You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 12 Recap

This is the recap for You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 12. Mi Ka visits Xing Keyao with some cherries. Xing Keyao tells Mi Ka that her younger brother went to get training. She adds that he won’t return for some days. Mi Ka says that Xing Kelei told it to her. Xing Keyao asks Mi Ka if she wants to see if Xing Kelei is there.

You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 12 Recap

You Are My Hero

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 12.

Mi Ka is shy. She says that she just comes to give cherries. Xing Keyao takes Mi Ka to Xing Kelei’s room. She tells her that the figures are his soldiers, and lets her use the laptop because she knows that her laptop is broken. Mi Ka wonders why Xing Keyao knows it. Xing Keyao says that Xing Kelei told it to her.

Mi Ka asks Xing Keyao how Xing Kelei knew it. Xing Keyao tells Mi Ka to ask Xing Kelei about it. She adds that her younger brother is very horrible when he’s careful. She tells her not to touch the figures because Xing Kelei will scold her if she does that. But Mi Ka ruins the figures by mistake. She feels sorry.

Mi Ka’s bicycle is broken. Shao Yuhan tells Mi Ka to get in his car. He drives her home. Mom cooks for Shu Wenbo. She asks him if he bought the movie tickets. He says yes. So she asks him to give her ticket to her. He tells her that he can pick her up. But she wants to go to there alone. He has to give the ticket to her.

Shu Wenbo waits for Mom at the cinema. But she doesn’t come. He calls her and asks her where she is. She tells him to get in the movie theater. Shu Wenbo runs into Ruan Qingxia. She smiles at him and thinks the aunt arranged it. He wants to leave. But she stops him and tells him to accompany her.

Ruan Qingxia tells Shu Wenbo that she’s not a spider spirit. She says that she won’t eat him. She gives the water to him, and wonders why he’s so cold. He tells her to ignore his mom if she visits her for their love relationship. She says that she doesn’t think she gets disturbed. She adds that it’s very funny.

Shu Wenbo intends to tell Ruan Qingxia that they’re not match. But she doesn’t want to listen to it. She tells him to eat the popcorn so that she can eat it well. But he rejects it. She tries to feed him the popcorn. But he pushes her over. He reminds her that she knows that she doesn’t like him at all because he’s poor.

Shu Wenbo thinks Ruan Qingxia is obsession because she doesn’t encounter the man she loves. She is furious to tell her that she won’t tangle him anymore. Mr. Lu notes that Ruan Qingxia runs on the treadmill. He asks her what happened. She yells at him that she got dumped.

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