Black Knight Kdrama Recap: Episode 8

In the 8th episode of Black Knight Kdrama, Sharon and Jang Baek-Hee feel pain at the same time when luck ring appears. Jang Baek-Hee decides to return the ring to Jung Hae-Ra, but Sharon refuses to repent because she loves Black Knight deeply.

Black Knight Kdrama Recap: Episode 8

Black Knight Kdrama

The child’s mother asks Jung Hae-Ra to compensate for bicycle otherwise she will call the police. Moon Soo-Ho tells her he will give a new bicycle which is better than the old one to her kid. Moon Soo-Ho thanks for what Jung Hae-Ra did on him and asks her what she called him when she threw the bicycle, Jung Hae-Ra pretends she forgets it and transfers the topic.

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Sharon sees Moon Soo-Ho walks Jung Hae-Ra home and knows they lives together, she thinks she needs one of his thing to separate them. Choi Ji-Hoon wears the suit and looks at the mirror in the clothing shop. The saleswoman thinks he has an interview, he admits and tells her that it’s from his girlfriend.

Park Gon vomits the juice when he is told that his father loves Jung Hae-Ra aunt while he is drinking. Kim Young-Mi reveals Mr. Park grasps Lee Sook-Hee’s hand tightly and calls her sister so that she hired her as a nursing worker. Jung Hae-Ra withdraws her cream when she knows Lee Sook-Hee applies to her face and is going to flirt with Mr. Park.

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Moon Soo-Ho treats Jung Hae-Ra’s hand with medicine, but she finds that he uses too many gauze after he completes his job. He tells her that he wants to hold her hand. Jung Hae-Ra thinks he doesn’t have any love experience and tells him that she is going to go abroad, he tells her that he will support her and reveals she is second woman saving him in his life. She asks him who is the first, he tells her she is a beautiful lady and thinks Jung Hae-Ra is jealous. She admits it but reveals her life is more important when he asks her why she has to go. Moon Soo-Ho approaches her and kisses her face after she tells him that he isn’t in her life, just then Lee Sook-Hee looks for Jung Hae-Ra because her eyes sting after using her cream. Jung Hae-Ra recalls Moon Soo-Ho’s kiss and enjoy it when she is in bed.

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Jang Baek-Hee calls Mr. Park after she was told that he might have the thing she wants, but Mr. Park doesn’t answer her. Just then Moon Soo-Ho calls her and asks for dinner. She accepts it. Park Gon walks around the street and wants to know which land Moon Soo-Ho is interested in, he sees Moon Soo-Ho entering a house with his assistant. Moon Soo-Ho gives host the presents after he has seats with him.

Sharon visits Jung Hae-Ra’s house and claims she delivers the clothes, she walks into the house without any intention to leave when Lee Sook-Hee tells her Jung Hae-Ra isn’t at home and lets her to leave the clothes. Lee Sook-Hee recalls she met Sharon in Kim Young-Mi’s shop and asks her why she isn’t aged. Sharon tells her that she got facelift. Sharon steals Moon Soo-Ho’s tie after entering his room and gives clothes to Lee Sook-Hee when she asks it.

Kim Young-Mi thinks Lee Sook-Hee is uncomfortable because she wears a tight suit, but Lee Sook-Hee tells her that the atmosphere makes her feel uncomfortable. Park Cheol-Min wants to return home after he gets up, but Kim Young-Mi thinks he needs a caregiver. Park Cheol-Min tells her he doesn’t need it, but Kim Young-Mi tells her father-in-law that she hired Lee Sook-Hee and paid in advance. Lee Sook-Hee tells Park Cheol-Min that she is a good caregiver and reveals he grasped her hand tightly and called her sister when he asks Kim Young-Mi, “Do you see a woman while I was sleeping?” Cheol-Min thinks he had a dream.

Sharon looks at the mirror and sees the words on her should and face, she is in tear and says that you will get punishment because you abandoned me. Moon Soo-Ho tries to explain to reporters the importance of protecting cultural assets, Park Gon thinks it’s a good idea but he worries about the fixing fees of the houses. Moon Soo-Ho tells him that he will let foreign franchise stores paid the fees.

Moon Soo-Ho tells Park Gon that his father tried to hire a killer to murder him, Park Cheol-Min accepts it when Park Gon asks him and gets a call from Jang Baek-Hee who asks him to have a meet. But Jang Baek-Hee tries to avoid him after seeing Park Cheol-Min and feels uncomfortable when he opens his box which contains a ring, Sharon feels pain as well. Park Cheol-Min recalls Jang Baek-Hee and asks her to tell Sharon that he is rich enough now, although Jang Baek-Hee pretends that she hasn’t met Sharon over 20 years.

Choi Ji-Hoon has a meet with Jung Hae-Ra and thinks she has a relationship with a man, she admits it and reveals he is rich and be nice to her. He asks her why she kissed him last night, she denies it and throws his gift into rubbish bin. He tells her that she hurt him.

Jung Hae-Ra gets a call from black knight who encourages her when she feels upset because her boss. She thinks he is a luck guy, he thinks she is a luck woman as well, because he likes her. Jung Hae-Ra is very happy after hearing what he said.

Sharon tells Jang Baek-Hee that she just felt pain, Jang Baek-Hee reveals she had same feeling on his shoulder as well and asks her about the sliver ring which she stole from Boon Yi. Sharon tells her that she lost it while she felt into the water and thinks Jang Baek-Hee get the ring. Jang Baek-Hee denies it, but Sharon suspects her.

Moon Soo-Ho tells Park Cheol-Min that he knew he hired his henchman to murder him and warns that he will get hurt if Mr. Park does it again. Sharon waits Moon Soo-Ho to visit her shop and take his suits, but he doesn’t come and send his assistant to pay the fees. She decides to transfer into Moon Soo-Ho no matter what punishment she will get.

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