She has feelings for him when he helps her dry her hair. He drives her home. The two get off the car. But Shi Shuangjiao’s situation is spotted by Dong Xian. He blames Gu Renqi for not protecting Shi Shuangjiao well.

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