Ever Night Season 2: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Ever Night Season 2: Episode 3. Shan Shan walks Ning Que and asks him when he broke through the levels. He says that it was very bloody. She tells him that she was shocked when she heard that he was going to fight with Xia Hou, and says that she believed that he can defeat Xia Hou when they were in wilderness.

Ever Night Season 2: Episode 3 Recap

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ever Night Season 2: Episode 3.

Ever Night Season 2: Episode 3

Shan Shan mentions what Hong Yu said that Ning Que can live long because he is shameless. Shan Shan asks Ning Que how it feels to defeat Xia Hou. He says that he regrets for doing that as Sang Sang is sick for helping him.

Shan Shan comforts Ning Que that Sang Sang will get better. She thanks him for helping her master the art of Devine Talisman. He thinks he isn’t for her, and wishes her to forgive him because he keeps making mistakes.

Shan Shan thinks Hong Yu is right that Ning Que always admits his mistake first to bring fault to others. Ning Que offers to visit Qi Shan with Shan Shan since she came to attend Yulan festival. But she reveals Qi Shan can only see the person who wins three chess games.

Sang Sang asks Shan Shan to join them, and Shan Shan agrees to it.

In the carriage, Sang Sang tells Shan Shan not to stare at her. Shan Shan says that there’re many people wanting to stare at Sang Sang, and the stare will burn holes on the wall if the carriage isn’t thick. Shan Shan tells Sang Sang to get used to the stare.

Sang Sang doesn’t believe it, and reveals people never stare at her as she is ugly. She says that Ning Que thought she is a tiny mouse because she didn’t grow up no matter what food he fed her. She thinks he is right that she is the little maidservant no one noticed.

Shan Shan is in tears and thinks Ning Que will stare at Sang Sang. She tells her that she is pretty in Ning Que’s eyes. Sang Sang laughs.

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Shan Shan sees the carriage off, and Cheng Jia joins her. Shan Shan tells Cheng Jia not to waste Qi Shan’s time, and Cheng Jia thinks Shan Shan could feel the pain of not having what she wants when she got off the carriage.

But Shan Shan tells Cheng Jia that she wants Ning Que to have a nice life, which is more important than she’s with him. Cheng Jia feels regret for not seeing Long Qing again. Shan Shan thinks Cheng Jia will see Long Qing again one day. She reminds her that she has flowers, and the joy of seeing the blossom is always hers.

Ning Que arrives at Lan Ke and asks Ku Xiu to let them pass the bridge because he is the student of Fu Zi. But Ku Xiu tells Ning Que to solve his puzzle first. Ning Que takes the bow and tells Ku Xiu not to force him to use power.

Ku Xiu thinks Ning Que is like Hao Ran. Sang Sang stops Ning Que and reminds him that Ku Xiu is good at formation. She wants to try it.

Sang Sang plays chess with Ku Xiu, and he thinks the game is over. She thinks the chess game is very interesting, and she puts the white piece on the chessboard. Ku Xiu tells Sang Sang that she wins, and lets her leave.

Dong Ming lets Sang Sang and Ning Que leave because she defeated Ku Xiu with the art of heaven calculating. But Sang Sang wants to play chess with Dong Ming. He wonders why she wants to play chess since she is sick. Ning Que says that he has no way because Sang Sang wants to play.

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Dong Ming says that he wants to play it as well, and brings wind blocker for Sang Sang. She chooses black, and he is shocked. She says that because black goes first. Dong Ming leaves and thinks it’s perfect ending for playing chess with such rival before he dies.

Ning Que asks Sang Sang if she wins, but she says that it’s a draw. Bao Shu and Qu Ni arrive in the Lan Ke, but the two are blocked by Guan Hai. Guan Hai tells them Qi Shan’s order that they cannot pass before Sang Sang plays three chess games.

Ning Que carries Sang Sang to climb the mountain, but Qi Shan stops him and tells him that Sang Sang will die if he kills him. Ning Que asks Qi Shan to save Sang Sang, and says that he is the student of Fu Zi.

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Qi Shan asks who wants to save Sang Sang, and Ning Que says that the three want to save Sang Sang. Qi Shan tells Sang Sang to play the chess game with her life, and she says that they cannot die in such way because she and Ning Que tried hard to live until today.

Qi Shan tells Sang Sang that he can only treat her when she wins. She notes that there are only two leaves, and agrees to play. Bao Shu and Qu Ni arrive. Qi Shan tells Bao Shu to take away the Yulan bell. Bao Shu is startled when Qi Shan glares at him, and he takes away Yulan bell.

Qi Shan notes that Sang Sang is hungry and gives a pear to her. She bites the pear.

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