Accidentally in Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are 1-2th episodes of Accidentally in Love Chinese Drama Recap, Si Tufeng runs into Chen Qingqing at the street, and steals her first kiss because he is chased by someone else. He asks her to be his fiance after he gets her bag up. But she becomes Lan Xinya’s enemy instantly after he announces that he wants to get married to Chen Qingqing.

Accidentally in Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

Accidentally in Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Accidentally in Love Chinese Drama Episodes 1-2.

A group of securities in white chase embarrassed Chen Qingqing, and he has to stop because he cannot breathe. She sees a woman changing clothes at street, and thinks she is heroic. The woman hears what she said, and takes off the wig transfering into a man. Chen Qingqing flirts with the man to avoid the chase of the securities in white, but the man kisses Chen Qingqing to avoid the chase of securities in black. Chen Qingqing’s first kiss was stolen by the man.

One day ago.

Chen Qingqing dresses in white, and opens her mother’s diary. The diary casts a light, and her parents show up, telling her to pursue the life she wants. But she doesn’t know what her life looks like. Father tells her to find the answer at Ming De academy. Cheng Qingqing’s wedding is going to begin, and the talk is just a dream. But she finds the photo with words of braving, happiness, and be yourself.

Grandfather praises Chen Qingqing at the wedding, but she sits on the piano, and sells the gifts she received. Nalan Yiyi urges Chen Qingqing to attend the wedding, but Chen Qingqing asks Nalan Yiyi a favor.

Grandfather hands over bride to Lu Jingyang, and Lu Jingyang takes her to walk through the red carpet. He promises to marry Chen Qingqing, but he finds out the bride is Nalan Yiyi. Grandfather looks for Chen Qingqing, but she flees, and yells that she doesn’t want to get married.

Chen Qingqing buys the ticket to Cloud City, and finds out that her card is ended by grandfather. Grandfather receives the report, and knows Chen Qingqing bought the ticket to Cloud City. He sighs that she went to Cloud City on the end. The Cloud City is the place Chen Qingqing’s parent met, and grandfather thinks her mother murdered her father. Chen Qingqing gets in a bus, and goes to a snack street. She changes her clothes to pretend to be ugly.

She runs into a man in white at snack street, and picks the bag by mistake. She doesn’t have any money, so she has to go begging. The beggar suggests her to pretend to be pitiful, and wear mud on her face. She begs at a show, and finds out the man stole her first kiss Si Tufeng is singing on the stage. She walks away since the securities are chasing her.

Si Tufeng opens the door of lounge, and the bodyguards in black are waiting for him. They want to him to the wedding to take the duty. Si Tufeng makes an excuse to wear the women’s dress, and flees when the bodyguards realize it. Si Tufeng runs into Chen Qingqing at the street, and they’re chasing by the bodyguards.

Accidentally in Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Chen Qingqing’s first kiss is stolen when she arrives Cloud City. Si Tufeng claims it’s a mistake, but he asks her not to tell others about it. She catches him, and he thinks she asks for his signature until she gives him a slap. But he avoids it, and she recognizes that he is a super star. She asks him to find the bag for her, but he refuses it. So she cries out that he stole her first kiss, he has to promise to find the phone for her.

But he finds out she didn’t drop any tear, and is furious. Chen Qingqing proves what she said is true, and takes out a phone. Si Tufeng recognizes that the phone belongs to Gu Nan, and remembers his father’s wedding. He gets a plan then.

Si Tufeng gets a call from Gu Nanxi, and promises Chen Qingqing to see Gu Nanxi. They threaten Gu Nanxi, and gets the bag. But Si Tufeng doesn’t want to give the bag to Chen Qingqing only if she promises his request.

Si Tufeng takes Chen Qingqing to his father’s wedding, and Lan Xinya asks him who the ugly woman is. He says that he will explain it later, and stares at his father.

Si Tujie walks to Si Tufeng, and Si Tufeng blames Si Tujie that he is guilty to his father. The bride Li Lusi shows up, and Si Tufeng claims that he will give Si Tujie and Li Lusi a big present. Si Tujie tells his son not to mess up his wedding.

Si Tufeng announces that Chen Qingqing is his fiance when the host invites Si Tujie to speak, and kisses her. Lan Xinya passes out, and Si Tujia thinks his son is insane. Si Tufeng puts a card in Cheng Qingqing’s pocket, and claims it contains a lot of money. He asks her to admit that she is his fiance.

Si Tujie persuades Chen Qingqing to quit, but Si Tufeng takes her to another side. Lan Xinya pours water on Chen Qingqing’s head when she is eating cake, and thinks Chen Qingqing is Si Tufeng’s shameless fan. But Chen Qingqing claims she isn’t his fan, so Lan Xinya throws out the money, and asks her to get lost. Chen Qingqing picks the money, so Lan Xinya shames her.

Si Tufeng takes the microphone, and thanks Lan Xinya for the money, and throws the money to her. She wants to beat Chen Qingqing up, but her dress hooks the table, and she trips. She asks bodyguards to catch Chenqingqing, Gu Nanxi follows them.

Si Tujie asks Si Tufeng to cancel the wedding, so he will cancel his wedding. Si Tufeng agrees. Chen Qingqing hides herself in the dressing room, and takes off her glasses to be the snow white. Gu Nanxi breaks into, and is shy when seeing pretty Chen Qingqing. She asks him to zip her dress, and he is lost. She takes her bag, and leaves.

Si Tufeng returns home, and Si Tujie thinks he shamed his family. He is furious, and leaves home. Gu Nanxi runs into Si Tujie at game room, and persuades him not to pessimism. He mentions he ran into his goddess in the dressing room. Chen Qingqing visits the university her parents met, and finds out the bodyguards in white are waiting for her. She pretends to be ugly, and walks into the university.

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