Beautiful Reborn Flower: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Beautiful Reborn Flower: Episode 2. Qiao Man feels shame for wearing He Ping’s dress, and he wears his suit on her. She asks him to hold up her hair. He does so and asks her to go to customs with him. She agrees to it.

Beautiful Reborn Flower: Episode 2 Recap

Beautiful Reborn Flower: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Beautiful Reborn Flower: Episode 2.

Hansen returns home and sees Peter drinking with the girls in his house. He drives the girls out. Peter reminds Hansen that Qiao Man is going to get robbed. Hansen tells Peter that he will get him to call Qiao Man sister-in-law next time.

Hansen drives his motorcycle and thinks he isn’t a man if he cannot get Qiao Man. He waits for her and asks her if she stayed with He Ping last night. He reminds her that she owed him.

It flashes back. Peter finds Qiao Man on the beach, and she is unconscious. He reports it to Hansen, but Qiao Man is missing. Hansen sees some foreigners putting Qiao Man into their car.

Hansen cannot stand it anymore because Qiao Man is a Chinese. The guys pour water to wake Qiao Man up, and think she is pretty. Hansen shows up and tries to save Qiao Man after the guys leave. He carries her to run out of the place.

Qiao Man tells Hansen that it’s moral kidnapping. He grabs her arm and tells her that he has never changed. He wishes her to be in his arms, and tries to kiss her. But she avoids it. Qiao Man promises to marry Hansen. He tells her not to hurt him, and he leaves.

Qiao Fang works in the bar, and her husband Anthony grabs her hand. He asks for divorce fees 200,000 yuan. She doesn’t have the money, and he wants to sleep with her. Qiao Fang asks for help, and her colleagues save her.

Qiao Man runs to Qiao Fang, and asks if Anthony bullied her again. Qiao Fang admits it and thinks Anthony cannot hurt her. Anthony shows up and tells Qiao Man that he misses Qiao Fang. Qiao Man tells Anthony not to harass her sister, and promises to repay money for her.

He Ping meets with the investigator of customs. The investigator tells He Ping that the goods isn’t there, and asks if the police gave them the receipts. Mo Hui realizes that they got cheated. Qiao Man arrives and she knows that the goods are missing.

The three report it to the police. A Li calls He Ping and reminds him that it will affect the appearing on the market of the company. Mo Hui explains that he told it to A Li. He Ping comforts Mo Hui and wants to find the art market. Qiao Man says that she can call her friends to help them.

Peter tells Hansen that he pretended to be the police, and gets the goods. Hansen scolds Peter and thinks they will be in jail. Peter says that they need money, and tells Hansen to work with him. Hansen beats peter and tells him to return it. But Peter says that it’s too late, and tells Hansen not to step in. Hansen thinks Peter will regret, and he leaves.

He Ping and Qiao Han take the photos to look for their goods. He buys her a hat for thanking her for her help. The guy asks Qiao Man to compensate for his pot, and He Peng pays it. Qiao Man notes that his finger is hurt, so she treats him. He Ping stares at Qiao Man and thinks she is like Nan Sheng.

Qiao Man takes He Ping to the party, and she asks people to look for the artworks, promising to streaking. He Ping is furious to take Qiao Man to leave the party, and tells her that he doesn’t allow her to streak.

He Ping finds the vase in the market. Zhuo Yang tells He Ping that the seller will come, and Qiao Man wants to take part in. He Ping tricks Qiao Man to take his phone, and he leaves with Mo Hui.

Qiao Man sees He Ping chasing Peter, and thinks the case is related to Hansen. Peter kidnaps Mo Hui and he flees. He Ping tells Zhuo Yang to give the photo he just shot, but Zhuo Yang denies. He Ping thinks Zhuo Yang hid something.

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