And The Winner is Love: Episode 7 Recap & Review

Chong Xuezhi falls off the cliff and she is saved by a hunter. Hai Tang is suspected to frame her master, and she takes her life after leaving a letter on And The Winner is Love.

And The Winner is Love: Episode 7 Recap & Review

And The Winner is Love

This And The Winner is Love recap contains spoilers.

And The Winner is Love: Episode 7 begins Zhu Sha walking down mountain to look for Xue Zhi with Che Ji. Hai Tang returns to fire sect and reports the bad news to Mu Yuan. Gu Gu and Liu Li also inform Shangguan Tou about it.

Mu Yuan tells Han Tang to choose some powerful men from fire sect to look for Xue Zhi. Zhu Sha and Che Ji find Xue Zhi’s body. She gives Han Tang’s pouch to Mu Yuan and suspects Xue Zhi’s death is related to Hai Tang. Xue Zhi wakes up and finds out that she is saved by the hunter Mr. Wei. He comforts her that he has replaced her with someone’s body.

Mu Yuan asks Hai Tang to swear that she isn’t related to Xue Zhi’s death. She cannot do that, and he doesn’t want to see her. She leaves a letter and walks away. Elder Yuwen reads the letter, and he finds out that she accuses him. He replaces the letter and makes Mu Yuan believes that Hai Tang took her life because she felt guilty. Zhu Sha doesn’t believe Hai Tang would do so.

Shangguan Tou asks Mr. Wei about Xue Zhi, and claims that she is his friend. But Mr. Wei doesn’t trust him as no friend would let her fall off the cliff. Xue Zhi tells Mr. Wei and his wife that her dad is Chong Ye. The two are shocked. She notes that his leg is hurt, and his wife reveals only lucid ganoderma can cure it.

Mu Yuan questions the disciples why they left fire sect. Elder Yuwen stops him and tells him to be the fire sect chief. Mu Yuan has to accept it, but he asks them to look into Xue Zhi’s death after he became the chief. Gu Gu asks Zhu Sha why the men in fire sect hurt Xue Zhi. Liu Li blames Zhu Sha for telling the kid about it. Zhu Sha still doesn’t believe Hai Tang would hurt Xue Zhi.

Ms. Wei asks Xue Zhi if she has feelings on someone. Xue Zhi thinks of Shangguan Tou but she denies it. She goes to the mountain to cut woods for Ms. Wei. But Xue Zhi is stunned when she returns. Xue Zhi wakes up and finds out that the couple are going to bury her. Ms. Wei reveals their son was killed by her father Chong Ye, and they must take revenge.

And The Winner is Love ends with Mr. Wei finding the herb Xue Zhi dug for him. It leaves the question that if they will kill the poor girl.

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