Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty: Episode 1. The girl Xiao Wei sees a man who wears the clothes of Qing Dynasty from the bus. Her eyes are fixed on him.

Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty: Episode 1 Recap

Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty: Episode 1.

Xiao Wei arrives at the office, and sees the colleagues visiting the works of Mr. Bei. The woman tells Xiao Wei that it’s new works of Mr. Bei, and it’s called “Time Archives”.

The man says that time is money, and time will give up him if he gives up time. He thinks the boss wants them to treat time well. Hui Jie shows up and tells people that it’s a new project of company which is mixed the forbidden city element and time concept. She reveals Mr. Bei wishes each employee to take part in it. He tells them to work as it’s the last deadline tomorrow. Hui Jie tells Xiao Wei to work hard even if she is a intern.

The woman notes that Xiao Wei is watching the photo of The Forbidden City, and asks if it attracts her. Xiao Wei says that each person who learns architecture like The Forbidden City. She reveals she visited it often when she went to school, and she feels that she gets the intimacy with cordial feeling there. Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty episode 1 is pretty good.

Xiao Wei adds that she touches the wall and the tree which was touched by the emperor and the empress. She thinks that she was the palace maid behind the red gate when she sees it. The colleague thinks Xiao Wei is with great imagination, and she wants to see her works. Hui Jie tells Xiao Wei to take the paper from The Forbidden City. Xiao Wei agrees to it.

Xiao Wei arrives at The Forbidden City, but the woman only gives her 5 minutes to look for the information. Xiao Wei completes the task, and the woman is stunned. Xiao Wei asks her if there is other people except her. The woman denies and tells Xiao Wei to come early next time.

Xiao Wei cannot walk out of The Forbidden City, and she knocks at the door, asking if there is anyone inside. Old Lady tells Xiao Wei to come in, and reveals she has waited for her for a long time.

Xiao Wei tells Old Lady that she is lost, and asks how to leave the place. Old Lady gives Xiao Wei a lantern and thinks she will find the path. Xiao Wei is scared to run out of The Forbidden City, and thinks it was an illusion. She returns home and hangs lantern on the iron shelf. But she sees the man again, and she is scared to flee. Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty episode 1 is so great.

The friend dries Xiao Wei’s hair, and thinks she got the illusion because of staying up late. She asks her if she saw the shadow. Xiao Wei says that she doesn’t know, and she needs to work. She asks the friend to stay. The friend rejects it and thinks she will be startled. Xiao Wei explains that she needs someone to return with her to make sure if she is insane. The friend offers to go with Xiao Wei tomorrow, and tells her to stay.

Xiao Wei rejects it as her draft is in her laptop. She says that she will die without any regret if her draft is chosen by Mr. Bei as he is her idol. The friend asks Xiao Wei what she fears when she can die for her idol. Xiao Wei asks the friend if she really wants her to face the shadow. The friend just gives Xiao Wei the clothes, and tells her to call her when she arrives at home.

Xiao Wei returns home and tells Yin Xiang that she doesn’t fear him. But he ignores her and reads his book. She realizes that he cannot see her, and begins to work. Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty episode 1 is amazing.

Mr. Bei tells employees that he checked their designs, and asks who is Qiang Wei. Xiao Wei stands up. Hui Jie reminds Mr. Bei that Xiao Wei isn’t regular employee. He tells her to end the work of Xiao Wei. Xiao Wei begs Mr. Bei to give her another chance, and swears to give out better design. Mr. Bei tells Xiao Wei that he doesn’t want to fire her, but asks her to focus on her design. Xiao Wei feels happy. The man reminds Mr. Bei that Xiao Wei has only joined the company for three months.

Mr. Bei likes the design of Xiao Wei, but he tells her to add some sunshine to her design. Hui Jie thinks Xiao Wei lacks some experiences. Mr. Bei tells Hui Jie to aid Xiao Wei. But Xiao Wei rejects it as she thinks Hui Jie is busy.

The colleague asks Xiao Wei about the progress of her design. Xiao Wei doesn’t have any clue. She tells her to ask Hui Jie about it. But Xiao Wei reveals Hui Jie told her to think about it herself. Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty episode 1 is worth of watching.

Cai Ge throws the papers on the table, and tells Xiao Hui to deliver them. Xiao Hui wants to see Hui Jie. He tells her that he visited Hui Jie, and reveals she doesn’t say anything. He thinks they should help each other since Hui Jie helps her. She agrees to it. He asks her if she looks down on the works they do. She denies and wants to look for some inspiration.

Si Ge wakes up Ying Xiang with medicine, and thinks he is weird. Ying Xiang tells Si Ge that he dreams to go to a weird place.

Xiao Wei is taking a bath. Ying Xiang shows up while reading a book. She thinks he is a stalker, and wears bathrobe to flee. I highly recommend you to watch Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty episode 1.

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