You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 13 Recap

This is the recap for You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 13. Xing Kelei wants to drive Mi Ka home because it’s raining. But his colleague calls him. Mi Ka comforts Xing Kelei that she can call a cab. He gives his umbrella to her, and gets in the car.

You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 13 Recap

You Are My Hero

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 13.

Xing Kelei notes that Mi Ka doesn’t text him. He remembers that she told his colleagues that she’s not his girlfriend. He wonders if she rejected him. So he texts her. Xing Kelei visits Shu Wenbo and asks him if his mom was happy. Shu Wenbo admits it and reveals his mom likes square dancing.

Xing Kelei points out what Shu Wenbo’s mom likes is the son-in-law. Shu Wenbo explains that Ruan Qingxia was just enthusiastic. Xing Kelei says that he didn’t mention Ruan Qingxia. Shu Wenbo tells Xing Kelei that Li Nian and Luo Ting were very enthusiastic because the female police Zhuo Wenjing.

Li Nian tells Luo Ting that Mi Ka doesn’t like Xing Kelei at all because she refused to eat his crab. Xing Kelei hears it and calls Li Nian out. Li Nian thinks Xing Kelei shouldn’t invite Zhuo Wenjing. Xing Kelei learns that Mi Ka wishes to have meal with him alone. He gets a message from her, and apologizes to her.

Mi Ka says that she’s fine. Li Nian tells Xing Kelei that the girl is in anger when she says that she’s fine. Xing Kelei calls Mi Ka and promises not to get her in rain the third time. She says that it’s fine if there’s the third time. He laughs and thinks she won’t the third chance.

Mi Ka tells Xing Kelei that she thinks it’s normal because he’s a police. He tells her that she can stand him up next date. She asks him if it was a date. He realizes that they lack a formal date, and asks her when she’s free. She tells her schedule to him.

Mi Ka runs into Xu Yanshan and notes that she takes the breakfast. She tells her that she wanted to buy her breakfast. Xu Yanshan tells Mi Ka that the breakfast is for Shao Yuhan. The old lady asks Mi Ka what happens because she notes that everything is shaking. She asks her if there’s a earthquake. Mi Ka comforts the old lady that the earthquake is far away from them.

Wei Lan gets a call from someone who asks her to take part in the meeting. Wei Lan tells Chen Tao to comfort the patients. Xing Keyao asks Mi Ka if she’s going to go to rescue in Li Nan. Mi Ka admits it and reveals she’s going to pack her stuff.

Xing Keyao gives Mi Ka the rescue package, and tells her that her younger brother asked him to do that. Mi Ka accepts the rescue package. She wants to leave. Xing Keyao stops Mi Ka and asks her if Shao Yuhan will go to rescue. Mi Ka admits it and reveals he’s the chief of the medical team.

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