Clean With Passion For Now Korean Drama Review: Episode 1

This is my review on Clean With Passion For Now Korean Drama Episode 1, Sun-Gyeol is a man who cannot accept the woman with any dirt. But he runs into O-Sol cares less about the dirt, and receives the underwear from her after she ended the her love with Do-Jin.

Clean With Passion For Now Korean Drama Review: Episode 1

Clean With Passion For Now

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Clean With Passion For Now Korean Drama Episode 1.

The boy sees the girl playing on the sand, he wants to join her. But the girl casts her booger into his mouth. Sun-Gyeol wakes up by the dream, and cleans up himself. He leaves a note on the door and asks people to clean his room.

He drives his car and passes by O-Sol. O-Sol gets in the bus from the bus stop, and we are told the handle of bus bacteria. But she just touched it. Sun-Gyeol thinks the world is dangerous because people doesn’t wear mask. He is startled by O-Sol when seeing her nostrils through the window.

Sun-Gyeol lectures about bacteria and wakes people’s sense to protect themselves. O-Sol sees the couple flirt when she is ready to eat the cup noodle. She sprinkles the seasoner on the table. The girls want to be Sun-Gyeol’s girlfriend because he has good looks. But O-Sol thinks he just bluffs away.

The employees of cleaning company walks on street, ladies welcome them like their fans. Joo-Yeon waves to the handsome boys, and asks O-Sol to go away because she blocks her line of sight. Joo-Yeon calls the boy as cleaning fairies. But O-Sol is dazy when seeing Do-Jin, and thinks he is an oasis in the desert. She is intention to confess her feelings when she gets a job. But Joo-Yeon thinks she should get changed first, and reveals Do-Jin got a job at a home shopping network.

Secretary Gwon walks Sun-Gyeol in the hallway and asks him if he is satisfied with the new housekeeper. He thinks the housekeeper isn’t bad. Secretary Gwon reveals she went through hoops to find the housekeeper.

He wipes the table in the cafe. The waitress offers to do it for him. But he refuses it and places a tissue on his seat. Hye-Won shows up. He scans her and thinks she takes care of herself well. But he sees her earwax and says he has another appointment. When she tries to get his number, he left already. So she is awkward.

Mae-Hwa breaks into Sun-Gyeol’s house with Secretary Kim, and asks him son why he had to do it. Sun-Gyeol says Hye-Won had an earwax. She thinks it isn’t a case and asks him to contact the woman. He claims he is busy, and the cleaning robot Geum-Ja is missing. So he looks for her. Mae-Hwa mistakes thinking his son hides a girl in the house.

O-Sol is intention to text Do-Jin for his new job, and finds the Geum-Ja from the dump. She thinks it was discarded by someone, and puts it in her bag. Sun-Gyeol wants to asks her if she picked up his robot, but she leaves because she is too dirty.

O-Sol sees her brother O-Dol is kissing a girl and hits him. Choi-gun reveals he is his brother when the girl asks Choi-gun.

O-Sol sees an undressed person Choi-gun in her house, and thinks he is pervert. Her father Gong-Tae returns home with a suitcase, O-Sol is chasing Choi-gun with a broom. Gong-Tae hurts his back while stopping his daughter.

O-Sol thinks Choi-gun should wear clothes if he wants to take a shower, when he is treating Gong-Tae’s back. She takes out the Geum-Ja, Gong-Tae thinks she steal it from somewhere. He starts the robot, and thinks they should return it to the owner.

Sun-Gyeol checks the footage with the security and asks him to zoom in. But the security thinks he isn’t investigator, and just gives him a copy.

Dong-Hyun places the poster which looks for Geum-Ja on the wall, and is curious why Sun-Gyeol has to find it since he is rich. Just then two girls pass by and are interested in him. O-Dol sees the poster and is startled by the reward.

O-Sol fails to get the position again, Joo-Yeon thinks she has to be sexy to get the job. O-Sol is intention to sell the cacuum cleaner to her friend paying the tuition. Joo-Yeon offers 90 bucks. Gong-Tae calls in and says that he is in the hospital.

Gong-Tae asks O-Sol to take his job while eating. But she asks him to kick out Choi-gun instead.

She returns home and see Choi-gun comforting a woman. The woman gazes O-Sol as a warning. O-Sol tells Choi-gun not to make fuss.

O-Dol thrills that the cacuum cleaner is worth $1,000, and asks Sun-Gyeol to come to the karaoke room. When O-Sol is doing the cleaning job, a man casts the can to her head. She is furious that her helmet isn’t basketball hoop, and asks him to apologize.

