Guan Xiaotong is attacked in Chinese Drama “Untouchable Lovers”

Untouchable Lovers” is starred by Guan Xiaotong and Song Weilong. Guan Xiaotong’s role Shanyin Princess who has a lot of enemies, but she doesn’t know what is her situation and still invites her enemy Heng Yuan to attend her poem meeting in Chinese Drama “Untouchable Lovers”.

Untouchable Lovers

In the beginning, Guan Xiaotong drives her ox cart and is thrown into a pool, because spy Zhu Que wants to replace her position. Her henchman Heng Yuan even wants to murder her. There are a group of assassins is going to kill her after she attended the poem meeting, this is what Heng Yuan planed.

If you want to know what happened since Guan Xiaotong is attacked by assassins, you can watch the latest episode of “Untouchable Lovers” Chinese Drama on January 15.

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