Do-Jin apologizes for his friend, and reveals he is drunk. O-Dol avoids Do-Jin because she doesn’t want him to recognize her. But he recognizes her then. So she has to wear a horse mask to flee. People follow her. O-Dol holds the bag which contains cacuum cleaner, and tells his friends that he will buy something nice if he gets the money.

O-Sol continues running while taking the dust cart. She dumps some trashes on the street, and hits Sun-Gyeol’s car when he is looking for the karaoke room. The car is messed by the trashes, Sun-Gyeol gets off and asks O-Sol if she is ok. She is silent and wants to leave. He is furious that she wants to flee after ruining his car, and takes off her horse mask.

Do-Jin sees her real face and calls her name. O-Sol is awkward to leave. The horse mask band take off his mask and sing song for O-Sol. O-Dol stops his friends who take photos of O-Sol, and sees her falling sleep after returning home.

Secretary Gwon tells Sun-Gyeol that she will disinfect the car, but he wants a new car instead. She asks him why he is obsessed to the cacuum cleaner. He says it’s a limited-edition.

The older lady Geum-Ja receives the cacuum cleaner in the hospital, and tells Sun-Gyeol that she ordered it for him. He pushes the wheelchair and tells her that he cannot live without her.

Sun-Gyeol checks the copy of the footage and recognizes O-Sol. Joo-Yeon keeps laughing in the cafe while watching O-Sol’s video. She thinks she should become a comedienne. But O-Sol is upset and is curious why Do-Jin had to be there.

She remembers she fell for him when he appeared with his friend in the party. She looked at him through the mirror in the class. He smiled and said nothing.

She thinks he is kind and considerate. But Joo-Yeon reveals Do-Jin hooked many girls with this way, and asks O-Sol if she met with Sun-Gyeol. O-Sol’s expression is terrible.

Sun-Gyeol meets with O-Sol and asks her to pay $3,500 for the repair. She claims she is a student and asks for a discount. He takes out the poster and shows the message O-Dol texted him. She recognizes it comes from her brother.

O-Sol rides O-Dol and asks him why he didn’t tell her the poster. Joo-Yeon calls in and reveals she sets a party for Do-Jin. But O-Sol doesn’t want to attend it.

O-Sol dresses well to show up in the party, and wants to leave. Do-Jin welcomes her and fills her glass when people talk about the horse head video. He touches her hair, people thinks it’s a flirting.

She is shy and goes outside for some fresh air. He seats next to her and thinks she is nice because other girls won’t fill in for their dads. He touches her hair again and says he was waiting for her.

She thrills to lie on floor, and sees a heart in the sky. Joo-Yeon asks her what the matter is. O-Sol says she cannot breathe and loves Do-Jin.

O-Sol texts Do Jin to congratulate him getting the new job, he texts back and asks her to come to his work. So she visits the clothing store with Joo-Yeon. Joo-Yeon picks a underwear and asks O-Sol to give it to Do-Jin as provocative, so they will get to the hotel.

O-Sol thrills but finds out the underwear is expensive. The model turns into Sun-Gyeol and asks her for the $3,500. O-Sol buys the underwear on the end.

She arrives at Do-Jin’s company, but he’s late and reveals the model didn’t show up. He asks her a favor then. Sun-Gyeol realizes O-Sol lied to him that she is a student, and sees she is in TV eating deliciously.

But she is actually tired. Do-Jin texts her and thinks she is the only person he can count on. She is happy to kiss the phone.

Sun-Gyeol calls O-Sol with temper in the morning, and asks her for a meeting and hangs up. She thinks he shouldn’t hang up when she is talking, and kicks Geum-Ja. The cleaner is broken. Just then Do-Jin calls in, she promises him.

O-Sol arrives at the place. A pretty lady picks her, and asks her to work. But O-Sol just comes there to meet Do-Jin. Do-Jin shows up and asks her to get changed while touching her hair.

Sun-Gyeol talks with the manager about the detergent, and sees O-Sol talking with the pretty lady. The lady claims she invites her because her video is polular in Youtube. Do Jin shows up and persuades O-Sol it’s a win win to them. She comes to sense that he utilized her since frosh, and leaves.

O-Sol cries out in the dressing room and gives the bag to Sun-Gyeol. Secretary Gwon picks it for him. They run into Do-Jin in the elevator. Sun-Gyeol borrows the disinfectant from Secretary Gwon and sprays to Do-Jin. He thinks there are some disgusting bacteria in the elevator.

O-Sol meets with Joo-Yeon and thinks she loves Do-Jin likes racehorses wear blinder. Joo-Yeon thinks he cheated her. O-Sol returns home and finds out her dad still wears the underwear with holes after ten years. She realizes she put the underwear in the bag and gave it to Sun-Gyeol. Meanwhile he is startled by the pink underwear.

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